There was 283-cid V-8 and 327-cid V-8 options from the dealer. Lucite® Code - 4387LH Sometimes left in the shadow of the more popular Mustang, Camaros are well worth a look. I bought the car recently with intent of putting a BBC in it. A Super Sport package was available on. However, they are exceptionally well built, and if you find a survivor, it'll probably be an easy old car to live with. Aside from the addition of a 110-horsepower "Twin Cam" version of the 1.6, changes were minimal through 1988. Length of restoration: 18 months 1963 Chevrolet Nova II SS Specs. The steering box is actually an HK Monaro unit, modified with a different drag arm and connected to a Nova steering column that’s been splined and modified to fit. Dulux® Code - 181-95183, 940 - Satin Silver Metallic The unplanned yet impressive rise of the Chevy II achieved  muscle car fame officially in 1966 with it’s 327 cubic inch V-8 which could put out up to 350 HP. There were few changes for '77 and '78, and 1979 was a short model year with production actually ending in December, 1978. The SS package included finned wheel covers, wider body-side moldings, aluminized rear panels, 6.50x13 bsw tires, SS emblems and cost $161. high, 3 in. The toughest part? The Nova was designed straight from the drawing board, not from any other car. Corvair paint code plate is on the left rear wheel housing. ENGINE: 383ci (originally 327ci) TRANSMISSION: Three-speed Turbo 350 LENGTH: 4686mm WIDTH: 1798mm HEIGHT: 1397mm WHEELBASE: 2794mm KERB WEIGHT: 1243kg VOTE FOR OUR READER RESTO OF THE YEAR. 1963 Chevrolet Nova SS Convertible. Dulux® Code - 181-96217, 912 - Silver Blue Metallic The Super It’s a big job, but the result was well worth it. 1966 Chevy Nova / Beginning of Second Generation. I liked it because it was something a bit different and it cost just $5000. For 1965, Chevrolet expanded the V-8 lineup with 250- and 300-horsepower versions of the 327 cid (5.4-liter), but sales continued to drop. It’s like a puzzle with no instructions, getting it all together. Lucite® Code - 4392L Lucite® Code - (flat), Medium Saddle Metallic While Chevy's first compact, the innovative (and ultimately doomed) Corvair, was aimed at the Volkswagen Beetle, the Chevy II was a counter to Ford's wildly successful 1960 Falcon. Their prehistoric emissions systems can be finicky and difficult to keep in tune, however. Featured is a very good looking 1966 Chevy II Nova 327 Super Sport. The 1962-1979 Novas were simple, durable cars, and the V-8 versions were especially potent because of their small size and light weight. We were surprised by how good it was. The 402 and the four-cylinder were gone for '71, as was the smaller six, and the 350 V-8's power output began to drop as new emissions regulations took hold. The 1966 Chevy II Nova SS Hardtop currently can be seen selling in the $35,000 to $100,000 and more range. Connect with Trade Unique Cars on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates. We used this as an opportunity to tub the rear so we could get wider wheels in. Ivory Lucite® Code - 4395L Ford introduced the Falcon/Comet, Chrysler’s compact was the Valiant/Dart, AMC offered the Rambler American and Studebaker produced their Lark. it really needs the cowling to work properly. Lucite® Code - 4257L Car Fin Styling of the 1950’s / Photos and History, How to Find Vintage and Antique Car Parts, Locations of VIN Plates and Stamps on Vintage Vehicles, Model T Serial Numbers and Registering Antique Vehicles, Sample Decodings of Classic Car Serial Numbers, Search for Cars, Trucks and Parts / Advertise on this Site, The World’s Two Highest Selling Cars At Auction, Tips on Keeping Your Antique Car or Truck Looking Great, Value of Classic and Vintage Cars and Trucks. The Chevrolet Nova: History, Generations, Specifications, innovative (and ultimately doomed) Corvair, First year of production: 1961 (for the 1962 model year), Primary competitors: Ford Falcon, Dodge Dart, Plymouth Valiant, AMC Rambler American, Original price (base): $2,198 (1962 Chevy II Nova 400 2-door sedan), Characteristic feature: The go-to domestic compact of the 1960s and 1970s.

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