Frylock: Look. and then who's gonna call Little Momma Joe, to tell her that her boy ain't coming home? Well wherever THAT is, and do not say anything... Frylock: You're all the things that are in this ad: you're energetic, hard-working, you like people... M.C. Frylock: [groans] SO WHY DOES THE HOUSE SMELL? Master Shake: Look, there's somebody on the phone, alright? BEES BOY, BEES! Shake: What is this bas-ket-ball you speak of? Meatwad: Yeah, about them teriyaki fries? Meatwad: Okay, when I say "crank it", you do whatever it is people do when they're told to do that. this was funny but you forgot about this one get out of my friggin pool still good. Master Shake: Yeah all the time... when I was in the second grade. Shake: Something's been jabbing me in the ass all week. Carl: Ya think maybe I could have my dick back? So, who's gonna to get their dick ripped off tonight? Master Shake: I'm not in the business of seeing whatever pleases you! Ignignokt: We forgot about your needs, we were too busy fulfilling our own. Ignignokt: Square the Quad-Laser and you have, behold: The Quad-Glaser. Steve: You know, you can call me Steve. Cuz I don't need it! We hope you enjoy this Athf Carl Quotes Pinterest/Facebook/Tumblr image and we hope you share it with your friends. Frylock: [Carl's house has burned down and he's just gotten back from the hospital with a foot grafted to his head] Well, Carl, you can stay with us for now. Master Shake: [Meatwad just won tickets to the Super Bowl in a bag of chips] Give me those! Master Shake: OK, OK, fine, it's your package. The Wisdom Cube: Chicken Butt... ha ha ha ever hear that one? Hahahahaha! … Mr. Wongburger: I doubt it. INTERNATIONALLY. [Meatwad works for the circus by turning into an igloo and a hot dog for the crowd]. Yeah, I am kinda hungry... Dr. Weird: Good! Watching porn and sports They wore pantaloons back in those days. The Voice: There are no swine evil enough to sacrifice upon a bed of EVIL! The Voice: It is the Broodwich, forged in darkness from wheat harvested in Hell's half-acre, baked by Beelzebub, slathered with mayonnaise beaten from the evil eggs of dark chicken forced into sauce by the hands of a one-eyed madman, cheese boiled from the rancid teat of a fanged cow, layered with six-hundred and sixty-six separate meats from an animal which has maggots for blood! Yeah, that's lots of fun. AND YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Meatwad: I figured you to be a large, but I went extra large, 'cause I know it's gonna shrink in the wash. That's right. Meatwad: Hey Carl, you want me to shampoo the rug? Master Shake: Do a number? Is there a problem here? I'm just kidding. The user '' has submitted the Athf Carl Quotes picture/image you're currently viewing. what do you think? Oglethorpe: We shall ask the great Orbnauticus! Meta • Carl: [shouting] IT'S BRUTANANADILEWSKI! Carl: No, usually, but not these. Frylock: What are these spikes, these spikes all over your body? I said, "License? Carl's Dad: Yeah, cute. No thank you. And we use them to buy beer. Gross! You haven't told me anything! [Mothmonsterman has strung Carl up in a silk cocoon]. Piss him off. Meatwad: [with the puppets] Just grab the bottom of the cup, rip it and win! [cackles insanely as audience members laugh], Psychotic TV Frylock: [during Shake's sitcom] I'm the one who's sorry, OK? [Master Shake reaches through the rings and answers the phone]. Oglethorpe: Oh, look if it isn't our good friend Major Shake! Out of all the characters in the show, Carl has the highest death count, having died a total of 69 times and the least appearances out of the main characters, with 19 abscences in total.. Make us one from the sky. Wayne the Brain: Go ahead. is a place for people to come and share inspiring pictures, and many other types of photos. So, I put two and two together there and decided that you're pissing me off. Mwahahahahah! [THUD]. Master Shake: I like the way you're thinking, go get your puppets! [spanks herself]. Carl: You know, he's supposed to be spayed, and, uh... he ain't that. Emory: Yeah, just anything sharp lying around the house. Master Shake: Hello. I will pee all over my pants, and THEN who's gonna end up looking bad? I mean, you don't hear DMX rap about it. Carl: So the blood stain [on his crotch] is just... what is that me having my period I guess? Master Shake: Did you see how long you were in there? George Washington: [the Aqua Teens are on the verge of murdering each other after cloning millions of dollar bills] I come bearing a message. I mean, Egypt doesn't even exist! Frylock: I just put it in there to get you excited about your real dinner... this... uh... celery stalk right here. Carl: I'm certainly not gonna sign for any more packages with the word "Congo" written in blood. I'll just keep it there since it's uh, mine anyways. I tried it earlier today, and it sort of went: Them: "Hello" Me: 'Hello" Them: "Who is this?" Alabama. Meatwad: Wait a second, this ain't no brain... this a damn bee's nest. One. Master Shake: I'm not gonna eat the whole thing. I do not want to do anything illegal here... but I would kill somebody... in front of their own mama... to get a ten speed. [Shake has just caused Carl's lawn to be burned up]. Master Shake: Who the hell do you know in Japan? I saw the ad too. Crabs! Because you won't get it. The Mummy: [rises up again] CURRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSE! If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. I make that decision. Master Shake: Oh my god, oh my... do you ever have anything good to say, it's a free sandwich! Come out and face your doom, for we are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday... Master Shake: [gets eaten by clams, his last words] AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE FOREVER! Meatwad: Who wants to see my dick? They're professional dick hunters. Meatwad: Well, it ain't workin'. Brock Samson • It's like a magic flying carpet, here. Interesting. Picking our dinner. Carl: Look, they're harmless. Frylock: But... why would it be up in the gutter, Shake? Major Shake-replicant: So, these Plutonians, they're real dumb. I mean, you know you never watch them! Santa Claus: Well, then I'll just waltz on down to the Free Present store! Glass-Bottom Boat Captain: Oh-no, ladies and gentlemen, now we're being attacked. Do you have 10 pound balls? Willie Nelson: Naw, I'm with you! Oglethorpe: Oh, sorry, I thought you were a ghoul. Carl: Look, just say Smith or Jones or somethin'. Frylock: We don't have any stairs, Meatwad. You ever been raped by a dog? Frylock: Well, do you mind if we make a dog in it? Regular? You take it up too high how am I gonna inject the cheese? It's 2:30 in the afternoon, and people are trying to sleep - [pauses, looks to Frylock, then The Mummy, then back to Frylock]... Whose mummy? Uh, I'll take care of them. You're just gonna die. [after enlarging his penis, the crabs from Carl's genitalia are also enlarged, and begin to jump from his pants], [a crab walks past Meatwad, who is immobile in the hallway, due to a large computer chip inside him]. Carl is the bestest person that is a cartoon except maybe some other cartoons i would have to think about that one. Frylock: Aw Hell! He's a man. Shake: I'LL DO WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, AND HOW I WANT. YOU should have gotten a snack. Master Shake: And as you can see, it's fully furnished. Frylock: That's it mister! I mean, it *kinda* was your fault, but hey, screw it. Frylock: Well, I invented it and I can call it what I want! Choch! Frylock: Hey, hey! Carl: I don't know, I was hoping maybe we could have a little dialogue about that. Carl: Yeah, well, uh, maybe you shouldn't, uh, BOOTY CALL ME when I've got guests here! Frylock: [unceremoniously puts a kink in the hose]. Frylock: Where do you think our TVs come from? Frylock: Meatwad, I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. Good one. SPF 60, for FAIR SKIN? Thundercleese, Huey • If you like the picture of Athf Carl Quotes, and other photos & images on this website, please share it. And I'd appreciate it if you'd get off my lawn. I get the bag and everything inside the bag! The Highlander was just a movie. Hobby Meatwad: Keep her cranked. Everyone, please - bow your heads, and pretend to be serious. You fat bastard! 3 Nov. 2020. How does my face look? I've lived a full life. Master Shake: Look at him and tell me there's a God. Master Shake: What he needs is a lack of oxygen, so he can *become* the dead! You guys couldn't take over a damn bowl of jello. Meatwad: Hell no, that sumbitch had an axe! Go drink some salt water. [Meatwad is playing his video game "Insult Master"]. There was no carnival, it was a damn freezer. Master Shake: That room is dead to me. Doctor Cheesesteak? Frylock: How are you gonna clean the kitchen with cheese, Shake? Carl: Oh, sweet nectar. Weekends now take up the entire week, and jobs have been phased out accordingly. Like, I have this really bitchin' hair dryer... Oglethorpe: Well, you think that will work, break it out then. You know, I gotta propagate my species and... he's being a real baby about it. [the Universal Remonster throws a chain into Meatwad's room]. Peepants] Well, wherever he is... Master Shake: It's a fiery pit of unpleasantness in the center of the Earth... Meatwad: OK! Carl: [Handbanana rapes Carl] Handbanana, no! This is a man's bike. No ice, no ice." Carl: Right there! and, two, should we light him on fire? Master Shake: [emerges from Carl's pool and gasps for breath] Twenty seconds! Meatwad: Which one you think it is, Carl? Hey, Gee Whiz: can you FLY? Someone gets a spanking! OH! Zorak • Carl: No, the real point is: I don't give a damn. Dr. Weird: My ass has finally decided to eat my hand! My car has been crushed, the Bejesus and back! How about we make the living room the new kitchen? Oh, if I go down, who will deliver the toys? Evil TV Shake: It's OK. You were the better cheerleader. [long, uncomfortable pause as he glances nervously down at Meatwad's dolls]. Nightfall • You son of a bitch! Ignignokt: Well, that sounds like a personal problem. Carl: Wow, what a waste. its my B.N.C.S. Santa Claus: I-is that a mirror? Frylock and Meatwad are trying to destroy it]. ', [after returning from another dimension with enormous hands]. Can you tan through that? Frylock: That's soap? Donna Bryson: ...oh... yeah... you're... that guy... with... Carl: [desperately] Oh, come on... it's Carl! Then how do you walk? Why does it smell that way? Master Shake: Plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes. Ok then, keep on with the mission. Dr. Weird: Gentlemen: There's a chance, THIS will work! Right there, did you hear that? The Wisdom Cube: Get me the business pages I want to give someone the bussiness. Yeahhhhh. Meatwad... get a life! Master Shake: Please do not undercut me in front of the child. [They hop back out via the now-broken window. Pfffft. Listen to this: Fart you, fart head. I bring you... MORE CORN! [Meatwad has just burned Carl's house down]. Whoah! Meatwad: [sending Master Shake to the supermarket] You better run, boy! . Meatwad's character: Yo momma yo momma yo momma yo momma. Why you can still pick your dick out of the garbage! Aqua Teen Hunger Force- Carl Quotes by UltimateTUBE. It's a way of punishing supermodels. Frylock: Look, all right, I'm sorry, okay? Master Shake: Will he be able to chase us? But then I's told, "You got to have a license for that." What's the point of livin'? Quinn Airgone • You can fix this for me! It's like a laser. Meatwad: Bach-t? No, no, no, no, no... Bad boy, bad boy. Go see a movie. How many times I gotta tell you this, man? Not the best, granted, but it was allright. Ignignot: Some would say that the Earth is *our* moon. Master Shake: Whoah! Ignignokt: [noticing the OoGhiJ MiQtxxXA] Look Err, free egg. 2:30. Meatwad: I heard him, he said "damn," dammit. Ask forth your questions unto the all-knowing Wayne, and Wayne shall deliver unto you the answer of correctitude. Pornography and online gaming at hundreds the times of speed of your normal advertising service provider! Meatwad: But that's where Carl keeps his clothes! Ain't got no damn money. My hormones are goin' nuts. That's why the bathroom hurt so bad!

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