Charlotte wasn't just being diplomatic, either.

"I've talked to a lot of people who are for­eign offi­cers and seen the work they do and many have said they are all very much gen­er­al­ists rather than spe­cial­ists," she said. Pence has also suggested that federal money used to fund research on HIV/AIDS should instead be used for gay aversion therapy. After all, her dad attended the Indiana University School of Law before entering politics.

Charlotte Pence is a filmmaker who has directed a documentary about mental illness, For the Records, and the Emmy award-winning Fleeced, which attacked elder financial abuse. According to a Facebook post from his fraternity, the Xi Beta Chapter of Kappa Sigma of Northeastern, Tomanelli majored in political science and international affairs, and minored in Arabic. Pence spent 12 years as a congressman before being elected as governor of Indiana in 2012, so Audrey and Charlotte Pence — along with their brother, Michael — pretty much grew up on the campaign trail. You also agree to our Terms of Service.

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The book, co-created with Jill Twiss, features a gay bunny who falls in love with another male bunny.

She supported the parody version of her book by buying a copy of her own. "I cannot accept a humanity that does not possess any kind of curiosity about God, because with curiosity, then at least we were getting somewhere," she wrote.

But far from their diverse views dividing them, the Pences appear to be a very close family. She said, "My parents really taught us from a very young age that when people are speaking out against elected officials, when they disagree with them, that actually is a good thing ... That is how America is supposed to look. The story, titled, The international affairs major was a coop at the Fuller Project for International Reporting, a non-profit news organization, at the time, the article states.

Naval Observatory, the official residence of the VP. CREWS will return to patrol a bushfire at Gindoran this morning for a third... News News Though all three of Pence's kids hit the campaign trail with him, it's his two daughters, Audrey and Charlotte, who have really changed since their dad took office. Charlotte had already landed a job with a production company in Washington D.C., but she wanted to be with her family as her dad took on the vice presidency. She told WTHR she identified as "politically independent" and "socially liberal". The three Pence women were photographed in Sydney on Saturday taking time out to relax and enjoy the city.

Charlotte and Audrey were a few years younger at 22 and 21.

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But he doesn't have a bad feeling towards anyone despite his actual strong-held beliefs. They might have been used to their dad being a public figure, but the Pence sisters weren't used to being public figures themselves when Pence became vice president. ", The introvert may have been used to taking a backseat growing up, but she has truly emerged from her shell since her dad's name became nationally recognized.

We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. Maybe the Pence family is proof that politics doesn't have to be divisive.

While on tour with the Vice President, Audrey, Charlotte and Karen Pence appear to have enjoyed the different experiences of being in Japan, South Korea and now Australia. The best part? On his wedding anniversary to Karen, a schoolteacher, Pence posted a photograph of them as newlyweds and wrote, "Celebrating 31 incredible years of marriage with my wife, Karen.". "Of course I said yes, and then we got caught in a rainstorm!" She's the classic middle child, and Charlotte thinks it impacted her growing up. Audrey has opinions of her own, though, and she's not afraid to share them.

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I also want to help facilitate conversations about religion and faith," she told The Christian Post. One activity Audrey and her father do have in common is shooting, and Mike Pence has praised his youngest child's ability, saying she is a "pretty good" shot.

"But also, in all seriousness, his book is contributing to charities that I think we can all get behind.

"He proved himself to me," she said of her decision to support her dad's bid for governor. "Whether your story is seen daily by millions of people or just a few, remember that it's important in ways you may not even realize — and so are you," she said. "I'd like to think I approach life the same way, striving each day to live in a way that others can admire," she said.

"Something I really identify with ... [is] being able to take dif­ferent lessons from all around the world and applying them.". "I think I have views that go across the board, I'd say that I'm more of a moderate or independent than really have specific-aligned views. In July 2019, she and her beau, Henry Bond, announced they'd gotten engaged.

Charlotte isn't the only literary wunderkind in the Pence family. The more recent photographs of the Pences show a relaxed and happy family comfortable in each other's company.

The best part? Talking about the Middle East for her university's online media site News@Northeastern, Ms Pence described her experiences in the Middle East.

Things may have changed a lot for the Pence family over the past few years, but one thing has remained consistent for Charlotte: her faith. ", From journalism to law, Audrey has a lot of experience that will serve her well if she ever decides to pursue a political career. "Rain or shine, I'm so glad you'll always be by my side.". "My family will call me the glue ... the go-between between different people." Since she seems to be distancing herself from the conservative stances of the rest of the Pence family, you might expect Audrey to be something of a rebel. 'I am proud of you for having your own opinions and looking into things'," she told WTHR.

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