Towers are 8% more expensive than in Medium Difficulty. On top of that, you also get to use unique units that patrol areas instead of just sticking to one place. You can take down the lead balloon by using the canon. Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile/Steam This time, the game requires you to earn experience points for that tower first. • (A couple Round 39: Build Monkey Village at position 6. Playing next. it does work but as stated before do the upgrades during the rounds. Round 40. Dungeon Keeper • Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher, MOAB Mauler, Extra Range, Frag Bombs, Round 52: Upgrade Ninja Monkey 1 to Bloonjitsu and Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile/Steam Full Spectrum Warrior • Round 78: Upgrade Bomb Tower D to Bloon Impact. Upgrade Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher. Bloons Tower Defense 2 is here! Round 55: Build Bomb Tower at position B. Yes Target First. This tree has awesome bonuses in store for your monkeys in uniform, including a 1,000-experience boost for all military monkeys. It will take you a while to get it, though, since it is at the end of the Primary Knowledge tree. Bloons Tower Defense 6 is available on mobile devices! Round 37: Upgrade Bomb Tower 5 to Frag Bombs and Cluster Round 73: Upgrade Bomb Tower B to Bloon Impact. You even need to spend more than that since you need to unlock the prerequisite skills first. For example, if you like having some pocket money for the arena, you can get More Cash. Upgrade Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher, Extra Share your favorite Bloons Wiki page on your favorite social network. Target first. Round 46: Build Bomb Tower at position 9 Target Strong. Grey Goo • If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator. Up amount of money needed for powerful upgrades. Bloons Tower Defense 2 Medium Walkthrough Part 2. Range, Frag Bombs, Cluster Bombs. If you are a fan of the military monkeys, you may want to invest heavily in the Military Knowledge tree. Olen Tye. Upgrade Sniper Monkey 2 to Point Five Oh, Round 50:  Build Bomb Spike Factory – Once it has the White Hot Spikes upgrades, nothing is getting through.

It ultimately depends on your play style. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I noticed a couple black ones get destroyed when I got the balloon impact upgrade but it was too late. Version 21.0 for BTD6 is released! Hero Defense • Now you can play almost all of Ninja Kiwi's classic Flash games right on Steam! Front Mission • That means you will be left vulnerable for the next round. The additional magic bolt is really good as it makes Monkey Apprentice really strong even without any upgrades.

No lives lost. Imperialism and Trade Empires • Difficulty To challenge you there are 2 new bloon types. Towers are 8% more expensive, bloons move faster than on Medium, and the player has only 100 lives. The invading balloons move along a specific path, and you will just have to plop down towers in key locations to take them out. Just pure monkeys and a village. If you feel some important page or image is missing, you can create a new page and upload new images. Wargame • As such, chat is now closed, and a lot of old features may stop working, such as polls and popular pages. No special upgrades or pre-start improvements needed.

Make sure you follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be obliterating balloon invaders with ease!
Why are you asking where the sniper monkey goes? to indicate where the towers will be placed: No cheats needed. Expert Tracks 1) Clock / Track 13 (Hard Mode) 2) Castle / Track 14 3) Death Valley / Track 15 (Hard Mode) 4) Drag Stripe / Track 16 (Hard Mode) Players who took the time to invest in it were initially disappointed to find an undead monkey sitting on a throne, doing nothing. Balloons are marching in and the monkeys need to shoot tacks rapidly to pop them all. Bloons Tower Defense 2. thanks for this amazing help fam bloons td 5 apk is pretty hard game. No agents used. The good news is that your own towers have a few tricks of their own as well.

Bloons TD 6 is a fantastic action-packed tower defense game, that’s now available on Android and iOS platforms. - Medium Rounds! Age of Empires •

This walkthrough guide will also work on easy and medium. Round 59: Upgrade Sniper Monkey 2 to Semi Automatic Rifle, Round 62: Build Bomb Tower at position D target first. Machine-Armor Louga • extra range. Do you have an android device? Upgrade Bomb Tower 3 to MOAB Mauler. Bloons Tower Defense 2 is here! I died around on round 46. Yes, you read that right. Entrances Victory Belles • I went along to level 92 using the basic formula - and when about ten of those black/green guys came out ... Perfecto Mundo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. Act of Aggression • Get your hands ready for the new and improved Prince of Darkness! Anyone who says this didn't work, you don't know how to follow guides. 2 Company of Heroes • Walk in the Park Looks like the edges are cutt off in the blog view. Anything you invest in will definitely help you out in the game. Escape the Car Walkthrough Escape the Car Solution Full walkthrough solution that will guide you with tips and hints in order to solve... 100 Doors of Revenge Levels 31 to 35 Solution to 100 Doors of Revenge for doors 31 to 35. It is time to get popping in Bloons TD 6! Jungle Drums, Round 49: (A couple escaped). Features include all of your favourite towers from BTD4 with 8 awesome upgrades each instead of 4, and two brand new never before seen tower types. Nice guide, the combination of Bloon Impact Tower and Moab Mauler really works. Deception • In the game, you get to help a group of monkeys protect their territory from marauding balloons. Just let your canon blast that thing into pieces. Round 71: Upgrade Bomb Tower F to Frag Bombs. Have fun passing all 50 levels! Knowledge is this installment’s version of the Monkey Labs. Target First, Round 11: Upgrade Sniper Monkey 2 to Faster Firing, Round 13: Upgrade Sniper Monkey 2 to Full Metal Jacket, Round 14: Upgrade Sniper Monkey 2 to Night Vision Goggles, Round 17: Buy Bomb Tower at position 3. I'm sure I did everything right. It took me a few tries, as some of the towers used I had not unlocked yet. Round 0: Start by purchasing a Ninja Monkey, place at position 1. Round 29: Build Bomb Tower at Position 4. This was changed ever since Version 2.0. One last thing you should remember about the Soulbind is that it disappears once it has been used up. Bloons Tower Defense 2 Medium Walkthrough Part 2. Towers and their upgrades also face an increase in cost (by 8% in most games), as well as bloons having their speed increased. Monkey Village – Camo will be a thing of the past once it has the Radar Scanner upgrade since it will enhance the ability of other towers to detect and destroy Bloons. In Bloons TD 5, the player must pass Round 85, which is the first round with a ZOMG bloon, in order to win on hard difficulty. Make sure you replace all the missing towers before the next battle or all the extra lives you earned will have been for nothing. After further investigation, however, it turned out that the Soulbind actually saves you when you run out of lives. Plants vs. Zombies • Upgrade Bigger Bombs, Missile Launcher, MOAB It is a grassy park with a pool of water and a big flowerbed. This difficulty is represented by a Robo Monkey, or by a Sun God in Extreme Tracks in its icon. Command & Conquer • If you have played previous installments of the game, you might be surprised by the changes they made to upgrading. Dawn of Gods • Target First. Extra Range. Spiked Balls is the 3rd upgrade of Path 1 for the Spike Factory in BTD6. It is a grassy park with a pool of water and a big flowerbed. Exits The enemy balloons are called Bloons, hence the game’s name.

If you want to farm experience for a particular tower, just go to an easy level and use nothing but the one you are trying to upgrade. To challenge you there are 2 new bloon types. The Bloons move a little bit faster than on Easy Mode or Medium mode, and the player has only 100 lives. Once it has been unlocked, you will need to spend 24,000 to level it up.

escaped. I died round 49, the black bloons get by because they can resist explosions. Now with 3 new maps - easy, medium and hard, 1 new tower type, some new upgrades, and brand new on track placeable items, monkey glue, and road spikes. Round 64: Upgrade Super Monkey E to Super Range, Round 65: Upgrade Super Monkey E to Laser Blasts, Round 69: Upgrade Super Monkey E to Plasma Blasts, Round 70: Build Bomb Tower at position F target First.

Anyone else have this problem or have some suggestions?Thanks :), lol dude i only got 10 lifes left but it worked! Mauler, Frag Bombs. I didn't loose balloons, and didn't quite match up money wise around 65 and 75, but close enough through the level that this worked. 2 Things get interesting when you see that each tower has its own upgrade tree. If you need any help, then contact our admins.

thanks a lot, Not Worked fo me Oo ran out of lifes on lvl 43 -.- anyway will try again :), Yeah dude thanks for the process and all, but I had a No Lives Lost run until Round 42, then was left with only 36 lives at the end of Round 43 O.o. Upgrade Bomb Tower 5 to Bloon Impact. Debut

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