The list below shows all known recalls from Transport Canada's database. BMW finally released their own X5 Remote Start system! unreal!. Kept getting mail about a recall my car had didnt think it was that important so I stalled the process a little until I kept getting mail non stop about the matter so I finally find the time to take my car to get the recall done of course I imagined it will be a walk in the park due to the fact that it was free of charge , so after I get the recall done for fuel pump and airbags I pick vehicle up from the dealer everything seems to be fine , next day comes my car leaves me stranded on a random block and completely shuts down on me , what makes matters worst now im stuck somewhere and have to get a tow truck to take me somewhere im not bothering or move me out the way , I contact the dealer tel them whats going on they make me pay a tow truck to bring the car to them again , so I bring the car to the dealer and let them check over the work they just did on my car because I wasnt having any problems with my car before this literally none maybe a lightbulb went out that was about it nothing else even passes inspection with flying colors , so anyways pass that now they telling me that the problem is in the fuel system that they just was suppose to replace mind you I never had a problem with my vehicle and ive owned it a few years , so now I got this recall done and now this problem comes up , so now I agree to pay them 1100$ just to fix something that was suppose to be free which im not happy about one bit not only they take longer then they suppose too working on my car but few days after I pay them and take my vehicle now the same problem again !! Two weeks ago, I was driving at 75 mph in the 4th lane of a 6 lane highway when my car jerked and a "drive train malfunction" message came on the screen. 2006, BMW X5 The list below shows all known recalls from Transport Canada's database. My fuel pump has been failing to create the correct amount of pressure in the fuel line, on and off, for several months, resulting in the vehicle suddenly operating at "reduced power" when driving. This causes the vehicle to increase and decrease it's speed intermittently and without warning. I'm told that there was a "catastrophic failure" of the high pressure fuel pump that I did not cause, had no warning of and could not have prevented.
Would not re-start and would not engage to neutral following emergency park release procedure. Moreover, the car has been experiencing failures in ignition and stalling due to this particular issue and possibly other issues that are derived from this specific recall. Dealer recommended replacement of valvetronic motor, cam shaft and oil injectors. 16v-746. Peter wheeler 314 651 3245 peter@theexceeder. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

After I persisted the dealer stated that the fuel pump is available but that they have to perform a diagnostic first. BMW fuel pump recall vehicle is hard to start and it is progressively getting worse. While driving 35 mph, the vehicle suddenly shut off without warning. . My car is constantly in the shop and I am paying for everything.

There have been two occasions that I have changed the fuel pump on my vehicle. I keep smelling fumes from the car and I believe these cars also have additional defects with the radiator to add to the issues already explained above. The approximate failure mileage was 74,025. The contact stated that the manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. statistics and reliability analysis of BMW X5, Other Fuel System Hoses Lines/piping, And Fittings problems.

The fuel pump could also stop working, and if that happens, the engine could stall. The recall was well over a year ago and the fuel pumps were not sent to the dealership they keep saying that they are not in stock and have no way of ordering them until it is. .

There is so little oxygen inside the tank that it cannot just light on fire and explode like one would think. BMW still has no fix for these issues which is a ticking time bomb for any occupants in the vehicle.

Ever since, I have not been able to schedule an appointment for the recall. Was able to coast to the right median between the freeway and the on-ramp away from on-coming cars.

The vehicle would not re-start and would not engage to neutral, so the tow truck driver had to use skid blocks. She had just turned off the highway, and onto a side street. We take a look at how to troubleshoot the EKPS module using a BMW diagnostic scanner.You will learn what EKPS module is, what systems it covers, and how to read/clear codes from the EKPS module. I am sure with some investigating you will find that this is an unreported problem with BMW.

2001, BMW X5 Every time I get in it I am nervous and afraid for my life. The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign numbers: 16v071000 (air bags), 16v364000 (air bags), and 16v746000 (fuel system, gasoline). "takata recall " I have reached out on several occasion to the dealer and the BMW recall dept concerning the problems that I'm having with the fuel pump, they assured me that they would reach out to the dealership and let them know but they have not done so, I am totally fed up with the stalling of the vehicle the engine light keep coming on and according to the recall the fuel pump can cause these sort of problems. The vehicle was taken to walser BMW auto campus of wichita (11000 e 13th st n, wichita, KS 67206, phone: (316) 221-3841) where it was diagnosed that the high pressure fuel pump failed and needed to be replaced. It is shameful that BMW but even more so that our government will allow these unsafe cars on the roads. BMW X5 BMW has diagnosed a high-pressure fuel pump failure that sent metal fragments throughout the fuel system. The engine shutting off by itself is a special concern because this may mean there are other faulty parts located deep within the vehicle. all problems of the 2011 BMW X5 . Takata inflators and fuel pump recalls. BMW should repair these ASAP or have them taken off the road. Ref NHTSA campaign # 14v176000 et al. It has become a huge burden. Private garage has told me the in-tank fuel pump needs to be replaced ASAP. I try to call and ask to order the parts that need to be replaced from the recall letters and from the parts department replied that they can get the parts in a day or two as long as I am buying it as a regular customer, but as soon as I try to get the parts replaced as a recall I get a answer that the parts are not available at the moment. I did drop, after day they contact me and mentioned that they cannot duplicate the problem, because not enough tools, so they refer to BMW of denver downtown.

The vehicle was not repaired. My car was in the shop for the fuel pump recall and change of spark plugs. Received recall later back in December 2016. I asked BMW na to stand behind their vehicle and repair it under warranty because no 2. all problems of the 2017 BMW X5 . 2 months later its back in the BMW shop for fuel pressure pump & turbo hose.

In January 2015, I bought a BMW X5 35d twun turbo (n57t engine) oe equipped with a bosch high pressure fuel pump ("hpfp") part #0445010667.
Thank you. Service personnel stated that the high pressure fuel pump indicated a low fuel pressure at the inlet. Please investigate this as it is dangerous and consumers need to be aware that this is still happening. all problems of the 2015 BMW X5 . The vehicle is not trustworthy as you may lose power, or unintentionally accelerate while trying to execute a driving maneuver, causing a dangerous condition. Drive the vehicle on vacation and the engine would studder and stall on the highway and an error prompted on the vehicle dashboard that displayed "engine malfunction" reduced power. Indeed, a pump failure, no matter how catastrophic, should not require replacement of the entire fuel system.

2011 2013, BMW X5 To make matters worse, this car has a transmission lock to prevent two-wheel towing that makes it near impossible to put the car in neutral. See There are recalls for this vehicle! Thank you. It has been almost a year and there is still no answer. Additionally, my vehicle is now exhibiting problems with the high pressure fuel pump, another covered emissions item for unlimited mileage; and am not seeing any resolve for that. See The vehicle was taken back to walser BMW where it was diagnosed that the vanos solenoid failed, there were metal shavings in the oil, and the engine needed to be replaced. A year is unacceptable. Recall campaign no. I was informed I could contact BMW directly and discuss a �hardship. all problems of the 2014 BMW X5 . I stated to them that it should be recalled because it has the exact same problem as the 1000's that were recalled.

Tow vehicle arrived at 2:45 pm, unable to put X5 in neutral, had to use skid plates to get X5 onto the tow vehicle. The Basics: BMW is recalling 136,188 vehicles in the United States and another 18,284 in Canada due to improperly crimped wiring for the fuel pump in … The most recently reported issues are listed below. Check engine warning light illuminates. The vehicle was taken to mckenna BMW (located at 10900 firestone blvd, norwalk, CA 90650, (562) 219-4570), but was not diagnosed or repaired.

B) the fuel pump issue has been known to BMW for many years (BMW had a voluntary reimbursement of fuel pump repairs in place until NHTSA mandated the recall of all vehicles with the affected fuel pump. )

We are smell gasoline inside the cabin while we were driving and also when we stop we could still smell gasoline. After while I starting have same problem with stall engine in the middle of road, at parking lot, or one day wasn't even start engine, or when car stall and I am lucky the guy didn't hit me in the back, but he did horned on me, showed me finger, and so on. 2019, BMW X5

Takata recall. Got the X5 to the dealership at 3:20pm, inform the consultant what happened and left the X5 there. I brought it to a mechanic who told me the issue is the high pressure fuel pump.

©2020, All rights reserved. 2009 2012, BMW X5 The vehicle was repaired. in addition there is another recall (oct 2016) on a fuel pump "could leak fuel during refueling or cornering" ive set up a service appointment Jan 20, 2017 and I'm told neither recall items will be addressed or repaired because parts. Mileage was 65,000. Contacted stevens creek BMW in san jose, CA multiple times but only received voicemail service.

They stated: * I would have to take the vehicle to the dealer and have a diagnostic run * I would be charged for the diagnostic if it turns out to be an issue other than the fuel pump * if it turns out that the fuel pump module is defective, then I would not have to pay the diagnostic fee this illegally ties a different service (that I may have to pay) to a federally mandated recall. When you pull out in front of traffic the engine goes into limp mode and no acceleration causing a major safety issue.

X5 xdrive 35i sav; while driving under normal street and highway conditions, vehicle speed and engine rpm have become unstable.

all problems of the 2010 BMW X5 . I feel that my vehicle should be recalled to include 1000's of other X5's, before someone is killed. Both airbags have been on the recall for over a year.

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