A stainless steel bowl with a hole cut in the bottom makes for an awesome sink. Utility     We are hoping that it is far enough up so that road trash won't hit the panel and ti's above the storage boxes. He then added a window to the door that he bought on eBay for just $8. On top of installing He straped down the table with bungie cords. Brian started with an empty enclosed cargo trailer: Firstly, by simply adding larger tires Brian increased the clearance. The tray folds up while en route but holds two batteries that will eventually be attached to soar panelsin the future. Bob Wells is a long-time vandweller who blogs about his travels at Cheap RV Living. On the inside, there is more to discover. Remember when I said the trailer housed extra lumber before we decided to re-purpose it? ⛺️ (https://youtu.be/H5-tFSVU5P4), What?! So far the time frame is about one year of weekends and summer evenings after work but the intent is to pull out in it next spring and test her out. For Sale is a like new 2012 Lark 8x20 Enclosed Trailer/Toy Hauler Conversion. Hauler trailers.

These pics show the outside of the trailer at the electrical unit. At a cost of around 300.00 we used white pine for the light weight to frame the inside so we wouldn't be working with metal all around. This will mean you are confident and able to fix any small issues without paying money for expensive repairs.

Cutting out for the windows. Imagine getting a better product for less — and yeah, that’s why it’s such a thing right now! If you really want to get away from it all and camp without hookups, cargo conversions are ideal; you can simply carry your drinking water along with you and potentially invest in a composting toilet (or other portable toilet option), and you won’t have to worry about finding a developed campground. I've included a very rudimentary drawing that shows how we ran the water. The outdoor kitchen was a great way to insulate the barn-door wall. If you want to save time check out these links to learn how to build a camper trailer using a conversion kit. Off-road custom DIY/RV/Camper/Tiny house (https://youtu.be/zRfQqQldGs8), Cargo trailer to camper conversion (https://youtu.be/JHg4ZMNERFE), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duD–MvFSeY, 6×14 Cargo Trailer Camper Budget Conversion – Cabinets, Lighting and Solar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duD–MvFSeY), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrXC-h_65R4, 7×14 Cargo Trailer Toy Hauler Camper (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrXC-h_65R4), Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion (https://youtu.be/ZdIi60WnFQ8), Trigger – Horse trailer camper conversion (https://youtu.be/tB1rv8fe-Y8), How To Grow And Care For Mint Plants Indoors, 50 Inspiring Herbs and Spices To Try Growing At Home, 12 Simple DIY Bird House Plans – Easy To Build From One Board, Easy Composting Without A Bin, Container or Even Digging A Trench, 14 Inspiring Cargo Trailer Conversions & 10 Reasons Why You Will Want To Build One.

And the v-nose of the cargo trailer has enough room for a closet restroom.

Instead, they focused on finding a way to fit all their stuff into their tiny home trailer. is built on durable frames that are lower to the ground and functionally efficient The pressed board nearly didn't take the staples. His past experience of towing a flat 4×8 box trailer was like towing a parachute behind the truck so he wanted something more streamlined. Steve and Kelly, who blog about their travels and experience at their website, initially were on the market for a traditional, prefabricated travel trailer.They had a pretty lengthy list of “musts,” though, including a GVWR of 4,000 pounds or less, good ground clearance, a maximum length of 17 feet, a queen bed and self-contained onboard shower and toilet. The wires coming out look a hot mess but will be wrangled eventually. I will be perfect for those outdoor cook-ups! A conversion can be a much more all-purpose trailer than a regular travel trailer. There are 2 sofa beds that flip up against the wall so that the trailer can still be used to transport cargo. My 4 door jeep is my tow vehicle. And that means you can get access into the trailer using the customized aluminum steps. Two propane bottles were mounted to the frame using a propane rack. Thank you. I will be using a 7×12 converted cargo. This video by Extreme Budget really outlines why converting your own cargo trailer to a camper is a great idea: To learn how to turn a cargo trailer into a camper look no further than these inspiring examples. It also has on-board toilet and plumbing facilities, as well as a microwave! Filled to the brim with tools and not skimping out on the television square footage (because after all, catching the game is non-negotiable), Ed’s cargo trailer camper conversion is simple and effective. Started with a tarp but is was not only too thick, it was stiff and coarse, we just didn't like the feeling of it so, we ditched the 26.00 tarp. So for the questions - How much weight was added with all the additions? They won’t get scrapes from tree branches. It didn’t look like much but John had an inspired plan to convert it to a camper. On top of that went a half-inch wafer board and some laminate flooring. Mark converted a beautiful 16 foot cargo trailer into this camper. This will save you so much money and give you confidence when using your trailer for camping vacations. Took us a minute to decide on the flooring also. The AC unit is LOUD and it is way to big for our 16' trailer. Glued and screwed everywhere we might need a header board, frame etc.for. Cargo trailers have straight walls and are easy to insulate. Here is where the cost gets a little fuzzy. As the largest ATC dealer and premiere custom trailer provider in the Chicagoland area, Advantage has an excellent selection of Toy Hauler trailers. While many successful cargo trailer camper converters create their own floor plans from scratch, it’s also possible to find premade plans online, which can be especially helpful if you’re not super imaginative with a ruler or if you’ve already found an interior footprint setup you really like. If you are going to haul a bike in a trailer why not have an insulated camper trailer that you can camp and sleep in too. The existing rear doors has their own version of rotting wood but not quite as bad as the front door. The grill swings out and there is a fold-out table. He added an entrance by cutting down an old screen door. He made sure to get a v-nose design to improve gas mileage. In the ceiling, there is a fantastic vent fan to help keep the trailer fresh and cool. It’s a great example of what you can fit inside a conversion if you are prepared to go for a larger utility trailer. It was starting to take shape and work began on the stud walls. I bought the awning at Garden Ridge, a home store in the area. No shower in our toy hauler.

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