True crime is only getting more popular, and Netflix never misses an opportunity to contribute to the zeitgeist, giving us The Keepers. This is huge news regarding Sister Cathy’s case. “The Keepers” theorized that Cesnik may have discovered Maskell’s assaults and been killed to prevent that information from getting out. Well, for all the fans with remaining questions, there has been an update in the murder case. However, she didn’t want to go on the record. The Undocumented Survivor StoriesNot every story that Ryan White heard gets told in The Keepers. Her murder has haunted the city of Baltimore for almost 50 years and the investigation into her murder has baffled residents and police alike. Savvy internet sleuths have found evidence that James Maskell, a former patrolman, got a woman named Sarah Nell sentenced to a year in prison for biting him while he attempted to assault her. Question everything. There have been few updates in the investigation of Sister Cathy Censik's murder since Netflix's The Keepers came out, but that may soon change considering the … What we do know is that the FBI’s continuing failure to contribute meaningfully to this case has negatively impacted any chance at an ending to the story. Though White says he included absolutely all the information he knew in the documentary, he did contradict himself later by saying, “The project was heavily vetted by lawyers — there were times when I believed we knew somebody that was involved in the abuse, but we couldn't include a name for legal reasons.” True crime buffs will know that this often happens, that the law tangles everything up in red tape so details like names and dates will be removed from stories.

If you have watched, you likely spent the following days and weeks scrounging up additional info on the Sister Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki murder cases, as well as the sexual abuse cases that came out of Keogh High School in the 60’s. Netflix's documentary series "The Keepers" dives into … If you haven’t watched The Keepers on Netflix yet…you should. There are countless untold stories backing up the accusations made against A. Joseph Maskell and the Catholic Church that the docuseries doesn’t even begin to explore. And why should they?

She wants to remind you to keep being yourself. She daylights as a museum educator and a park ranger, and she loves to talk about history, space, movies, dogs, cryptids, true crime, and human rights. She now has four published works: Venus (2017), The Modern Prometheus (2018), Phantasmagoria (2018), and When She Saw What She Had Done (2019). More: Every Original Series Cancelled By Netflix. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Jean and other former students of Sister Cathy believe that the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the authorities covered up Sister Cathy’s murder after she suspected Father Maskell was sexually abusing several young girls at the school. RELATED: 16 TV Shows Too Disturbing To Binge-Watch, Most don’t believe Gerry Koob when he talks, but a member of the police force, Detective Roemer, claimed that Koob confessed to having a sexual relationship with Sister Cathy before her disappearance. Well, for all the fans with remaining questions, there has been an update in the murder case.And this update … CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

James Maskell, A. Joseph Maskell’s uncle, is a similarly powerful and threatening figure that deserves to be prodded harder. Police then announced that the DNA taken from A. Joseph Maskell was not a direct match to the DNA found at the two-month-old murder scene, where 26-year-old Sister Cathy was found decomposing in 1970. It’s important to take this confession from Koob with a grain of salt, as he is proven in the show to be less than the most reliable of witnesses, but, as White says, “I don’t know where the truth lies.”. And this update involves Father Joseph Maskell. Ryan White says he’s “seen a lot of people doubt whether the story is true at all,” and insists that Koob is absolutely certain this happened, while the police are absolutely certain it did not. With new evidence cropping up recently, this article has been updated to reflect even more facts and clues that the docuseries overlooked. Father Maskell was a counselor and chaplain at Archbishop Keough from 1967 to 1975. Audiences reacted poorly to how cold, smarmy, and arrogant Sharon May appeared to be, and with good reason: they have every reason to believe she was very much involved in a cover-up for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, evident enough from her complete inaction throughout the case. - May 30, 2017 05:42 pm EDT. This is presumed to be the source of the DNA sample found at the murder scene, but Ryan White knows there’s even more that Baltimore County Police aren’t saying.

This begs the question, though, that if White says he included everything he knew, and we know he had to remove names for legal reasons — where in the documentary does he reveal these hidden suspects? A lack of information about his life at the time has made deeper research difficult; however, viewers now know that Robert Flaherty was accused in a separate sex abuse scandal, as well. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts with her partner and two best friends. What the show doesn’t get into is that the FBI has pushed back the date even further now. Remember Sharon May's interview in The Keepers? Sharon May states firmly and rudely in her interview that she had absolutely no involvement in any sort of cover-up. However, this is a small step towards justice. What the show doesn’t touch on, however, is Koob’s supposed relationship with Sister Cathy. On May 17, the Baltimore Sun reported that his DNA did not match a sample that was taken. Unless some brave sleuths or particularly inspired detectives go digging, Keough High School is now, for better or worse, closed to a continuing story. Sharon May states firmly and rudely in her interview that she had absolutely no involvement in any sort of cover-up. This family evidence of anger problems, assaults on others, using a position of power over others to avoid punishment, and the assault on a young woman — much like Sister Cathy — all point towards a potential pre-existing rage in A. Joseph Maskell that nobody has ever explored. However, they say there’s nothing, even though Jean Wehner found many victims willing to come forward simply by sending out letters in the mail.

Like Mroz, Sister Cathy Cesnik also had members of the church, including priests, frequent her home.

White can only say this about it: “Her story is chilling.”. Her students described Sister Cathy as a loving and charismatic teacher that made learning fun. They have internal records on everyone — including A. Joseph Maskell. According to, Joseph Maskell’s body was exhumed in Feb. 2017 and his DNA was tested by a forensics lab against DNA evidence found near the crime scene of Sister Cathy. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Sharon May’s husband, V. Eric W. May, Sr., was a state cop while Sharon was a prosecutor, providing the two of them even more opportunity to participate in a cover-up. Often, survivors would choose to remain anonymous, and the crew of The Keepers respected that choice and removed their stories, names, and/or faces from the series.

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