The well-being of any work force is the #1 priority for anyone who runs a company now. And there are a lot of stars coming into the league; we’ve had a very successful draft this year. Cathy Engelbert is now the first woman to serve as CEO of Deloitte. gave the commencement speech at the U.S. Army War College graduation, Under her leadership, the corporation’s revenue grew to more than $19 billion. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. You might suggest the customer is Job One. A: Yes, specifically, and it’s very well-documented in the media around the challenges of, it’s a five-month season, a lot of women don’t make enough money, they go overseas, and they play in other countries, which actually, for some women, makes them a better player. It wants its people to pay close attention to the customer, so it pays close attention to them. Under her leadership, the corporation’s revenue grew to more than $19 billion and has been included on the list of Forbes’ most powerful women. A: So it’s such an important inflection point for women’s leadership in not just the United States but the world. And what have you learned from them? All Rights Reserved. Q: Could you talk a little bit more about this platform and how you plan to accomplish it? And not just for maternity, paternity leave. When Cathy Engelbert joined the WNBA, it was already at a pivotal point in history. S&P Index data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. In these two remarks are the heart of how a company needs to recognize and reward its people. A: So, there’s 12 teams, 144 players. A: So, I actually grew up in a very large family. Obviously the ones here have already been very accomplished in their military careers. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. So that’s going to be an important part making you know them as the role models for the future women’s leaders. Offers may be subject to change without notice. She is married and has two children and lives in New Jersey. Lehigh's 150th Commencement was a typically joyful occasion. So I would say people-talent-platform and pace of change technology are the two biggest challenge any leader faces today because everything that they then face — employee activism, shareholder activism, how do I invest for the long term versus the short term? She doesn’t work in healthcare at all. My latest book is Capitalists Arise! You may opt-out by. But in 2020, she steered it to a historic victory. So if you’re looking at the revenue model, you need more fans in the seats, we have great sponsors today, we have great TV. It’s good for long-term organizational success. Q: So tell me about how you got to where you are today. There’s a lot of momentum around a platform to drive these women to a higher level today. And these women are elite athletes who have a great loud voice and social voice in today’s kind of environment. which deals with the consequences of income inequality and how business must begin to help solve the problem. The company has an amazing list of employee benefits, all designed to enable each worker to tailor the parameters of his or her job to his or her own needs. with cum laude honors from Princeton and earned an MBA from the Stanford Business School. She doesn’t work in healthcare at all. We did something that was right for our people because I figured out our people are our R&D. Q: I have a couple questions about WNBA and your career. I was one of eight children, with five brothers. Cathy Engelbert lived on month day 1989, at address. Obviously, military is one of those other ones, but you don’t start that when you’re in second or third grade. The corporation is willing to tailor the terms of the job to the personal needs of each employee. And so I really hope to accomplish kind of a three-fold strategy around player experience, fan experience, and new revenue models to drive the league to a higher level, but using a broad women’s advancement platform. ETF and Mutual Fund data provided by Morningstar, Inc. Dow Jones Terms & Conditions: This sounds at first like a recipe for a dystopian workplace where every keystroke is tallied in someone’s HR file, but in reality it’s how Deloitte is able to respond with concern to employees who are in a danger zone of overwork. So you could say I’ve been competing since I was born for lots of things in the household. But there’s some transformation to be done. All but four of the graduates were in attendance. It all surrounds those two things. It’s also a way of being able to effective praise and reward each worker based on hard data about performance—if you’re doing a great job, it’s there in the data. And that’s made a big difference. And again, making sure that we’re providing for those women a great experience as they play. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. My father-in-law was in World War II. So 33 years ago is when I started my career with Deloitte and really worked hard, but also had a collaborative style and that was recognized by our partners when I was elected four years ago as the CEO. The people see that and they know we care. Cathy Engelbert isn’t a hospital administrator. FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. So I’ll hope to bring my over three decades of business experience there and certainly learn about the inner workings of the ecosystem, the basketball ecosystem, but I do know a lot about the game. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. And they aren’t disappointed. Former Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert speaks at the U.S. Army War College graduation Friday morning in Carlisle. If it’s the right thing to do, it will ultimately be good for the employee and the company. As commissioner, Engelbert is responsible for setting the vision for the WNBA and overseeing the league’s day-to-day business and basketball operations. Yet Deloitte gets even more granular. I really just kind of climbed what they call the corporate ladder over many years. Cathy Engelbert isn’t a hospital administrator. [Among] women’s sports, they’re the only professional sports league that has been around for two decades, a lot of the others have folded. They are coming up with new ways to create customer delight from hour to hour, throughout the entire organization. And it’s good for America’s ongoing effort to eliminate income inequality and bring back a thriving middle class. The goal is to create a work environment that becomes deeply meaningful to the employee, not just a way to bring home a paycheck. And one thing I do know is that the level of play that these elite women athletes are playing is very high-level and exciting. Engelbert sees that her people, all of her people, are her R&D department. Your support makes a difference. And yet she was a featured speaker at the, Engelbert was invited because her enlightened leadership at Deloitte qualified her. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy | CA Notice at Collection and Privacy Notice | Do Not Sell My Personal Information | Ad Choices  In fact, every CEO ought to be fit to speak on the subject. And I would say that as an American citizen, I’m very proud of all of them and I wish them the best as they go back in their countries, but particularly for the American graduates as they fight for our country, for our freedom. Without it, no lasting wellness is possible. A: Well, I would say, as it relates, let’s go come back to the Army War College, I would say, these individuals who will graduate today are courageous, are the future leaders of not just America but there are a lot of international candidates here for graduation. Q: Do you have a message that you would like to leave off with? As Engelbert told CBS and “The Female Quotient” colloquium at Davos: We’ve developed an in-house app where we can monitor the number of flights, the number of hours, and the burnout. Find family history information in a whole new way Create a free family tree for yourself or for Cathy Engelbert and we’ll search for … That includes provisions for telecommuting, job sharing, compressed work weeks, fully-paid sabbaticals, on-site fitness/subsidized gym, on-site medical care facility, non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation, health insurance for part-timers, college tuition reimbursement, and student loan debt repayment. Q: And what do you hope to learn as WNBA commissioner? And that’s one of the reasons that I believe the management of the NBA wanted to hire a business leader to come in and transform, particularly from a financial and a business model and a revenue model. A: Well, I have a very much a high respect for the military. The company has created a loosely-defined “culture of courage” that inspires people to do what’s right however they define it: by being entrepreneurial on the job, or by taking time off to spend with a dying parent. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Everybody has to be in the game not just HR. Q: What would you tell a female graduate of the Army War College on leadership? Deloitte puts its principles into action. This is one where I’m going to leave them with three reflections about what’s going on in the world today. It employs 90,000 people in the U.S. with 286,000 worldwide. And if you’re on the point of falling apart because you’re working so hard, Deloitte will lend a hand. My husband is a West Point graduate and served in the Army, was a helicopter pilot. Engelbert sees that her people, all of her people, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. In recent interviews, Engelbert has spoken about how Deloitte is using new technology to connect with its people, one by one.

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