In the film's epilogue, it states that Abbey was cleared of all charges against her, leaves Alaska for the East Coast, and deteriorates to the point of being completely bed-bound and requiring constant care. Since these demons are much higher in intellect than humans, they are smart and they are technologically advanced. 1 in the middle of the street in broad daylight and 1 at 7 in the evening above my deck. Look at the signs of the end time. Abel Campos (Elias Koteas), a colleague from Anchorage, is suspicious of the claims. Oh and when you do go to **** (with ur unbelief) you will get what u wished for which is ur **** getting sucked. Everyone has their own beliefs. “People disappear over there and where are the bodies going? Don’t be lazy to read the bible, it is not boring, it is not fake or made up. If that *******’ conducted his investigation the manner portrayed; he should had his shield taken from him; there’s to much going on that this government is aware of concealing from the citizens; and I really do not trust NASA’ in any capacity; if you do’ then you see human lives and criminal genocides’ and their need for justice; as less important then rocket science; I suggest you review ” Project Paper clip; and the Nazi connection to NASA! Abbey tearfully tells him that she has to believe that Ashley is still alive. They had a fake story that was reportedly from the real-life Nome Nugget newspaper. Now when these people were hypnotically induced, they experienced another reality, their bodies were taken over by a demon spirit, maybe satan himself as he is likely to call himself God. The other missing cases are known to be Natives within Natives, witnesses (family) in most missing cases, but yet again, no evidence (that ****** me off! I do believe what happened to those people really happened. It could be a hoax BUT, then again, it could be real! Marie D. Jones, a paranormal researcher, was interviewed in a video featurette provided by the film’s producer, Universal Pictures. All of our knowledge is incomplete. However, as is repeatedly stated in the movie: "In the end, what you believe is yours to decide". Through many years of Humanity and book making, only one Book has made it all the way, The Bible, the Word of God. If you don't like what you read, you can unsubscribe at any time. I do find Atheism to be bit undermin(d)ing and egocentric in thought…and easy for Satan, to say! Later, Abbey calls upon Dr. Awolowa Odusami (Hakeem Kae-Kazim), a specialist in ancient languages who was a contact of her late husband, to identify the mysterious language on the tape. Then they black out. Both men, as well as August, refuse to be involved with the interview, while Abbey's son Ronnie remains estranged from Abbey and still blames her for Ashley's disappearance. These are alive beings who might be coming from a 5th dimension which would account for the time distortions and people who go out on a beam through a ceiling or window, are going through an opening in this dimension where there is no ceiling or window. Trying to wake up it was hard for me to breath. Many abductees report seeing animals such as owls, monkeys or raccoons outside their windows at or around 330am right before their abduction. I pray they don’t hurt people or take them away from their families. “Thank god that I had been taught from an early age about demons and about people rebuking them in the name of Jesus … “I rebuke you in the name of JESUS CHRIST”. Demons are ugly in appearance and because they are higher than humans, they can seem terrifying in power and appearance. I liked that, but why couldn’t they translate except to make rubbish of any language. The paranormal history of Nome involving this case I am not going to speculate as true or not- I don’t know. Right on! Except that its gonna be a demon with sharp razor teeth. The two cannot co-exist. Pungowiyi told the paper that he is still under the belief that his uncle disappeared due to some criminal activity. Some people have certain experiences they cannot understand, whether they see Mary or an alien, it doesn’t matter. Did Milla Jovovich say something? I become a person I could be proud of through belief. Plus I like Milla as well. Odusami identifies it as Sumerian. No one will tell u that **** and demons are real. They can use their spirit bodies to listen in on private conversations, kill someone and move things around but you can not see them at all, because they are only visible in the spiritual realm. Soul-spirit-Body. “Advanced intelligent beings” should not need to instill fear, be illusive, mutilate animals and experiment on human genitalia over and over and over and over to understand humans. We should never stand in judgement of someone elses beliefs. I think some of the answers in our own backyard. ME…I want you to know that,u do not sound stupid, infact everything u mentioned is just The Truth! We can’t be, statistics of a planet like ours aren’t that low. The film was shot in the mountainous areas of Bulgaria, New Zealand, and parts of Alaska. Andrew, I see what you’re saying, I am sensitive to vibes, from people and other presences, and just putting this out there, I am a born again Christian. And no one else would be reachable either! Most missing cases are alcohol related homicides within Alaskan Natives. The owl is a common symbol in the occult. When I watch a movie about a certain place and about a certain group of people I would like to see the place,, and the people who live there. And UFO’s doesn’t mean they’re aliens. Let me tell you if it wasn’t for them I would not be alive today. Now, that could be due to a few reasons of which I can think; To Wit: eaten by a bear, or wolf, or maybe taken by a serial killer! Reading all of these posts shows why most wars are fought due to religion. Demons look like ugly aliens and they are very strong and evil.

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