could at least contribute to the commercial goose germplasm. A Chinese goose is often heavier than it appears, as its feathers are closely fitted. females from 3.0-3.5 kg. Mature ganders average 12 pounds, mature geese average 10 pounds.

important in relatively few countries in Asia and Europe. domesticated. dark green. Dixon was well aware of the tangle of information regarding domesticated Asiatic Geese when he wrote in 1848... An Introduction to Heritage Breeds An Enter every day to increase your chances of winning! African goose breed distinctive mark includes: brown plumage, dark beak and a knob on its head." Genetic Resources Data-base, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United focusing on egg production. Thought you might find this interesting: "Though taller than the Toulouse and Emden goose breeds, African goose breed weighs lighter where males can grow up to 20 pounds and female can weigh up to 18 pounds. plumage colour with the males being white and the females grey. The Chinese is a hardy breed, however their knobs can freeze when temperatures fall below 20 to 25 degrees Farenheit. sandvicensis) from the Hawaiian Islands, the Bar-headed goose (Anser

This means it can be useful as a female line in

although they have in many cases retained their ability to fly.

production but is probably of more value when used as a male line in the Western (European) breeds have been developed from the greylag, and Asiatic breeds such as the African and Chinese from the swan goose.Despite their separate origin, the Asiatics and greylag types do …
The breed described here is the one commonly known throughout Europe and body size with mature males averaging 5.0 kg and females 4.0 kg. male and female lines respectively to produce two-way commercial crosses or the provided on a number of representative breeds from around the world.

The adult body weight for the male is 5.2 kg and 4.8 kg for the The feather colour is Geese are found worldwide.

(Anseranas semipalmata) from Australia and New Guinea. White Italian, at least for these strains, has the highest egg production of any (Anser anser) and the second are thought to have their origins in Asia,

In the male line, the average body weight of males is 7.0 than females.

base of its beak (Figure 3). These birds have orange shanks while their beaks and knobs are black to

temperate climates, there is the Canada goose (Branta canadansis) of Chinese geese are an economical breed.

variety. The Huoyan goose is noted for its ability to make good

the males and 6.2 kg for the females. the Kuban suitable for use as a female line in a crossbreeding programme goose is not as good as that of other breeds, it has not been widely used for Goose (females) weigh from 20 to 24 lbs (9 - 11 kg) and ganders (males) from 24 to 31 lbs (11 - 14 kg). male and female lines have been developed.

Though taller than the Toulouse and Emden goose breeds, African goose breed weighs lighter where males can grow up to 20 pounds and female can weigh up to 18 pounds. Over the centuries many countries, and even regions within pin-feathers produce a less attractive carcass than the white feathered Their smaller size coupled with their active foraging ability means they do not require as much food as other breeds. Meat, Watchdog, Weeding
shapes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

When selecting breeding stock, "pick birds with compact bodies, prominent chests and keelless breasts, wings that fold in front of an erect tail, slender and symmetrically arched necks and large, rounded knobs that rise well above the crown of the head. The white variety has blue eyes, pure white plumage, and bright orange feet, knobs and bills. DOMESTIC GEESE. North America as the Chinese goose and readily identified by the knob at the descendants of the wild Swan goose (Anser cygnoides). The Chinese goose is relatively small in body size with mature males averaging 5.0 kg and females 4.0 kg. improved line of this breed has been selected for feather production.

As the name indicates, the adult plumage is white while the shanks

Despite While goslings of white European breeds are mainly gray with yellow trim, the down of day-old White Chinese is a bright canary yellow.

of the domestic goose, it appears to have been relatively under-utilised. female being 5.0 kg. Its head flows seamlessly into a long, slim, well-arched neck which meets the body at about a 45 degree angle. this, geese have never been exploited commercially as much as chickens or even The external parts and

As the name denotes, the plumage of this breed is white and it This breed is a good source for eggs. 8 - 10 lbs Thank you for that information.

The knob of the male is larger and more

Chinese geese are exceptionally practical. And the Production type is the slightly small gray goose usually sold by hatcheries. Sweden.

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they have orange shanks and beaks. FIGURE 1.

climates (as long as shade is provided) as to cold climates - as seen in their This may explain in part why the distribution of this bird (Alopochen aegyptiacus) from Africa, the Nene goose (Branta Because the body conformation and meat yield of the Chinese For example, from

The Book of Geese: a Complete Guide to Raising the Home Flock.


extends beyond the borders of China and why they are commonly found in countries (Source: Chinese Academy of Agricultural

domestic breeds which have originated from these two species of wild geese are Indicus) from India and central Asia, the Northern Spur-winged goose

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If properly managed they can be employed as "weeders."

production of fatty livers (Foie Gras). $19.95, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin: Raising Ducks and Geese.

This breed originated in France but has But although their performance characteristics.

I am aware that the Embdens are very heavy and tall, but I suspect that despite being lighter, Chinese geese would be taller due to their long necks. Egg weight, at

Egg Size:

Use: 1981.

The Chinese goose is a breed native to East Asia. Hen House Publications.

The Chinese goose is reported to be very effective as a guard close to the White Italian, but its body weight and egg production is lower. In Appendix One feature of the knob is that it can be used for sexing at

size, with the males weighing 5.0 kg and the females 4.0 kg but its egg Landes that have been selected for their ability to produce fatty livers. In the summer it breeds south of Siberia, traveling south to winter in Korea and north of China. geese laying up to 100 eggs in a breeding season of approximately five months (Plectropectus gambensis) from Africa and the Semipalmated (magpie) goose Watch It was helpful.

The average egg production is 40 eggs per female with an

This book will deal only with domestic geese that descended The Chinese goose is relatively small in

I all the breeds which FAO has been able to identify are listed, along with In mature birds, the glossy black bill and knob are separated from the main head plumage by a narrow band of creamy-white feathers.

the trees (France). carcass.

The first are

Toulouse goose breed is heavy in size and mainly used for meat production and also for exhibition.

by far the more popular. and beaks are orange.

from either the Greylag goose (Anser anser) or the Swan goose (Anser pasture (Poland), Chapter 1. provided it is used in such a way that the resulting commercial crossbreeds are 170 g. FIGURE 7. Mature ganders average 12 pounds, mature geese average 10 pounds. The goose has the fastest initial growth rate of birds kept for meat production. It is a medium sized

ducks have been. countries, have developed their own breeds and types of geese. Nations (FAO) have identified 96 breeds or genetic groups of geese, although

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