I have the following lists of cars and I would like to know which is the best for tier 4 (rating) (car) (power) (weight) (grip) (gearbox) (504) SLR Mclaren 650 - 3732 - 8500 - 400 (501) Corvette ZR1 638 - 3530 - 7299 - 390 (501) Ford GT 550 - 3485 - 7500 - 400 (506) Audi R8 v10 520 - 3715 - 9250 - 380 (502) Nissan GT-R 485 - 485 - 9275 - 300 I was going to buy the SLR Mclaren since it has the most power but i dont really know if this attribute makes it the best car??? If 2nd is perfect then 3rd is late.

So the best thing to do is to save for the F430 then.
Answer from: LRCIf you have the most updated version of the game, the Continental Supersports is the fastest T4 car, but driving it may get a little tricky with 2nd and 3rd shifts and cause loss of acceleration.

My conclusion is this is NOT a good choice for Multiplayer Racing. Lord Aziz's Mercedes-Benz 300 SL can help through the early events, but will soon fall out of fashion.

The Audi R8 v10 does slightly better then the corvette in the 1/2 mile but is a bit slower in the 1/4 mile. If you have that much gold it is wise to purchase cars especially when they are offered at a huge discount.

There is a way to work around this, though you’ll need a lot of gold coins – the game’s premium currency – and shouldn’t do this all the time lest you run out of coins. I am currently in the top 5% of the McLaren 650S Season. The Plymouth Hemi Cuda and Chevrolet Nova SS will beat to the end without any fuss. I would think it is possible but it may not be necessary because the F430 is an amazing car – you should be OK as long as you have the “perfect shift pattern”. Pagani Huayra. With the 24-Hour Race Team for Online Mode, you’ve got all the possible buffs at your disposal – the engine guy, the nitrous guy, the tire guy – as well as the Blogger, who gives you free restarts. If you're a talented racer, you can hold off on improving the gearbox and nitrous for a while too, as you should be able to cope without them for a good portion of each Tier. Porsche 718 Boxster S is also a remarkable car going at 755 Gold. We normally encourage gamers to seek the path to success that doesn’t involve shelling out any real money. Purchase some Coins and splash out on a Loved - rather than Unloved - vehicle. Here are the results of several different races in various race modes: Regulation Race (1/2 mile Amateur) = Won $7,688Regulation Race (1/4 mile Pro) = Won $8,883, Match Race (Easy) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $9,000 race prizeMatch Race (Medium) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 Ferrari and did not collect the $11,000 race prizeMatch Race (Hard) = Lost the race against a Tier 5 BMW and did not collect the $14,000 race prize.

I picked up the SLR McClaren late and didn't do much in the way of upgrades but I'm working on it now.

Oh. Cars drive and shift faster, making the gameplay more exciting. I tried this out one time and ended up quickly completing the Tier 4 Crew Challenges and Ladder Races, while winning several Gold Leagues in Online Mode. I really like the Nissan GTR. Try it of you dnt believe me. I’ll have to do some research to answer this.

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