There is still tremendous affection for the company throughout the World. The problem was caused by an electrical fault.

There were five incidents that made the headlines of the local and/or international mass media: "Dan-Air: Britain's second airline (page 27)", "Dan-Air: Britain's second airline (page 28)", "Dan-Air: Britain's second airline (page 29)", "Dan-Air: Britain's second airline (page 30)", "Now that the honeymoon is over ... Dan-Air", "Air Transport, Flight International, 1 March 1980, p618", "British Airways Plc and British Caledonian Group plc; A report on the proposed merger Chapter 2, Competition Commission website", "... and Dan-Air to Newcastle Air Transport", "Commuters want UK deregulation reviewed", "British commuters grow – Metropolitan Airways", "Air Transport: British regionals prepare to hit Europe", "Dan-Air restructures as traffic picks up", "Replacement Aircraft For West Country Route", "Dan-Air hopes to be revived by refinancing plan", "British Aerospace – Avro RJ Commercial Aircraft Directory", "Company doctor puts Dan-Air in intensive care", "Dan-Air Engineering sold to FLS Group Business", "ASN Aircraft accident description Boeing 707-321C G-BEBP – near Lusaka, Zambia", "Inspection shortcomings contributed to Lusaka 707 fatigue accident", "Structural failure causes 748 fatal crash", "Airline Profile: Number Forty-Three in the Series – Dan-Air", The official Dan Air Staff Association website, Dan-Air Boeing 707–321 G-AYSL on the ramp at Berlin Tegel on Christmas Day 1971. With backing from Cosmos they were able to increase their fleet and utilize them with Cosmos passengers. Some would be transferred to Heathrow and many contractual obligations were now disregarded and the unions seemed powerless to intervene. The resulting route pattern became the foundation of the Link City network. Various attempts were made by BA to strengthen is position at London's second airport. [190][191], Dan-Air's original eight Boeing 727-100s, which entered service between 1973 and 1978, differed from overseas-registered aircraft. This formed part of a London–Paris coach-air service, which Skyways had pioneered in 1955 with DC-3s. [104], In 1976, Dan-Air commenced a year-round scheduled service between Newcastle and Stavanger. This accident was the deadliest air disaster involving a British-registered aircraft in terms of loss of life.

[64][65][66] They were later replaced with Boeing 737s, Hawker Siddeley 748s and BAe 146s. The five-hour flight was the limit of the 727's economically viable non-stop range. Luckily no one was hurt. Not for it's crews, it's safety proceeedures or it's technical standards. A full emergency procedure was put in place but the aircraft, a British Aerospace 146, managed to land safe. This was at a time when most UK Tour Operators had set up their own airlines.

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