If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend too much time, the easiest way to build a projector screen is by finding a wall, large enough to serve as your screen. Older projectors might have the USB port but may not be able to provide enough power. Connect together. Disconnect the T connectors and slide the lower horizontal piece, and connect again. Or, more importantly, how are you going to watch it? Even if you use pieces of plyboard, it’ll still be prone to imperfections, which can directly affect your viewing experience.

You could run an HDMI cable from the computer to the projector, use a wireless HDMI transmitter, or explore other options for wireless connection. If you want to construct a DIY projector screen, you have four options. See related - Best Material Outdoor Screens. Sew around to form a casing that the PVC pipe will go in.

Deciding which do it yourself screen you should build depends on a couple of factors: If you consider yourself handy with tools and building things, you can build a pretty high quality, professional looking screen and frame for under $100.If on the other hand, you are not quite as hands-on, you may want to go the easier route and just hang a white sheet or blackout cloth over a fence or between two trees. Your room should have enough space for the projector’s throw distance. An Easy, Portable Outdoor Movie Screen: One of our favorite parties involves having friends over to watch a movie on the outdoor screen.
Plus, you don’t have to get the measurement of your throw distance down to the last inch. Over the years, I have learned a lot about AV equipment and room acoustics. There's only five steps involved in making the screen: 1. Lay those two boards down flat vertically, 8 ½ feet apart. Klvied Projector Tripod Stand, Universal Laptop Tripod Stand, Portable DJ Equipment Stand, Folding F… How would you tweak this project to make it easier, or to make the screen even more user-friendly? The BenQ HT2050A mentioned above has a USB connection on the back for this very purpose, as do many modern projectors. Lay the 2 – 7’ pieces horizontally and the 2 – 6’ pieces vertically to form a rectangle. … A screen can be draped over a fence and fastened at the top, or it can even be stretched along the side of your car.Done this way, however, you probably won’t have the optimal viewing experience because the screen can become wrinkled, and will sway even with a little wind.If you are comfortable being a little more hands-on, you can go a step further and build a structure to mount or hang your screen on.You can make a structure that the screen can hang from, which will only require two supports and some rope and is a little easier, or you can make a standing structure with four supports and mount the screen on it using a variety of methods.Using a method that mounts the screen to 4 supports will provide the highest quality viewing experience since the screen will be stretched evenly and won’t sway. That’s it! Homemade projector screens DIY can add the perfect touch to an outdoor party, or can be great for repeated use for family nights in the backyard. They’re small and light enough to carry outside and set on a small table, yet they put out enough light to produce a large image.

For the easiest set-up, PVC pipe can be used. If you are a frequent DIY-er, This staple gun can also come in handy for future projects such as upholstery, insulation, and others.These two DIY tutorials are by no means your only options when it comes to building your own outdoor projector screen, but can serve as a good start. Connect the two 102-inch pipes to the 78-inch pipes using the 90-degree elbows. Insert eyelets. Mine is 5 feet wide by 6 feet tall. Layout your PVC pipe to prepare for assembly. It also has some commercial applications, such as in planetariums, where it is necessary to maintain complete darkness. This option is certainly simple (and free), but you can do better. There are all types of projectors available. The simplest way to watch an outdoor movie is, of course, to just shine the projected image on a wall of your house, but we don’t recommend this approach.

This table is fully collapsible in four parts, no tools required. Plus, it’s one of the only two methods that you can use to create a screen that resembles a large flat TV. After all, warm summer evenings are the best setting for an outdoor movie night!

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