Check master disconnect for proper operation. Repairs diesel and gasoline powered engines. A pre-trip and post-trip inspection should be followed when you’re dealing with commercial trucks, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created its own for you to follow. Facebook. A pre-trip checklist is a great start to documenting your preventative maintenance, but the FMCSA requires each vehicle carry, at minimum, one year of documented and planned service in order to be compliant. You can also select other contacts, such as your machine shop manager, to receive the alerts along with a custom description of what needs to be done. Our ASE certified technicians provide service on weekdays until Midnight, Saturday until 3PM. Finally, checking air pressure, oil pressure, and temperature will ensure all your fluids are functioning correctly. Does anyone know where I can find a standardized, easy to read, preventative maintenance schedule that would apply to most semi trucks. Once you have the task scheduled, Samsara also allows you to choose to be alerted for certain preventative maintenance items, as well as how many days in advance you would like to receive the alert. The leader in Industrial IoT.

It’s a key part of your preventive maintenance program, and it helps ensure your new trucks or used trucks are in good enough condition to pass their CVSA inspections. Performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on automobiles, light trucks, buses and transit equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations statutory requirements and departmental policy and procedures. You’ll also want to frequently check the fluid levels in your system since many fluids are at risk of freezing overnight when temperature drops significantly. Both extreme heat and extreme cold can cause different components and systems of a semi truck to wear out faster than usual. In semi trucks, the preventative maintenance that needs to be done will differ greatly based on how the truck is used. However, your checklist should also include considerations for adverse conditions that will more rapidly decrease vehicle reliability such as extreme weather and heavy mileage. Though preventative maintenance software comes in many forms, Samsara can help fleet managers schedule preventative maintenance through an all-purpose platform. Whether you need an oil change or need a more complex service, such as a truck differential rebuild, don’t hesitate to visit our Waterford truck center or contact us today. Preventative maintenance is not exclusive to the commercial trucking industry. By checking below the undercarriage, a driver can usually determine if leakage has occurred. A heavy-duty diesel truck can take many forms. Plus, you also need to factor in the opportunity cost of the downtime your vehicle will need for the engine repair, which will almost certainly be longer than the combined down time of several preventative, pre-scheduled oil changes. When this milestone is reached, you can proactively change the oil while there is still some left. ... Now that you have a record of each vehicle in your fleet, you can start to build a unique maintenance schedule for each one. Defect . Observe for correct operation . Key areas to monitor during colder conditions include: Windshield: check for chips and cracking, ensure wiper blades are sharp, and defrosters are working properly, Braking system: ensure your ABS is working properly before starting a winter drive, Fluids: service the fuel filter and prevent freezing of fluids such as diesel fuel, exhaust fluid, coolant, and engine oil, Tire tread: confirm tires have enough tread depth for winter driving and have chains on hand, Exterior: clean the cab and undercarriage regularly to avoid salt buildup. Making small repairs during downtime will save you from the unfortunate possibility of a necessary repair cropping up at the same time as an essential job. Additional checklist items may be required depending on equipment or circumstances. To help your drivers successfully do this, make sure to have them inspect the lining of the breaks to ensure there are no leaks in the air pressure system. Repairs diesel air intake and fuel systems. Online Repair - January 8, 2016. Even though it is daunting to plan out and execute a preventative maintenance program for a large fleet of trucks that are rarely in the same place at the same time, there are four simple steps you can take to kick off a program that will allow you to stay compliant and reduce costs. A good way to remedy the discrepancy between a pre-planned maintenance schedule and a distance-based maintenance schedule is to closely track a vehicle's average mileage and set alerts to schedule additional maintenance when a truck is approaching a mileage milestone. With a digital plan, you’ll be able to quickly convert plans into proof of service once the maintenance takes place. L3 . Preventive maintenance can reduce long-term costs by extending the usable life of your vehicles, and additionally, it helps to ensure the safety of your vehicle operators on the road. the haulers. This also decreases the chance of an issue cropping up unexpectedly, ensuring there's no impact on the truck driver's ability to operate the vehicle.

Beyond avoiding accidents, you’ll also catch any minor problems before they’re allowed to develop into major issues. This includes performing the oil and filter changes that are required by the manufacturer, which are generally based on mileage or time, in months, that the oil has been in the engine.

Most vehicles will come with manufacturer guidelines around how far a vehicle can generally travel before a specific part will become too worn to use. Regardless, it is a big investment for most companies or individual owner operators. While a preventative maintenance program may seem costly and complex to implement, there are several easy ways to get a program up and running within your own fleet.

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