Found a lower price for your fishing trip on another website or directly with the captain? While the weather turn out to be less than desirable, the fishing experience with Capt Eric was very enjoyable. Powered by a 200HP Evinrude E-TEC engine. Great trip! "I use the dragging approach for walleyes that can range from being in a negative feeding mood all the way to active fish. Eric Olson's 3 Proven Techniques to Catch Fall Walleyes in Rivers, Use a Tadpole Resettable Diving Weight to Get to the Fish, Proven Theories From a Walleye Fishing Guide. This is where you put a portrait of your REEL BIG FISH! He loves chasing those golden toothy critters and has developed quite a skill set over the years winning at the highest level including an MWC championship. This is when I use the stacker rig. Even though the action of the front bait is often sort of dead, it leads to a significant number of hookups.". When the captain confirms your trip, FishingBooker charges your credit card a 10% deposit to guarantee your reservation. Whether it’s your first time on the water or you are a seasoned angler pro looking to butt heads with big fish – Captain Eric works hard to make sure you have a fun day out. Faster speeds are often the ticket. I generally use a weight ranging from two up to five ounces. Veteran walleye fishing tournament pro Eric Olson is among those making a major change this year. He made sure we stayed out until we caught some fish. "It allows you to keep in better contact with the changing bottom depths with one hand and allows for easier adjustments than you'd have with spinning gear. We will most definitely be contacting him for our next fishing trip! Do you have a picture of a "BIG ONE" that you would like us to share! Walleyes start to migrate toward wintering areas. "Rivers are always changing," said Olson. Våra mäklare hjälper dig som ska köpa eller sälja bostad till en trygg bostadsaffär. Of course, the weight of the sinker varies on conditions. Water temperatures drop, water usually fluctuates. Go deep and you’ll hook into Sailfish, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi. He grew up in the Cocoa Beach/Sebastian area of Florida and knows the local waters like the back of his hand. Thanks again, Capt Eric! 0:21. Eric Olson has been swinging walleye rods for years as a tournament pro. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff!!!! An avid Hunter, Fisherman and Skier, Eric Olson has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. Whatever catch you decide to keep will be cleaned and filleted for you at the end of the trip for you to take home for dinner. Sign up and become a fan! Point is, this cat knows a little bit about walleye fishing. Thank you very much,enjoyed having you and the boys on my boat fishing,look forward you again,stay safe.and have a great summer. That helps to keep snags to a minimum.". No need to worry about gear, Capt. Spend 4 hours exploring the productive inshore and nearshore waters! She’s got plenty of space for everyone to fish comfortably and is equipped with top-notch navigational electronics including GPS, Fishfinder, and autopilot. "Get your baits out in the water and moving. Pack any drinks and snacks you'd like to enjoy and you're all set to go! "When the fish migrate during the fall, they vary their depths frequently," said Olson. For my birthday my son and I try to do a fishing trip. June 19. We had so much fun! Don has fished in most provinces of Canada, Costa Rica, Bahamas, several of the Great Lakes and several states. The boat is also fitted with an anchoring system to make sure you stay rooted to your fishing spot, as well as outriggers, downriggers, and a live well. Trolling upstream at three miles per hour isn't necessarily too fast. He was very patient , interesting and experienced. Capt. I drag it slowly downstream. His boat is well equipped for... Great trip! I like to fish it diagonally upriver. An avid Hunter, Fisherman and Skier, Eric Olson has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. Välkommen! "I find this rig allows me to fish up and down a breakline in the river in a variety of current conditions from light to heavy. Erik Olsson har mäklare i bland annat Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö. Strap in for an epic Florida fishing adventure with an experienced guide aboard Capt Eric Olsen! He made sure we stayed out until we caught some fish. Maybe your big one will be the feature on the show. capt Eric. All pages © 2012 – 2020 BPS Direct, L.L.C. "This can make them difficult to find at times. When paying the remaining balance with a credit card, there is a 3% fee. This year, we fished the Florida coast with Capt Eric. His boat is well equipped for a great day on the water. Captain Eric Olsen is an avid and enthusiastic angler. Mako (Center console) originally built in 1985. Whether it's surfing, diving, boating, or fishing – he does it all. Check out my fishing website @ and my Radio show The Valley Outdoors with Eric Olson product info, tips and pics...even video for those non readers...LOL! Dropped us off where it was more convenient to be picked... For my birthday my son and I try to do a fishing trip. ", Pros4-1Source is a select group of OutdoorsFIRST Media's staff of writers and videographers skilled in hunting and fishing based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Head out for a fishing adventure out of Sebastian Inlet and Vero Beach, Florida with “Capt Eric Olsen”! Review terms and conditions or submit a claim here. "This rig is essentially a three-way swivel, a 10-inch dropper line attached to a bell sinker, then a leader with a lure tied to it. "I'll use leadcore or Sufix 832 braid to troll. ! Most of us have limited time on the water, so trolling crankbaits is an effective method to maximize our time. Especially rivers. Head out for a fishing adventure out of Sebastian Inlet and Vero Beach, Florida with “Capt Eric Olsen”! Eric Olson - Host. So, for those of you not on the troll, pro angler Eric Olson shared three non-trolling techniques to help you score a few ‘eyes this summer. A true fishing professional with 35 years of experience to share and learn from. "During the fall months, that is especially true. Eric Olson. Let us know what you are looking for! Especially rivers. Cancel free of charge up to 3 days prior to your trip. "I use either a Floating Rapala minnow or a Rapala Flat Rap as the first bait tied to approximately a 26-inch leader. You need to adjust to what the fish want. I then tie another leader off the same length off the first bait with another lure. Times- they are a changin’. All images will be reviewed and posted to the gallery. Olson has a variety of approaches for catching walleyes out of rivers, but he's sharing his three favorites; dragging jigs, stacker rigs and trolling crankbaits. Do you want hear about something on the show? Eric brings along everything you need for a productive day.

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