The brand new Track Editor implemented into the FCPX Auto Tracker 2.1 software package gives users much more in depth control options. It also has the ability to trim, resize, and create beautiful videos through its unique tools and we can highly recommend it to all those users who search for the best video editing and motion tracking application. Add an FCPX Auto Tracker preset to your footage, select an area and track! Tracking your subject is easier than ever thanks to new tools and improved performance.

While the older version had its limitations by only being able to be used in specific project resolutions, version 2.1 shines in its ability to be used in any project resolution.



Add an FCPX Auto Tracker preset to your footage, select an area and track!

Track Text or Media

Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Then new track editor tracks footage anywhere from 2 to 5 times faster than version 1.1 depending on the settings you choose to track with. In this hands-on step-by-step walkthrough, I show you how to add tracked text and objects in a variety of different scenarios.

The pop-up Track Editor window is designed to improve the tracking workflow and increase ease of use for all editors. While Pixel’s original tracker features were as impressive as those of other high-end two-dimensional trackers, Pixel Film Studios stood out by offering a cheaper solution to expensive tracking software from its competitors in the motion graphics industry. You’ll also want to select elements that stay on screen for the duration of the track. The latest version, 2.1, at a first glance looks entirely different than the original with a sleek new look in the published controls to the improved performance of the tracking, this version is a clear winner.

Improved TrackingFCPX Auto Tracker 2.1 features improved analysis time over version 1.1 allowing for faster tracks that save you time and money. Completely bypass the tedium of manual keyframing with automatic tracking from Pixel Film Studios. One of the limitations of the regular FCPX Auto Tracker is that it can’t track X and Y rotation. Step 5: Click the Track Forward button to begin the track from the playhead position to the end of the title element.

Any Resolution

FCPX Auto Tracker uses contrast to track elements on-screen, so it’s best to add the tracker to an area featuring enough contrast throughout its entire movement. FCPX Auto Tracker 2.1 now includes fast rendering motion blur and automatically adapts to the resolution of your project without the use of multiple presets. FCPX Auto Tracker Mac Crack also provides a wide range of powerful tools that helps you in editing without affecting the quality of the video. In motion graphics and video editing tracking tools are essential to saving editors time. Built-In Track EditorFCPX Auto Tracker 2.1 now contains a pop-up Track Editor window designed to improve the tracking workflow and increase ease of use for all editors.

Compared to the tracking from FCPX Auto Tracker 1.1. version 2.1 has significantly improved tracking times. The original auto-tracker debuted two years ago and allowed users to track text and media by placing a selection box around the subject removing the tedious process of manually tracking frame by frame. Instead of using a shape to track based on contrast, FCPX Auto Tracker Perspective uses planar or corner pin tracking to stay locked on a surface even as perspective changes with movement of the camera. New Track Editor

Use with any ResolutionFCPX Auto Tracker 2.1 will automatically adapt to any resolution without the use of multiple presets. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

At a fixed price of $39.95, FCPX Auto Tracker 2.1 is available now at The Track Editor also features its own timeline which allows users to easily manipulate their track data.

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