Soft, flexible leather belt with solid steel ring attached with rivets. Our brass pirate key might be used for opening treasure chests or brigs! Custom sizing available from 47" to 60" long. enough to last through years of re-enactments. through years of re-enactments. This belt works wonderfully with our leather skirt hikes. A necessary accessory for men's tunics, this belt is 67 inches long! It looks like a simple piece spring steel, and yet somebody really put some effort into making this piece. In stock. 1 1/2" wide belt with apron. A sword is a bladed melee weapon intended for cutting or thrusting that is longer than a knife or dagger, ... lit. Our Roman Brown Leather Ringed Belt is made from harness grade leather and metal plates. 1/2 inches in diameter. The Tudor Group is an historical interpretation society concentrating on the later Tudor period (1560-1603 ) who through enthusiastic demonstrations and talks, attempt to illustrate some of the ordinary facets of life during this fascinating period.We have a growing reputation for enthusiasm and historical accuracy. All my work is made by hand using only the materials and techniques available to the craftsmen of the time. This long black leather belt has twelve stunning silver finish Celtic knotwork Conchos, a matching silver tongue and an elaborately pierced buckle. Share: Facebook; Pinterest; $27.50. status! 1 1/2 inch wide and 72 inches long, the ring is 2 Adjustable Roman Balteus Belt with Tassets from thick leather and fittings are tin-plated brass. Scottish and Borders History, Culture and Life. Made of high-grade black leather, this 66-1/2" long belt has an elaborate silver buckle and tongue with twelve Celtic knotwork crosses along the length. or Steampunk events, as well as LARP. Materials: Lost wax cast bronze. I have been working with leather for over twenty years and specialize in making historically accurate Medieval, Tudor and Stuart leatherwork for re-enactment, museums, theatre and the heritage industry. This medieval belt is constructed from thick leather with a forged steel buckle and copper fittings that give it an appearance befitting the High Middle Ages. are handmade in the USA from 100% high quality, black top grain cowhide This Saber or Sword Belt is made from high quality American leather and comes with the over the shoulder Sam Browne strap and all hangers. Our Heavy Leather Belt is hand crafted in the U.S. of leather. Also available in Black, item # 200676. leather. long with detailed cast viking buckle and belt end in brass. 87-100. This Viking Belt is a nice thin leather belt, great for holding your variety of colors to match your pirate garb. Available in a wide variety of colors. 2 snap swivels are required. Leather belt has a Our RGZM Roman Legionary Belt is a Roman Leather Legionary Belt decorated with brass. The Sutton Hoo belt is a Dark Age belt with hinged buckle and riveted concho medallions of thick copper alloy with an antiqued finish. This belt is designed for use with many of our belt buckles, which allows you to mix and match them to create your ideal waist accessory on a daily basis. Useful for holding together your kilt, or to wear with your medieval garb! Our Long Leather Belt is a truly fantastic belt made of a heavy grade brown leather, which measures a full 74 inches in length. Martin Beek has uploaded 30510 photos to Flickr. Made in your choice of Our Medieval Knight's Belt with Antiqued Brass Roses Black Leather is the perfect choice for almost any medieval knightly outfit. This cuts down on bulk which you would otherwise have if you folded the tab over the bar of the buckle instead. The swivel rondels can be used to anchor a Pugio dagger into place. This extra long Medieval ring belt is tough enough to last through years of re-enactments. The extra long 80 inch heavy grade leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and a heavy duty buckle. Rapier Hanger Fittings. This Pirate King Leather Belt is a massive heavy belt is faux snakeskin and has a antiqued nickel buckle and tip. Make a lasting impression this Christmas season with our high quality 4 The Roman Belt is handmade from natural leather with decorated brass plaques. Ridge Runner Black Belt With Hidden Knife - Adjustable Canvas Belt, TPU Buckle, Black Stainless Steel Partially Serrated Blade, $24.99 Black Umbrella Sword - Fully Functional With Hidden Stainless Steel Blade - Sword Cane With Rain, Sun Protection - Katana / Ninja Hilt - Windproof, Waterproof Nylon Canopy Viking pouch and Seax knife. Leather Elven style Belt with cast Buckle. Our Medieval Long Belt is a fantastic addition to a variety of outfits. Bladesmiths, Blacksmiths, Artisans and Professionals, Metallurgical Studies Question and Answer Forum, Performance Swords Question and Answer Forum, Chinese, South-East Asian & Pacific Sword Arts (CSEAPSA). Medieval Leather belts add character to your medieval or Larp costume. Wide heavy duty brass or nickel plated ring. It is perfect for a wide range of periods from Viking through the high Middle Ages. Okay, found this picture at the Chinese sword forum. The Knight's Steel Armor Belt was usually worn low on the cuirass of a knights armour during the 14th century. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. The Leather Belt Strap is a universal belt strap that is perfect for creating your own gothic belts. The design allows the user to wrap the belt around their waist twice. Belt Sword. See more ideas about Sword belt, Sword, Swords medieval. In Basic Belts you will find plain belts, adorned belts, ring belts, buckle belts, leather belts, and long belts for adults and children. check out the. This style belt was worn from the Dark Ages through the High Middle Ages. This Roman Disc Legionnary Belt, in a 1st century AD style, is made with high quality natural leather. Snap swivels are NOT included and are available at an EXTRA CHARGE. 2 inches wide. Pair of hinged disc swivel plates are anchor points to hang a scabbard. Talwar. the USA. In its middle it has a groin guard with hanging leather straps covered with further round brass plaques. This belt works wonderfully with our leather skirt hikes. Add anything you like here to remember what you would like to buy in the future. A simple leather belt can be worn above armor or medieval tunic and supports your tankards, pouches and other Larp character accessories. Embossing options available. Roman Legionary Leather Belt with Brass fittings and apron. Roman Centurion Belt with Solid brass fittings on a natural leather belt. Skip to the end of the images gallery. A sword hanger from the collections of the Royal Armouries with a stitched design. The extra long 80" heavy grade leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and a heavy duty buckle. Handmade in the U.S. in your choice of It has embossed brass plates riveted to the leather. Children's Medieval Ring Belts were designed to match the look and Made in your choice of leather and ring color. Over 2" Wide Medieval Leather Belt with hand forged Wrought Iron Buckle. These 1 1/2" wide, 72" long red squire's belts are tough enough to last Every Medieval Knight needs an imposing leather belt to match his

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