Thank you, your service is excellent and appreciated. (We have many plots in this section, 2,3,4,5,7 plots side by side.). Details of Anyone with plots to sell I would tell them to register on your site. Truly the best of the best. GOLDEN CEMETERY BROKERS Southern California's Most Trusted Cemetery Broker. List Cemetery Plots for Sale      ~ Search Two side-by-side Internment Spaces with endowment care (3, and 4 in Lot 2795), Section Churchyard, Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills. Hillside, panaramic views as well as easy access.

Located on a flat ground on the 5th row from the curbside. this Registration: by TCR:

Best location with a panoramic view to the Old North Church and Burbank. Value $11,100. THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD.We have a 4 person capacity Niche (Grave Site) for sale in the Columbarium of Radiant Dawn Section, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood. These are some of the nicest plots for your beloved ones. The two Spaces For Sale are Spaces 1 & 2, Lot #4321, Sheltering Trees Section, Forest Lawn, Cypress, California. this Registration: Details of
(bli > Bonney Watson memorial SeaTac, WA), (pdx > Lincoln Terrace, Lincoln Memorial Park), (pdx > 4101 NW Skyline Blvd. 15470 Archival 2006-08-24 18:18:23. ~ Cemetery this Registration: Two single plots located with a beautiful view and close to curbside in Vale of Faith Section (Map18). this Registration: 2013-11-26 15:34:25, Owner's Record Number [ARN#], Last Update An exclusive plot with a beautiful view of Burbank city & the Old North Church. Private Offers to Sell and Buy. this Registration: Good view to the city. 2011-07-01 19:23:56. 2009-05-05 18:29:09. There are 4 double companion plots for 8 persons. Highly desired Interment Space in the Churchyard Section.

Plots valued by Forest Lawn at $5,900.00 plus 15% internment fee each. These are some of the nicest plots for your beloved ones. Motivated seller will make the property available as quickly as Forest Lawn title transfer procedures will allow! Archival 14964 Lot 3050-2 is located on the top side with nice view. Browse our listings to find a great cemetery plot for your loved ones. by TCR: Asking $5,500 for each Lot. $5,000. START SEARCH NOW, Sign Up to Sell Your Cemetery Plots and  Archival by TCR: SELLER HAS REMOVED FROM THE MARKET 2011-12-06 18:33:29. SELLER HAS REMOVED FROM THE MARKET Companion Lawn Crypts 3AB and 4AB, Block 5421, Section Ascending Dawn. 9325 Very private, serene, secluded area toward the Red Church. Archival

Retirement, Estate Planning    ~  Wills,   CA Broker Licenses CEB#1300 & CEB#1363. by TCR: THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD. Owner's Record Number [ARN#], Last Update Status: HOME. 2013-05-17 10:25:05. Plots for Sale    Abiding Trust is the most desirable, beautiful section in FL Covina Hills. These won't last long.

THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD AS OF November 2006.DO YOU HAVE PROPERTY FOR SALE THAT THE CEMETERY REGISTRY COULD HELP YOU SELL? Christian Heritage section is the most prime sections right below Mausoleum Mosaic at FL-Covina Hills on Lot 479-3AB (Map 2). Shaded by a tree, beautiful plot now available for purchase. 2017-05-06 16:39:28, Archived Details of These are very hard to find and the best ones for its kind. Valued at $4,000 each. All four plots are located in beautiful Section 409, Lot 1226. by TCR: Two single burial plots located in Blessed Assurance Section, Lot 2467-3,4 Located in the much desirable, sought-out area on a flat level ground with a view to the Old North Church. Spaces 1 & 2, Lot 4092, Murmuring Tree Section. Very desirable and beautiful atmosphere for your beloved ones. GET AN ESTIMATE NOW, Back Details of Let Us Conduct a Confidential Search this Registration: Other Sites of Interest  Located in Section 11, Garden of the Good Shepherd, Lot 174 C, Spaces 1-2. Cemetery Thinking about selling your cemetery property? List. Cemetery 10898


Record Number [ARN#], Last Update Plot or Plots for Sale and Sell Burial Plots for Sale with Grave Sites for Sale offers Cemetery Lots, Plots and Grave Sites with Burial Spaces for Sale National I will sell them by the pair (2) or all (4). Very desirable location in serene, peaceful area. Provides an overview of the historic displays in the Cemetery. Cemetery Plots Pricing Service Evaluations. Register today and list until sold, Back One Interment Space 4, Lot 5542 in the Murmuring Trees Section near the Old North Church. Record Number [ARN#], Last Update Sites are located in the "Garden of Divine", 125-D, 1-2-3-4. Urns for Sale    Caskets Type of Property For Sale: Owner's The Churchyard is one of the most beautiful and serene areas of the Park. Internment Spaces 1 & 2, Lot 2669, Exaltation Section, 12640 PLEASE SEE OUR REGISTRATION PAGES FOR DETAILS ON HOW WE COULD PUT A "SOLD" SIGN ON YOUR LISTING. Archival 2016-02-01 09:45:41, Archived Quick Special 4 adjacent single plots on a relatively flat ground, close from the curbside, Beautiful view of Burbank city & near the Old North Church in the distance.

Excellent location first in Row, Section sold out for 15 years, go see South of Indianapolis near Greenwood on US 135, $4,500. PLEASE USE EMAIL. Please call for more information. Endowment care included. THERE IS A $395.00 TRANSFER FEE THAT I WILL PAY FOR UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT. These Sites are considered "PREMIUM" Sites by Forest Lawn and they sell them for $2,600 each.

Very desirable and beautiful atmosphere for your beloved ones. THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD.Interment Space 1 and 2 Lot 1967, Murmuring Trees Section Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills, the most peaceful place in all of California. Tranquil setting & beautiful view overlooking the Hollywood Hills. You can purchase 2,4,6,8 plots for your family needs. Located in beautiful Murmuring Trees Section. Lot 3356-1,2,3 (#4 sold) are located on the top side closer to roadside. Record Number [ARN#], Last Update (Map 45). Surrounded by a garden settings with a mature tree make this plot an ideal for your beloved one. THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD. Record Number [ARN#], Last Update 2014-10-20 17:08:12, Archived Final Two adjacent plots available in God's Acre section, right above the Red Church building on Lot #2078-1,2 with a awesome view to the city. 8636 Record Number [ARN#]: Jason B. Two side by side Single Plots below Red Church on Lot 5629-2,3 (Map15). SIDE BY SIDE BURIAL PLOTS, Archival   ABOUT US.
this Registration: this Registration: ), Two or Four Single Plots in Morning Light Section, Lot #7253-1,2 or 3,4. 2017-09-14 12:12:19, Archived Offers considered. Let Us Conduct a Confidential Search for  Very nice and serene atmosphere for your beloved ones. Located very close from the curbside for easy visits. by TCR: Owner's ALL INCLUDE ENDOWMENT CARE, 9072 Record Number [ARN#], Last Update Please call for more information. this Registration:

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, Free Buyer's Search Services 2011-10-18 07:39:51, Archived

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