To get the big guys you are going to have to get your fly as deep as possible, as quickly as possible. In case that made no sense at all, here is a picture of Curry and I trying a beta-version of the tactic, though we have since learned that Curry, on the far left, should be closer to the waterfall upstream.

Song: Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes.

If you hike from the Fossil Springs trailhead (Strawberry), the hike is a 10 mile round trip to the falls. These lakes offer abundant angling opportunities to both fly and spin fisherman.

I intend to keep this as a living document, updating it with new lessons I learn along the way, so you may want to periodically check back. The even bigger question when putting a fly fishing guide on the internet is Why give it away for free? Or, copy and paste the URL someplace you think people will find it useful. Whether you’re baitcasting, spinning or fly fishing your chances of getting a bite here are good.

Summertime temperatures can exceed 110 degrees and hiking in the sun can quickly become dangerous. Now get out there and fish!

But in all seriousness, take a look at the streams in the Eastern side of the state. Fossil Creek is managed by the Red Rock Ranger District – 928-203-2900. The falls and surrounding trees, vines and rock formations make it perfect for great nature photos. Do not attempt any wade unless you are confident in your ability to recover from a slip, including swimming in deep pools with complicated currents. Shore fishing here is really hard so you will have to use some sort of..." C.C. In either case, the largest problems you will face in these situations will be accessing fishable water and fish size. You will find the only white bass population in the state and good fishing for every other species..." Carl Pleasant Dam, "During the late spring and summer trout are stocked in this small, often rugged creek. Awesome. Luckily for us fly fishers, access is not managed, at least under the current management plan, during the far less popular winter months and day drinkers don’t like to wake up early. My personal experience is that the upstream areas fish the best, roughly from Fossil Creek Bridge to the end of the Waterfall Trail, and that fishing improves the further upstream you go. Definitely fish there as you can see them swimming in the water. Always, take enough water to ensure good hydration and head covers to keep out the sun/heat. Rick now exclusively fishes on Lake Texoma and began guiding full-time in 1998. So whether you have a corporate group or you are bringing the family, make top fishing guide Rick Sproat your choice for striper fishing on beautiful Lake Texoma. This can cause public safety issues and the Rangers limit access to address this situation especially during the high fire danger season.

Since then, the waters have attracted thousands of hikers and campers. hike, I do not recommend it for anglers as the legally fishable areas are directly along FR 708. You’ll descend in elevation to the creek through pine forests and arid desert. Using the current seams I’ve drawn above as a general guide, the easiest way to get  your fly in front of a big guy is to throw into the middle of the fall, front to back and left to right, and begin a swing along the current seam. You can follow him on twitter @maxomillions.

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