57d. from ‘Unmesa: Lit. 324a. Around the world, stand mute records of bygone ages when vast stones could be shaped, lifted, moved and fitted exactly into position in a way that later ages would find inconceivable. 34. The Hieroglyphic writing of re is the same for all three meanings of the word. For an update on this argument, see Alford, Phoenix Solution, pp.113-125. 13. The 'Red' Pyramid at Dashur, like the 'Bent' Pyramid also said to have been built by Sneferu. However Egyptologists have found these demonstrations incomprehensible, so that the important general usage of an understood ‘eternal truth’ (en) sedjem en ef form of "(it is because) he has heard" has been ignored in their ‘translations.’ Three remarkable Kings each went to the trouble of actually cutting the usually understood ‘introductory conjunction’ en (for "it is because") into the West wall of their King’s Chamber at the start of Utterances 432 and 443. PT 155d). That involved the square root of two – and the square root of three! 749e. In the minds of Egyptologists, ikhem sek for "Star which knows not perishing" is of course "Imperishable Star." These anonymous feminine gender rules are really never broken in these texts. Modern day Giza sprawls at the feet of these ancient giants. Not knowing about the non-ritual Eye of Heru has helped to blind Egyptologists to the unexpected presence of Calculus and Nuclear Chemistry within it, which we have only acquired in the last 333 years. II, 85-6). So that he will stand [or remain attentively fixed] to the fore among the Spirits like ‘One who brings about Levitation’ to the fore among the Westerners. Notions of ‘scientific’ rationality argue that the pyramids ‘must’ be tombs, after all they have sarcophagi in them don’t they? If you wonder what kind of person would deliberately blast-damage the Sphinx, here is your answer! But this is just because they cannot conceive of a non-ritual Eye of Heru evolving in humanity through primeval times paut. Would his expenditure of a huge family fortune have come to nothing? Bisection of a one-seventh angle is far from being a common concept, and what would it have meant to anyone confined to sekhed measure? The ‘Adze-Blade’ Pointer Stars in the Big Dipper always point out the single Star Polaris and so we most probably have mesekhetiu for "Adze-Blade pointed out Star" or "Polaris," and we already have ikhem sek for "Star which knows not sweeping" or brow "Polestar," so that the complete introduction to Utterance 302 becomes; 458a. As a result, such readers know that any anonymous feminine pronoun s probably refers to this feminine Eye. repeatedly killed ( … so that whomever the Godhead wishes that he will live, it is he who will live; and whomever he wishes that he will die, it is he who will die. Zecharia Sitchin, The Earth Chronicles Expeditions, 2007 Ch. 9. Does anyone really want to regard these as genuine Egyptian hieroglyphs? Whatever the point was of building these pyramids, it involved the three of them being built together, if we accept the integrated ground-plan as discovered by John Legon. (35) Quite a lot of discerning authors have viewed the Great Pyramid as somehow representing the Northern Hemisphere (scaled by the third power of sixty, to its circumference and polar radius (36)) and this could well be relevant to whoever was able to construct that world map, millennia ago, from a site not very far away. Such a measure could be due to the sloping ground on which this pyramid was located. by Graham Hancock, Eater of Souls It is widely agreed that the Great Pyramid slope angle involved a use of the 22/7 pi-approximation. had placed "on top … a one piece … throne of mercy … with two golden cherubim fastened to the two ends" (all four Shrines have such prototype mercy seat lids with two golden prototype cherubim attached as high-winged serpent forms of Isis and Nephthys). Only many years later did carbon-14 dating show that these bones were of more recent origin by millennia, and that the ‘Menkaure’ so discovered was another pharaoh far more recent, around 660 BC; which caused this ‘discovery’ to fade out from the textbooks – although the convenient allegation that this was built by Menkaure has persisted. On 26th April 1837, Colonel Howard Vyse’s documentary record Operations recorded, ‘All hopes of an important discovery were not yet given up.’ He had bored a sixteen-foot hole into the Sphinx’s shoulder but found nothing much (likewise for a huge hole he made right down the middle of the 3rd Giza pyramid). New research on their material texture suggests this. Sitchin, Journeys, p.21; Stairway, p.277. 1216c. The length of its sarcophagus-containing chamber was exactly one-tenth of its overall height (24). But this perfect pattern of repetition has a profound meaning for Egyptology and cannot be safely dismissed. (18) But, we do have evidence here of an intent to deceive, do we not? On the South walls of the Saqqara King’s Chambers, Egyptologists think they see "resurrection ritual." Egyptologists have instead usually preferred the third meaning of "spell," but this in effect then leads to classifying these texts as ignorant magical mumbo jumbo. They have restored and preserved much of the original Hieroglyphic texts. This ingenious 3-D structure is way outside what we know about early Egyptian math. After all, that's what we were taught in school and far too many of us have accepted that explanation and have not concerned ourselves to think about the subject again.The pyramids of Giza may indeed have been used as tombs, but what we are now going to reveal, provides proof that the … 754b. The ‘Wailing wall’ of Jerusalem is one side of a vast elevated platform on which ‘Solomon’s temple’ was long ago constructed. Orthodox Egyptology would say no. But at that time, Polaris was not a Polestar. 161a. Egyptian units of measure contain this concept, insofar as they convert from area to linear measure, (from remens to Royal cubits) but as far as anyone knows they did not have a precise value as here used. 17. Rather, it should focus more on that which does exist, namely the deep mathematical structures. As has been said, the Hieroglyphic language is fundamentally connected with the Eye of Heru. If an Ancient Egyptian were alive today, he would grieve, from his point of view, for a whole world which is doomed to die a second time after physical death in a ‘purgatory’ of total personality destruction and death, instead of an immortality of high identity and memory.

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