Thanks for the stars and the nice comment. I wrapped it sausage-like in a tin foil and steamed it over my rice cooker w/ a steamer rack until it was done. Anyway, any other alternatives for coconut vinegar? Hi Phoebe, I am glad you liked the Puto Cheese and I hope you will like the Longganisa too! , Hey..we are practically neighbors…I am from Überlingen…, How could you make Longganisa intact. My first try was a success, except that i may need to invest on the stuffing equipment. It was fresh and they soaked in a saline solution. You can get them dry or fresh. Once in the casing, place them in a tray and put in the fridge for a day or two to dry out. It was a bit ironic, that it was while I was in Germany, where sausages abound, that I learned how to make my own longganisa. I’ve been following your recipes for months now and just realized now that you’re also Kapampangan!! Usually, 1 teaspoon is used for 5 pounds of meat, so in this case use less than 1/2 teaspoon. Aawww! BTW, which part of Baden-Wuerttenberg are you? Thanks Bebs for this recipe and so as for the other great recipes you have! No complain so far. But the link in the article should give you a start. Fat from the beef could I buy separate beef fat to make Longganisa. The nozzle was a part of a set for my KitchenAid I ordered from Amazon US. I made a skinless batch with a tweak. It is important to add some fat whenever you make sausages. Some of the recipes I read used anisado wine and also adds achuete powder. It’s been almost 15 years I haven’t have longaniza, really miss it…. Thanks a lot, Bebs. They make sweet and spicy sweet. Sometimes they add chiles guajillos or cumin, too.I don't think of longaniza as a sweet sausage. First, it adds flavor, and second, it will prevent the sausage from drying out. Do you have any recipe for pork tapa? Usually, there is no need to add oil since it will have enough from the fats from the sausages itself but add some if needed. Healthy Recipes. You don’t mention it but we’re supposed to remove the wax paper before we cook them, right? Family loved it every time with green papaya atsara and poached sunny side ups for our Filipino breakfast fix. I’m gonna need to try this recipe. Thanks for stopping by! By the way, I would like to note that this Longganisa recipe is not as sweet as some commercially bought longganisa and has a lot of garlic. I also like the garlicky kind, especially the ones from Cabanatuan and Vigan. Im Living in germany din po kasi ang problema ko lagi is Name sa German nong mag karne na ginagmit ☺ so Happy to know na my nagluluto at mag shashare ng recipe na dto din aa germany .SalamAt po. Thank you for sharing. I just checked the link to the online Visa Application Form and it is different now from when we applied. Thanks for a great longaniza recipe. in my recipe I reduced the sugar because I do not like them too sweet. Is there any secret ingredients for longganisa? Insert the nozzle of the funnel through the open end of the casing all the way to the closed end. Another way of putting it, skip your Starbucks purchase one day this month and support AntiguaDailyPhoto. Tastes awesome!!! This longganisa recipe was originally published in September 2014.

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