Since 1994, broadcaster Kenny Mayne has been yucking it up with ESPN, on SportsCenter and a variety of shows designed to play to his irreverent and dry sense of humor. Line: "Adios, pelota!"

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Currently in his 15th year with the Giants, Miller has also worked with the Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, as well as calling games for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball for 20 years with analyst Joe Morgan. Crossword Clue, 'Are You A Man Mouse?' "Holy cow!" Once upon a time, all kids wanted to be baseball players, but nowadays a young kid dreams about playing basketball or football and making millions.

From 1949 to 1970, New York/San Francisco Giants play-by-play announcer Russ Hodges was the voice of the Giants on two coasts, and his famous call of the “shot heard ‘round the world” by Bobby Thomson to win the 1951 pennant is one of the recognized and played broadcasts in sports history. While Caray’s tenure as the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals was longer (1945-1969), he was most associated with his time with the lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs.

", "Oh, I get a little tired now and then, but knowing my lifestyle, that's only natural. ", "It's the fans that need spring training. Ever since the Arizona Diamondbacks began play in the 1998 season, they have only known one radio voice—Greg Schulte. While many associate Allen with his signature phrase “How about that,” Allen was the first broadcaster to popularize the home run catch phrase, “Going, going, gone!”. "Hello again, everybody. After his death, the Cubs began inviting guest celebrities to lead the singing and still show footage of Caray singing on the jumbotron at Wrigley Field as fans sing along. On our website you will find all the today’s answers to Daily POP Crosswords. Immediately preceding the Cardinal job, Caray announced hockey games for the St. Louis Flyers. If certain letters are known already, you can provide them in the form of a pattern: "CA????". Manny Ramirez."

Nothing more. Nothing more. From 1939 to 1964, and again from 1976 to 1985, broadcaster Mel Allen not only became known as the voice of the New York Yankees, but was also the most recognizable play-by-play man of his era. was also used by Phil Rizzuto (New York Yankees), Earl Gillespie (Milwaukee Braves), and Halsey Hall (Minnesota Twins).

Rosey Roswell "...swing and there it goes.... light tower power! ", "I would always sing it (Take Me Out To The Ball Game), because I think it's the only song I knew the words to! Waaaay back! In case the clue doesn’t fit or there’s something wrong please contact us! “Holy Cow!”, p.20, Villard, There is a mistake in the text of this quote.

With a little experience, I might get better. Caray’s signature catchphrase, “Holy Cow!” is often impersonated and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” became his best-remembered trademark. Holy cow!" ", New York Yankees broadcaster John Sterling has announced every single game since the beginning of the 1989 season, and Yankees fans have become quite familiar with Sterling’s signature phrase that he uses at the end of every Yankees victory: “The Yankees win, theeeeeeee Yankees win!”, with heavy emphasis on the second use of the word “the.”, His most iconic phrase however, may be the home run catch phrase that he has used for many years: "Swung on and there it goes!

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I don't know what the big deal about Cracker Jack is. ", "This has been the remarkable thing about the fans in Chicago, they keep drawing an average of a million-three a year, and, when the season's over and they've won their usual seventy-one games, you feel that those fans deserve a medal. Harry Caray must have started with Abner Doubleday, and was still going strong." How many solutions does Harry Caray Exclamation have? Another broadcaster on this list, Bob Prince, credits his predecessor, Rosey Roswell, for being his mentor and teaching him the intricacies of baseball play-by-play. The Chicago Cubs' Len Kasper and Harry Caray have been on the microphone for 16 years. My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast. Thompson also became known for uttering the phrase, “Go to war, Miss Agnes,” after a home run had been hit. Harry Caray, the Cubs' famous announcer: "There's a drive!

Greg Schulte "Long gone!" We know also is very challenging sometimes to find the word, especially with no hint left, so a little extra help might be needed.

Bring me the finest meats and cheeses in all the land!". 27 of 50. The Hall of Famer's career spanned more than a half-century, calling games for the Cardinals, Browns, Athletics, White Sox and Cubs from 1945 until shortly before his death in 1998. I still love it. Simmons became famous for his signature home run catch phrase, “Tell it goodbye,” as well as many great calls in baseball and football over his long career.

- First Lady Hillary Clinton, "On team flights, he liked to read or talk about everything from baseball to world events. Here is Bleacher Report’s ranking of the 25 greatest home run catch phrases of all time. Harry Caray. The Hall of Famer's career spanned more than a half-century, calling games for the Cardinals, Browns, Athletics, White Sox and Cubs from 1945 until shortly before his death in 1998. 23. document.write(update); There have been a number of great home runs calls in MLB history—Russ Hodges calling the “shot heard ‘round the world,” Bobby Thomson’s game-winning home run in 1951 to win the National League pennant for the New York Giants or Milo Hamilton’s call of Hank Aaron’s record 715th home run in 1974.

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