You should keep track of how many placentas are delivered and ensure that the number matches the number of puppies because a retained placenta may cause problems. For example, if your bitch’s coat is not as good as it might be, then find a partner with a good coat, from a line of dogs with good coats. One month before breeding, the bitch should have a thorough pre-breeding physical examination by a veterinarian. Although bitches vary in the frequency of their heat cycles, an average female goes through heat … Once pregnancy is confirmed, you should talk to your vet about special feeding requirements and about what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and after birth. If a dog cycles every six months, it only has three months to recover post-weaning before it goes into heat again. This means careful screening and evaluation of each person or family interested in getting a puppy. Meanwhile, some breeders believe that waiting in between heat cycles and giving female dogs a break between pregnancies doesn’t really help them. Conditions such as limited registration or co-ownership should be explained in full. At whelping, a bitch should weigh 5-to-10 percent more than before breeding. Then their appetite and need for all nutrients rises sharply and peaks in about three weeks. Eligibility restrictions apply. Therefore, it is essential that you apply to register your litter promptly after the puppies are born. After whelping, the bitch ideally should be about the same weight as when she was bred, but not more than 5 to 10 percent heavier. During the tie, the male may move around until he and the bitch are positioned rear to rear. Remember to be a responsible breeder: breed to produce a better quality dog and make sure that the puppies go to owners who will love and care for them. Overpopulation is already the leading cause of euthanasia in animal shelters, so don’t breed indiscriminately. I love sharing my dog knowledge and love being an active part of the dog-loving community. Before feeding, warm the formula to about 100 degrees or near body temperature. The puppy should suck vigorously, but should not nurse too rapidly. Canine mastitis is a breast infection in bitches, usually occurring a few weeks after whelping. Do not try to separate the dogs during the tie because it can injure either or both animals. I would be reluctant to do a back to back breeding. The umbilical cord can be tied with unwaxed dental floss and cut on the far side of the tie/knot about two inches from the abdomen. You may also want to view the AKC webinar on Planning Breedings: Are you ready to breed a litter?

Some breeders recommend starting them off by offering a pan of puppy formula in place of their mother’s milk. Responsible breeders generally do not breed a bitch at the first heat to avoid imposing the stress of pregnancy and lactation on a young, growing animal.
Before we find out how often you should breed dogs, it is important to know when female dogs reach their maturity first.

Bitches should have an obvious heat cycle by 24 months of age. Responsible breeders learn everything they can about their breed and know all the pros and cons of ownership.

Unlike with female dogs, the ability of male dogs to produce healthy puppies does not change as they grow older.

If you are uncertain about how to proceed, the best thing to do is to work with your veterinarian on a pregnancy plan for your dog. Dogs normally have 39 pairs of chromosomes on which genes are located. You should be ready to explain why a dog requiring a lot of coat care or training may not be the best match for a workaholic, or why a tiny dog may not be appropriate for a family with small, active children. Colostrum helps the newborn puppies fight infection in their early days while their own immune systems mature. Daily food intake should be increased gradually, so that at the time of whelping she may be eating 35 to 50 percent more than usual. Therefore, the selection of a mating pair should not be made solely on the basis of the dog’s or bitch’s looks (or temperament or soundness, etc.

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