Carter did not believe it because the evidence was too easy to find. Disgusted that neither he nor Carter received any credit for the mission, Sousa wanted to tell Senator Walt Cooper the truth. Sousa drove as Carter attended to Jarvis' broken nose in the back seat; he told the police that he was chasing Henry, but did not want any guns involved because Henry was wanted for questioning. Carter and Jarvis engaged them in a fight and managed to escape them, they even overcame Jack Thompson who was waiting outside to arrest them both, Sousa came round a corner and held Carter at gunpoint, seeing Thompson unconscious. agent and served as the agency's West Coast Security Chief. TV series When Sousa asked Carter what had happened, she told him he had drunk too much. Sousa then began to criticize Carter for how she acted during the case. [16], With the Isodyne Energy case finally finished, Sousa wrote his report as Peggy Carter watched, sitting on the other side of the desk. Carter witnessed Henry get killed by an officer who said that he did not get the order about no gun involvement. Sousa said that when they listen to the eavesdropping devices that proof will be provided; Carter then revealed that she was unsuccessful in that mission. At Isodyne Energy Headquarters, the Receptionist would not allow the three to enter without a search warrant, but Carter snuck past, with Sousa distracting, and met Jason Wilkes, a scientist there who wanted to help in the case and revealed that Calvin Chadwick, the founder of the company, was the lover of Scott. Sousa ceded the interrogation to Carter, watching while she injected Hunt with a fluid she claimed was a virulent strain of malaria. Sousa was present when Stark gave a press meeting to announce that all charges against him had been dropped. Agent Daniel Jordan Sousa, B.A. They were interrupted by Howard Stark's arrival, Sousa and the other agents immediately put him under arrest. Henry insisted that they follow his lead and pursue the Killer; Carter felt that approaching Chadwick was better. Stark explained that the gas was called Midnight Oil, a failed experiment that caused a murderous rage. Back at the SSR, Sousa witnessed Thompson take all the credit for stopping Fennhoff's campaign. Thompson laughed as he said that he had a compass, while Sousa and Carter felt embarrassed. After Peggy Carter fought and defeated Dottie Underwood, she informed Sousa and Jack Thompson that Johann Fennhoff was escaping. [9], Eventually Sousa was promoted to Chief and sent to Los Angeles, California to start a branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve there. Thompson asked the Agents what Ray Krzeminski's middle name was; Sousa was the only one who knew it was Walter. The next morning, Sousa learned that Carter had been attacked; when she came to work and showed Sousa her scars, he asked if she wanted a security detail. Carter was not there, but when she arrived, she seemed hurried and brief, making Sousa suspicious. Sousa opened the trunk to reveal Rufus Hunt inside, as Carter admitted she had kidnapped him. Daniel Sousa (* 1974 in Kap Verde) ist ein portugiesischer Animator. The two fought, but when he had her at gunpoint, she fled. However, Henry abducted Wilkes and left in Jarvis' car. Leben. As Sousa moved to walk Hunt out the door, Hunt asked him to shoot, which Sousa pretended to do. Actors/Actresses As Carter left the office, Sousa followed her and gave the sample to her. While Masters' men searched the SSR, Sousa convinced Aloysius Samberly to give him a sample of Jane Scott's blood, to help him and Carter. While they were talking, Jack Thompson told Carter to file his paperwork since she was better at it. Sousa's demise became a symbol of the commitment agents had to S.H.I.E.L.D., inspiring many others to join the cause. Sousa tries to take Peggy Carter into custody. He had to abandon the warfield due to losing one of his legs, and became an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve within one of their offices in New York City where he was determined to prove his worth in spite of his disability. Later, Sousa was assigned night shift duty with Ray Krzeminski. Carter refused to sign such a report, so Thompson said that, since she was on loan from the New York Bell Company, he was still her superior officer and he could sign it himself. Sousa asked if it was the same blonde woman from their photograph but Frank said the woman he saw had dark hair. He paid each of them a nickle and George said he was not there but said that Frank was, however, he refused to speak to any kind of policeman. During their questioning Stark mentioned that he could offer Sousa a replacement false leg. after the SSR was absorbed into the new agency. Thompson said that he came there from New York City because he had business in Los Angeles; while he was there, he decided to revise the preliminary report Carter had made on the explosion at Isodyne Energy Headquarters, accusing Wilkes of espionage and with his death, the case was now concluded. Carter refused to sign such a report, so Thompson said that, since she was on loan from the New York Bell Company, he was still her superior officer and he could sign it himself. Fennhoff attempted to use his mind control powers to control Agent Sousa. As Sousa read the report that a copy cat made the body appear to be murdered by the Killer, he and Carter deduced that Henry knew more than he was sharing. July 22, 1955 Title(s) Hunt turned and punched Sousa and escaped before he realized that Sousa had no plan to kill him. Carter told Sousa that he saw her as a "girl on a pedestal transformed into the daft whore.". Sometime after Sousa and Carter broke up, Sousa began to suspect that S.H.I.E.L.D. Carter sat with him and helped him to remember what happened in the cinema. When Carter arrived, Sousa told Vega to make sure that the surrounding reporters and press did not compromise the area. Sousa returned to the SSR, suffering the joking remarks from Jack Thompson, he learned that Ivchenko had ten canisters of the gas, meaning he could turn everyone in New York City into a murderous rage. Sousa found the stolen car with its windows frosted and its steering column frozen, but without Henry or Wilkes. SSR agents from Washington, D.C. came and evacuated the L&L Automat with Carter and Edwin Jarvis inside. As they were talking Sousa dropped the salami which resulted in Wilkes reminding him he would have destroyed Los Angeles if it were a real bomb. Für seinen Kurzanimationsfilm Feral (2012) erhielt er 2014 zusammen mit Dan Golden eine Oscar-Nominierung in der Kategorie Bester animierter Kurzfilm. He apologized to her for canceling their date, but she assured him that she understood. Sousa insisted on helping Carter, and she reluctantly agreed. Sousa came across a baby's pram, he looked inside, realized to see no baby was inside or had been killed. Carter arrived just as Henry was bringing files to prove that the Lady of the Lake Killer had returned and killed Jane Scott. He greeted them kindly and asked if they had previously heard any of the commotion the night before or seen anyone leaving the The Heartbreak. After helping to stop the terrorist plot of Johann Fennhoff, Sousa eventually became chief of the Los Angeles branch of the organization and soon found himself reunited with Agent Peggy Carter when they both began investigating the actions of Whitney Frost and her new interest in Darkforce, putting his personal and professional life into conflict. Daniel Sousa is chivalrous and often tries to defend Peggy Carter from sexist remarks made by their co-workers, until he stopped once Carter reprimanded him for doing so. That evening, Sousa chose to work late. She offered him the pastry that she had bitten while awaiting his return and told him to rest. Sousa and Thompson lead a raiding party to the Griffith Hotel; ignoring Miriam Fry's disapproval they entered Carter's apartment and saw the hole in the wall where she had placed the Blitzkrieg Button. Sousa witnessed Fennhoff knocking out Agent Thompson, he held a gun at the Russian and ordered him to step away. Soon, Sousa and Thompson came back upstairs only to came across Dottie Underwood standing over an unconscious Carter; she said that she found Carter on the floor and claimed to be concerned for her wellbeing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. : 7.04: Out of the Past. While Sousa began to suspect that S.H.I.E.L.D. Status Edwin Jarvis was on the line, saying that Carter was in trouble at the Griffith Observatory. The two fought, but when he had her at gunpoint, she fled. Just then Wilkes entered and confirmed the story, hesitantly. Roberts explained to Jarvis that Carter had always been of special concern to Sousa. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Although he struggled for a while, Sousa remembered how he found a gas with made him attack both Thompson and Carter, he recalled how he wanted to kill everybody in the room. Stark agreed to be used as bait to draw Ivchenko, or as he was originally named, Johann Fennhoff, into the open. Ray Krzeminski asked Sousa to help him take the imploded mass that was the Roxxon Refinery apart for clues. As part of the plan, Sousa freed Hunt from the ropes binding him and, unbeknownst to Hunt, placed a listening device on his back. There, the Receptionist told them that there was a radioactive accident and the place was off-limits until the spill was contained. Fennhoff attempted to use his mind control powers to control Agent Sousa.

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