Getting comments and shares on your videos means the TikTok algorithm will be more likely to pick them up. Simply put — it’s by design.

The app was downloaded from the Google Play store. For deeper audience insights, click the Followers tab in the upper right corner. TikTok has done particularly well with growing its Asian followers. In other words, TikTok was able to double its number of downloads in just over a year—a clear sign of the app’s skyrocketing popularity. 58.5 minutes on the social media platform each day. The system recommends accounts based on whom the people who follow that user are also following. Enabling your download option lets people share your content on other social channels. At one point, TikTok downloads in India made up as much as 30 percent of the app’s total global downloads. What’s even more interesting to note is how TikTok managed to gather such a huge audience in such a short span of time, all the while growing into new markets.
Let’s take a look. “TikTok’s assumption is that, if I follow a blonde teen, it’s because I like blonde teens, not for her humour of the music she features,” he said. Even so, Q1 2019 is the app’s best performing quarter yet, with.

Take a look at Falafel Kimchi using the trending Banana sound: ♬ Banana (feat. But for the teens of the world, it has taken a completely different meaning. But it may soon be falling off the TikTok downloads charts as the. After the merger of the two apps, there was no looking back. TikTok has done particularly well with growing its Asian followers.

A study observing the behavior of TikTok users in the span of one month shows that 68 percent of TikTok users watch someone else’s video and 55 percent upload their own videos (Globalwebindex, 2019). You’d be surprised by the number of TikTokers I’ve followed that I discovered on Twitter. We currently provide analytics for following platforms: TikTok. Scroll down to find trending sounds. TikTok seems like the first major platform to create such clear physiognomic bubbles.”. Gender But what exactly is this mystery app that youngsters can’t seem to get enough of? Content and community were a big player in encouraging the growth of TikTok in a very short span of time. View statistics and growth of your videos! Determine Your Target Audience.

How fast does your profile grow? To start off, the popularity of TikTok with the younger generation could be explained by the fact that the app creators decided to choose under 18 as their target audience from the very beginning. TikTok was launched in September 2016, and in the three years since its launch, it’s safe to say that it has exploded in popularity. We will launch our Exolyt Premium Features soon so stay tuned! To give you an idea of what TikTok aims for as a company, their mission is “to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone. Our favorite cover of “Stand by Me.” Today, TikTok’s growth is showing no signs of stopping. such as Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This was largely thanks to the 667 million first-time downloads in 2018 – which propelled it to fourth place on the list of most downloaded non-game apps of the year. When Vlad moved from Ukraine to the United States, his end goal was to start a business. TikTok Followers. View like percentages, total engagement and comparison against other videos.

The app strongly beats out YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, which round out the top five. That’s because the more time people spend on these apps, the higher is the chance that they will see advertisements. on the app (BusinessofApps, 2019). The app strongly beats out YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, which round out the top five. Not only that, they are extremely active on the app. in a year (Influencermarketinghub, 2018). Your TikTok followers analytics first appear in a graph format from the Overview tab.

Exolyt is Social Media Analytics Tool & Viewer for any profile or video. People spend almost the same amount of time on Instagram (53 minutes), and a little less on Snapchat (49.5 minutes). The app is downloaded more than 10 million times by the people in Thailand alone. 90 percent of all TikTok users access the app on a daily basis. We do not host any of the videos or images on our servers. Tiktok realtime follower count is a very useful tool if you want to see the count of your Tik tok followers in real time.You will be able to see all the number of live Tiktok followers and totally free. During the experiment, when Mr Faddoul followed a black woman, he was encouraged to follow other black women. This covers a large part of the population. TikTok followers analytics. Basically, Americans love TikTok.

You see, TikTok shows all videos, irrespective of who posts them, to its interested users. From hashtag challenges to "flip the switch" dances, there are several ways for your brand to genuinely join in on the TikTok craze. Counts.Live TikTok Followers Count let's you monitor the live followers count for anything. TikTok adapts ‘recommendability’ on hair style, body profile, age, how (un)dressed the person is, and even whether they have visible disabilities.”. Step 2: Select amount of fans. As of 2019, TikTok is available in 155 countries (Apptrace, 2019). “But it’s not just gender and ethnicity, you can get much more niche facial profiling. Basically, Americans love TikTok. Now while TikTok might be competing with the big players in the market, the platform serves a different purpose than YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Just 12 months later, that increased nearly three-fold to 7.2 million. In a way, you can say that TikTok creators have understood the younger generation in a better way than competitor apps. We’ve got another fascinating TikTok statistic that helps us understand the demographics of TikTok users better. Three-quarters of all apps are downloaded, accessed once, and then entirely forgotten. 26.5 out of the 500 million monthly active users are from the USA. As a result of this partnership, TikTok experienced a, 10. There was an average number of more than 1 million videos viewed every day in a year. Authorities there say they’re doing so because of what they deem to be “immoral/indecent content” on the platform. Let’s take a look at how other social media sites perform in comparison to TikTok. If you want to grow your business, TikTok is THE social media platform to be on right now. So this means that people are using the social networking app daily either for creating and sharing short videos of themselves, or for watching the existing plethora of TikTok videos uploaded to the platform. While there’s no guarantee these hashtags will get you ranking (since the tag is very crowded), it doesn’t hurt to add one. Nine Out of Ten TikTok Users Use the App Multiple Times Daily. Some users might prefer TikTok as a source of entertainment. You can also gather trending sounds from your TikTok Pro Account. who described the app as "fundamentally parasitic" and "spyware". times in Brazil in the month of September alone (Statista, 2020). Ultimately, those were all darts thrown in the dark. In late 2017, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, purchased It allows the younger crowd to express themselves in a creative way, whether that’s by dancing, singing, or doing some form of comedy. These statistics also prove that whether you’re a social media marketer or a social media user, TikTok isn’t a force to be taken lightly. Pakistan is fifth on the list and accounts for 1.65 million TikTok downloads. By using our site, you accept the privacy policy.Read more about privacy policy.

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