Follow along with this step by step tutorial and learn basic watercolor techniques to create this easy painting. Color Mixing Exercise 11 months ago.

Use a purple mixture to add more shadows to the clouds. Blend the 2 colors together to make a gradient. This allows the sun to have a little bit of color, but not get lost. A fast step by step lesson about how to paint a sunset in oils or acrylics.

Add a warm red to the top of the sky. When watercolor paint has the right amount of water mixed into it, it's a pleasure to work with. Start painting with purple at the top of your canvas and blend down into your pink area.

Mixing ultramarine blue and burnt umber will give you a gray. start with the lightest color and work up to the darkest. Simply add another. We will select and publish the best contents on PaintingTube’s Blog. It's okay if they bleed a little into the sky because the shape will look more natural in the end.

Take your time and watch a t.v.

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"Pennywise... the Dancing Clown!" August 2017

Win a free art print: My eBay auctions: Find all my art at: Follow me at: In this video art lesson I cover how to paint a sunset reflecting off […]. We're coming back to that now! After that, dip the brush in some pure white and highlight the edge of the sun again. I didn't bother to leave space for the ultramarine streaks I would be painting on, because I actually wanted the blue green to show through them.

Wildlife Painting I tried to make my "own version" of it. Lightfastness If you have any questions about this painting, how to paint any aspect of this painting, or the acrylic painting techniques used, leave it in the comments below and I’m happy to answer! Watercolor Portraits The most important thing to remember is to have fun--whether you enjoy the process, the end result, or (hopefully) both! For the watercolor portion, I used prussian blue, but for the acrylic version of this painting, I decided to mix ultramarine blue with cyan and I glazed that over the entire water portion, right over …

There are many different kinds of mountains: tall, sharp, and craggy; low and sloping; rounded and thin; even some gently rolling hills would be fine.

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April 2018 Further reading. 3 WITH THE MASKING FLUID completely dry, I dampened the paper with a wash of clean water leaving a gap of dry paper between the edge of the wash and the sun.

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