Speaking in forums and clinics at several national and regional aviation events, Scott Casler has established himself as the leading source of 1/2 VW conversion information and products. And then spend where safety depends on it: proper hardware, a solid (even if used) engine, proper restraints and thoughtful assembly. Filed Under: Antiques, Auction, Collectibles, Featured, Hummel. You can also choose from a single 17-gallon fuselage tank or wing tanks totaling 23 gallons. Receive coupons and special promotions! ALL PRICES – EXCEPT COMPLETE PLANS – DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING   ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Morry believed that he could do better, and he proved it from the time he did his first experimental plan modification and installed a canopy on the Windwagon. The metal H5 can be built as a tri-gear or taildragger, with up to 85 hp. Terry’s easy-going and down-to-earth nature are readily apparent throughout his conversation with Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer at Oshkosh in 2019.

Hummel Gathering 2020 Read More » Hummel Gathering 2019 Read More » 5464 E. STOREY ROAD. Hummel Engines have powered aircraft designs like the Sonerai, Sonex, Ultracruiser Plus, Aerosport Quail, Avid Flyer, Corby Starlet and others. Worth mentioning, too, is that Sonex has developed a truly comprehensive accessory and options list for all its designs. You have entered an incorrect email address! (REVISED 9/12/20), Experimental and Ultralight Aircraft Engine Conversion Packages. Truth is, that much wing is great for lift but you can’t really outrun induced drag. Van’s helps you with this decision on the RV-3 and -4, since there are no quickbuild options.

With those “bigger guys” in mind, Terry and Morry used the UltraCruiser as a starting point then made modifications as needed. On the hunt for an aircraft plan or kit that strikes that just-right balance of affordability, performance and dependability? The original Hummel conversion has been refined over time, allowing larger displacement and the options of NiCom aluminum cylinders, dual ignition, alternator … It doesn’t have to be. Dennis Brooks. If you are located in the US you may want to contact the Auction that specializes in Hummel auctions that is mentioned in the article. As Paul Dye reported when he visited, “Customers can simply buy a set of plans and get started, or they can choose to purchase blanks (precut sheet metal), fully formed parts, or partially completed assemblies.

To help out with that, they made a 17-part video series for the H5 kit assembly. This parasol-wing, open-cockpit “flivver” mounts a Continental C-85 up front, though several variants of Continental’s popular flat-four up to 120 hp will go, and provides a breezy 100-mph cruise. Just like a classified ad in a newspaper. You can instead choose the more affordable and quicker to earn sport pilot certificate. Our own Paul Dye flew the airplane in 2016 and concluded that the “Merlin is what we think a Light Sport Aircraft should be—easy to maintain and fun to fly. The UltraCruiser was the design inspiration for the similar H5 which builds on the UltraCruiser’s good qualities and is literally a better fit for pilots who found the UltraCruiser to be too small. Just specify your configuration preference when you place your kit or part order. ½ VW PARTS, SERVICES AND COMPLETE ENGINE PRICE LIST, 32 HP at 3600 R.P.M. Required fields are marked *. Scott Casler's VW conversions are available for many popular homebuilts and Light Sport Aircraft. Like most Zenith models, the 650 can use a wide range of engines, with support for the Jabiru 3300, Rotax 912S, ULPower, Continental O-200 and Lycoming O-235. You can build any of the Airdrome designs for relatively little money and you’re almost certain to have the only one of its kind on your airport. (Slick Magneto w/Reconditioned Case, Hand Start) - $3,350.00, 37 HP at 3600 R.P.M. Monday – Friday 08:00 – 6:00. I would use RubyLane for the following reasons: Many collector groups and organizations have publications, you can usually advertise what you have for sale in their classified ads for a small fee. STEVE WITTMAN BUTTERCUP • $19,800 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • Light Sport experimental replica of Buttercup latest version with wing LE connect to flaps, tapered wing tips.

With all of the complex systems and convoluted construction options inherent to some companies’ planes, Hummel continues to focus on clean, simple function without unnecessary components. Great ground handling, excellent visibility, and very efficient. Go wild, eh? There are many places you can sell your Hummels. M.I. They will know the best way for you to sell these figurines. The HP has a host of options available, including a carbon-fiber hull, a $2800 upcharge that still gets the whole airframe kit in under $25K. Hummel collector club publications (these usually have a for sale or classified ads section you can advertise your Hummels in) Well know antique/collectible publications (classified ads section) Where is the best place to sell my Hummel figurines? Is there any place to trade duplicate Hummels with other collectors? It has the “V” with a large bumble bee. I have around 38 Hummel figurines. With good handling qualities, it challenges the pilot to perfect their short landing technique, but in a friendly way that is low risk. Even if you are one of those people who get confused deciphering the assembly instructions for a piece of Ikea furniture, Hummel will guide you through the process. At Maverick Aviation, we boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental.

Hummel Engines has the capability to perform the machining operations required for VW conversions, maintenance and upgrades. Full engine, airframe, avionics etc. We’re going to redouble our efforts to verify business condition as we set about updating our kit guide for 2021. 16288 County Road D Bryan, OH 43506 Phone: (419) 636-6700 Email: Sales@flyhummel.com. (Prices listed are current as of April 2020.). This will guide you through the build process and let you know what components will be needed next. Hummel estimates that opting for the full kit versus building your H5 from scratch will save you 800-1,000 hours of build time. Performance is strong in this one. Like most mature kits, there are many options. With hundreds of hours of VW based flight time and a full line of parts and services, he has the experience and knowledge required to support your VW conversion. While researching this article I came across only one auction house in the USA that has regular Hummel specialty auctions so I recommend using them. The trick to building a low-cost airplane is to actively scrutinize every line item. Depends on where you’re based and where you want to fly. I am strongly against eBay for selling any kind of collectible or antique item. Flight Line FL-760 transceiver with intercom. That’s at the most half of the roughly $10,000 you would expect to pay to become a private pilot. We as a society like to take our stuff with us. Here’s another one where if you build it light you’ll be rewarded with impressive carrying capacity. Photos: Richard VanderMeulen and courtesy of the manufacturers.

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