I know that some teachers advocate this method, but I honestly don’t understand why. !” A comprehensive and intimate understanding of criteria is imperative to success — especially in IB English. I strongly advise against this approach. The benefit of this approach is that you will be able to better avoid incorrect interpretations of the text. For IB English Language and Literature SL: ... Planning template for IB Literature (4309 downloads) Sample SL Paper 2 (2965 downloads) SL Poem - Departure (2015 downloads) Top Posts . You should avoid a line-by-line approach to your commentary: instead organise your paragraphs around specific themes and features of the text. The goal of ibresources.org is to showcase the top online resources that have helped IB students learn, study and revise for their IB exams. The biggest difference between SL and HL is that you only have to write a commentary on a single piece at Standard Level. When you plan your commentary, you will have 3 to 4 ideas (ideally). Go over the text, this time asking yourself the question: After about five minutes of close reading, you should hopefully have found three or four major linguistic areas.

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Think of each paragraph as being a mini-essay. Make sure you analyse the specific language of each quotation, remembering each time to connect those thoughts to the message of your thesis statement.

The main difference with the HL criteria is Criterion A: Understanding and comparison of the texts, Level 5 – ‘There is excellent understanding of the texts, their context and purpose, and the similarities and differences between them; comments are fully supported by well-chosen references to the texts.’. Pick a quote, analyse it as usual while linking it to the guiding question, finish it and move on. Use the guiding questions to ‘show you the way’, but do not rely on them as the sole oracles of Truth.

SL guiding questions are useful and need to be answered. So spend 10 seconds thinking about each guiding question before reading the text. As you progress through the commentary, remember to quote frequently from the text. The IB is a rigorous curriculum, where students strive to be 21st century learners. Thanks for explaining guiding questions. He is studying at the University of Melbourne and teaches an online IB English analysis course.

I should devote each point in my commentary to answering each guiding question. Helpful questions you can ask yourself at this stage are: What is the essence of the text? Next, go into your first paragraph. This blog aims to address some of the most common concerns and to provide students with a highly useful method to write the ideal commentary.

Answer: Contrary to what many IB English students think, guiding questions should be answered implicitly within the points of your commentary and not explicitly (i.e., not in the form of direct answers). Tweet this article +1 to Google Plus . Let’s look at an example to show you how it’s done in practice. This is a great chance to display your skills in comparison and contrast, something you will be familiar with from other parts of the IB. User account menu. As seen in the example above, you don’t need to spend a whole paragraph of your commentary answering the guiding questions. You can find study tips, wall planners for the academic year, interviews with our IB tutors, Jackson is an IB 45 graduate and English tutor. I would be interested in seeing models of Paper 1 for both HL and SL. Pick the text with the most substance you feel you can comment on in an intelligent manner. For both HL and SL, your commentary is going to be a thread of individual points. Also, guiding questions don’t flow from one to the next–they aren’t designed to. Here’s how you should answer guiding questions instead.

How to answer Paper 1 guiding questions for IB English Literature SL and Lang Lit SL Published by Jackson Huang on December 4, 2016 December 4, 2016 If you’re short on time, here are the two most important questions answered for you.

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