Buying food locally supports organic farms which promotes a higher bee diversity and health. Our ecosystem depends on the survival of the honey bee. Colonies of honeybees have been disappearing at an alarming rate around the world due to parasites, viral and bacterial diseases, and the introduction of pesticides and herbicides. Millions of bees vanished from their hives. Many favorite foods are all pollinated by bees, almonds, strawberries, apples, and blueberries (Bee Spotter, n.d.). It was originally written down by Maurice Maeterlinck in his work “The Life of the Bee” in 1901("Exploring the origins of quotations"). Growing plants outside is great for bees because it provides them with a healthy habitat, although it is more efficient if the plants are native to the habitat. Becker Of the Order Hymenoptera there are honey bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, and stingless…, receive little credit for their work.

Bees are agents of cross-pollination, and many plants are entirely dependent bees for their reproduction. Bees boast an overwhelming 4,000 species’ in the United States, and these bees, particularly, Scientism lays it all on the table with facts to support the claims made in ethical arguments. The honey bee provides ecosystem services of considerable ecological significance for the reproduction of plants and for the pollination of many economically important crops. Honeybees The Importance of the Honey bee. Many people kill bees that buzz around joyfully, simply because they are afraid of being stung by them; however, a vast majority of bees do not sting, communities, and societies as well. CI: A bee is basically a vegan wasp that uses pollen as a source of protein. fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and oilseeds) has tripled. (Amplicate, 2014) Honey bees are extremely misunderstood and underappreciated creatures despite their great importance in the world. b. End users do not know exactly the difference between raw wild honey and cultured honey and would entail lot of educating the target market if it would aim to take a share in the industry. Saving the honey bees will not be an easy task since there are many circumstances working against them. The Importance of the Honey bee. Nearly one half of the produce consumers have available to them today could not be grown without bees (What Our World Would Look Like Without Honeybees). Are bees really that important? Gardening has many positive effects included, stress-reliever, improving team-working skills (use in community hardening), and create stronger communities. Over the past 50 years, the amount of crops that depend on pollinators (i.e. Their average life span is about six weeks. The cell of pollen or pollen grain is the cell fertilizing the plant. Bees are underappreciated and industrial, They are a major pollinator, which means that they help numerous plants with reproduction. Even for the few plants that do not require a pollinator, they produce numerous more seeds and fruits than if they were pollinated by the wind.

Within the past eleven years, beekeepers have been trying to bring light to the declining honeybee population within the United States. Since 2006 alone, our country has lost 40% of our commercial honey bee population. The worker bees are the sterile females of the bee population. More than ever before, we need to recognise the importance of bees to nature and to our lives. However, in the 2015-2016 survey conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership, beekeepers across the nation lost 44.1 percent of their honey bee colonies, an increase of 3.5 percent, The local honey bee population (natural and farm raised) has been negatively affected which has reduced not only the honey bee population, but has also decreased honey production. As well as promoting bee health, locally grown food is a great alternative to digesting food soaked in chemicals.

When buying plants, make sure they have not already been pre-treated with pesticides. In the winter of 2006 a strange event happened with the honey bee hives across the country. Environmental Factors : The Importance Of The Honey Bees 1102 Words | 5 Pages. Much of the food we eat is dependent on honey bees for pollination. Honey bees as a population have been in decline for years but have yet to reach the endangered species list anywhere in the United States except for Hawaii. The loss of bees would have a detrimental effect on both the environment and the economy as bees are essential to creating a large amount of crops while maintaining…, The Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) is not only responsible for honey, but many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. A world without bees means a world without vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds (What Our World Would Look Like Without Honeybees).

What we often forget to realize is that bees are responsible for the production of almost one third of our food. And we need to turn that into action to ensure they don't just survive but thrive. Over the past twenty years, bees populations have been decreasing at an ever alarming rate.
Well with honey bees they make it where you don’t have to worry about that. In the United States alone, an estimate of 2.4 million bee colonies, both native and managed colonies, pollinate crops (“The Importance of Pollinators”). c. You are going to learn about their importance.
Some people think they're a nuisance but these hardworking small insects make it possible for your favorite foods to reach your table. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man. Bees are dying off, over the past few years the bee population has decreased which means some of our very beloved products have either increased in … Essay On Importance Of Bees 1085 Words 5 Pages The Importance of Bees Although everyone may not know it, bees play a vital role in the ecosystem and are essential to the lifestyles around the world. Plants are the primary producers, honey bees? Our ecosystem depends on the survival of the honey bee. They produce massive amounts of revenue as they are extremely hard workers.

Bees play an extremely vital role in pollination and in people’s everyday lives in ways that individuals often overlook. By spreading the word about the importance of bees may help people rethink their actions. “This isn’t a case of one cause, one effect” (National Geographic).With everybody pointing fingers at Colony Collapse Disorder, the race has begun to figure out the, is easily carried by the wind and can reach the female organs of the flowers, the pistils. Without bees, they would be highly stressed, and either would have to adapt to life without bees or become extinct. Bees boast an overwhelming 4,000 species’ in the United States, and these bees, particularly honey bees, pollenate around 85% of all flowering crops in the entire world. The Western honey bee is a domestic species used for the production of honey. Some people simply kill bees because they are afraid, although primarily it is honey bees that sting and only when they feel their safety is threatened. Over the, Honey bees, feared by the misinformed and admired by the intelligent, are dying.

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