IMPORTANT Don't use a static image for your launch screen. In both the Simulator and on the real device, on iOS 14 the launch screen is just black. Also make sure that your launch screen matches the device's current appearance mode; for guidance, see Dark Mode. I am using Xamarin.Forms project. If you include elements that look different when the app finishes launching, people can experience an unpleasant flash between the launch screen and the first screen of the app. Can someone help me with some screenshots/details? What I want to achieve is to scale the image to fill its parent (the … For this reason, when in the properties I set the 4 constants to 0, the lateral space still remains like in the following image. Storyboards are flexible and adaptable, and you can use a single storyboard to manage all of your launch screens. Hello everyone! You will see like this. This already simplified and improved the way we could define loading screens but the options were still limited. I want to know how to set an imageview width to its super view (View controller). Everything looks good in the designer but the image does not show in the runtime. For the IOS part, I'm following this link: Thanks a lot, All images are in the assets area and work fine. Step 2: Set the uiimageview source from resources/image assets. Now, I can only know how to set the constraints in designer by dragging, I'v only learnt to center the image to super view in X and Y (Horizontally and vertically) Then, I also want a good complete reference on how to add storyboard constraints in Visual Studio for Windows. Added the image as a bundled resource into the ios.resources directory and updated the image name in the designer properties and it works! Now, SAVE and then switch to other devices, you should have that UIImageview filling the device's height and width.. Hope this will be very useful for beginners and important UI auto designs like splash screen.
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Launch Screen Storyboard with centered image iOS. Hi LandLu, Im trying to connect the 4 constraints (Pin spacing) to the borders, seems ok for top and bottom, but I don't understand why right and left could not be connected directly to the border and there is a space (see image).

Hello guys, I have a Xamarin.Forms project where i did a splashscreen for Android with activities like in the documentation. Downplay launch. I just came to know about storyboard constraints to support multiple devices. This was already better than before as we used to set specific file names for those images to show up.

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