Most performers have to span a gap between their public image and their private life, but Glenn Danzig has to jump between two distinct public versions of himself. I’ve seen a bunch of the Portlandia episodes and they’re pretty hilarious.
Those are all good things to know, but they’re no surprise. Have you guys performed together before? I have to sign autographs wherever I go. In Samhain, I carpeted everything but I built a thing so the amps would never hit you, and it was also a bunk. I just whittled it down. That’s the thing where normal tourists go to the Holy Land, freak out, and convince themselves they’re John the Baptist or Jesus. When I first started working with Rick, he made me buy not one but a couple of microcassette recorders, because I would come to rehearsal and I would go, “Man, I had this great song on the way here.” I wrote a lot of songs when I was banging on my steering wheel, driving and screaming “Fuck you!” to really bad drivers, but I would forget the songs by the time I got to rehearsal. That’s the tough thing: When you’re doing something like this, it’s a fine line between it being not cool and very cool, and I think they got it. Dude, I’ve tried that. [laughs] I’m always reading or going to bookstores. I could get a lot more money doing other shit. Only at that moment did it occur to me that I’d just stepped into a dark room with Glenn Danzig.

Danzig Skeletons Evilive / Nuclear Blast 2015. If you get bored, change it. If I can help it, I don’t go to modern doctors. Tag: Glenn danzig diet is really important people, Quotes Glenn danzig diet is really important people, Inspiring Life Quotes That Will Move You (Deeply) | AdBlock :-( - We have detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software. It was a cool time, and it got me where I am now.

Do you show up with prewritten parts? I get offered stuff sometimes that’s more stupid, and this was not like that. Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011, the year Danzig tried and failed to incite a riot. Fred Armisen emailed me and said, “We really, really want you to come up and do this episode; we’ve been trying to get in touch with you.” Actually, Rob Zombie gave them my contact info, which is kind of weird because I met Fred at Rob Zombie’s birthday party (laughs). That didn’t bug me, so we’ll try a full tour this time.

]—goodbye. Most recently we were on a festival together in Montreal or Quebec and Rob came out and sang “Vampira” with us. That started after Samhain, when I hooked up with Rick [Rubin], because we were courting lots of major labels at the time. This was needless worry. Everything else is just stuff I thought I could do a good job on and songs I wanted people to hear. As much as I dislike people holding up cameras in front of my line of vision at concerts, no one deserves to be beaten up for it. This time, the prick tried to get fans in Florida to beat up some guy in the crowd shooting a video.
I’ve always been curious how a band like Danzig works. And I wake up almost every day feeling like a wet bag of sand. Think of the disconnect between the cheesy camp of his “Mother” video and the lurid power of the song itself. (This is not the guy who shot the video.) I said no in italics. Danzig & Rob Zombie with Witch Mountain with October 30, 8:30 p.m., $50. It’s tough. Vice: Thanks for doing this interview in person. It worked out OK, so in 2008 we did a Blackest run where I flew home every few days. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content.

Nightlife. It was very last-minute, so I had to learn all my dialogue really quick. He thought he sent them censored version, but he sent them the uncensored one. That’s bullshit. Do you have a thing where your persona or physical presence inspires people to flip out? Do you work out? , will be released June 22nd on Evilive/The End Records. I like the original Metallica version they did on Garage Days—“Last Caress” and “Green Hell.” Cradle of Filth did a nice cover of a Misfits track (“Death Comes Ripping”), and I know Behemoth did a Danzig track (“Until You Call on the Dark”). Am I right in thinking that when you go out now, to the supermarket or wherever, you get a certain amount of gawkers? Is it all up here [points to head] or do you keep stuff on a tape recorder? [. “When it comes to my music, I like to [take] the parts of me that I don’t get to express on a daily basis,” Tyler ... Before Gov. In 2011 he tried to incite a riot at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and ended up looking like a total asswipe. It seems like it happens quick. Vegetables: These are very necessary. Danzig’s a real tough guy when he’s on the stage, but not so tough offstage. And I couldn’t even tell you who I think should play me because by the time a movie like that is ever done, whoever I would pick now would be too old. I took White Zombie out on the Danzig III Tour, and White Zombie did some dates with Danzig in New York, too. There are basically term limits on your musicians. I’ve never spoken with anybody who’s reached this point in their career. I’ve read that you’re going to slow down on touring some because you don’t want to deal with the downtime that comes on the road. You don’t have any one thing that….

Then we put together a West Coast run and I flew home after every two or three shows.

I don’t have time for that fucking shit. Yeah, my day’s slammed, but I got here early to try and accommodate. Rick was like, “You gotta get a microcassette recorder! It was a lot of fun. No hooded. I don’t know what else to tell you. In person, that legendary voice was a shade smokier than I’d expected, still marked with traces of a Jersey accent, like an off-duty James Gandolfini.

Yeah, I was screening the T-shirts, hand-painting them, sending out the mail, bringing the records to the pressing plants, all that stuff.

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