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However, in the rest of this article you will discover a little more about el mapa  - the whys and the wherefores. As I was having problems remembering "LA girafa" one day, it occurred to me that when they are young, Spanish speaking people learn their nouns TOGETHER with the appropriate article. Another technique that I have used it in this post is to draw your attention to the el  by using different colours and fonts.

Watch Video Lesson. How much better is that? You have to get the answer EXACTLY correct, including matching article and all appropriate accents (or tildes). How many types of infinitives are there in Spanish? Most of the time, it makes sense (la girafa), but in the cases where there are e endings or inconsistencies in the rule, I now have an easier time accepting "it is what it is.". There is a generals rule that words ending with an a are feminine and words ending in o are masculine which is true the majority of the time but there are exceptions for both. Now we have a verb (tiene), and the correct form un before mapa. So, when Astrologers speak of masculine and feminine signs, it’s not the sexually charged meaning of our gender-sensitive politically-correct culture, but the yin and yang in Chinese philosophy. This me, Jane you, Tarzan approach can work at the basic level - of course.

It can be hard to tell if some nouns with other endings are masculine or feminine. English is fairly straight forward when it comes to nouns. Yes, that's the best way to learn them, as a pair. Here is a youtube video I have put together on the question is la mano masculine and feminine. Manual labour is work that is done by hand. Well, that is that cleared up then - or is it? .... save then in your own personal quizlet (not sure what quizlet is?

.... save then in your own personal quizlet (not sure what quizlet is?

And this is where it gets a little bit more complicated for we have a word. Well, in English it is neither, the noun map  is neuter. They're just exceptions to the rule, for a variety of reasons. Are you telling me that there are more words like "el" in the Spanish language?

Masculine sign people are life’s movers-and-shakers, while feminine signs prefer to be patient, bide their time and “wait and see what happens” before spending energy and resources to make life bend to their will. a graphical representation of the earth. If you go to the flashcards or take any of the tests associated with the lessons, you will learn that the scoring is very unforgiving.

And, all of this in dank, wet Northern Europe, just around the corner from my home country, England.

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Hi amyloves2boo ,One of the hardest things for people to get used to when learning Spanish is the idea that nouns (people, places, animals, things, ideas, and feelings) have a gender (male, female). Are you telling me that there are more words like "la mano" in the Spanish language? Just as in English, nouns in Spanish can be, Always use the masculine plural form of the noun for a mixed gender group of things or people, eg 1, Revising Spanish grammar - nouns and articles - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - adjectives - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - pronouns - AQA, Revising the present tense in Spanish - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - preterite tense - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - imperfect tense - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - perfect tense - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - future tense - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - conditional tense - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - other tenses and verb forms - AQA, Revising Spanish grammar - negatives - AQA, Home Economics: Food and Nutrition (CCEA). Subscribe Our YouTube Channel.

check this thread it will help you a lot Gender (masculine, feminine). Finally, I would strongly recommend that when you are learning lists of new nouns you learn them with the corresponding el or la. And, as I sit and write this, I am smiling that pehaps you have googled 'is mapa masculine or feminine" and, as a result, are reading this. Yes, maps are important for obvious reasons. The first one that comes to my mind as I write this is the word "manual". Just take this whole masculine and feminine thing in your stride. This masculine/feminine thing and the agreement of articles with their nouns has been an Achille's heel for me.
The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. ... and this, even though el mapa ends in an -a. Whilst in the next section of this article we go through the reasons why mapa is feminine, the easiest way round the potential area of confusion and difficulty for Spanish language learners is to ... yes, don't question it, or get worried or confused. Nothing more, nothing less. The word for ‘the’ or ‘a’ changes depending on the gender of the noun and whether it is singular or plural. Words that are shortened versions of other words. However, if it is an 'irregular' there is no way of telling. However, it is masculine. Lv 7. Since la ends in A, that would cause a pronunciation problem, which is fixed by using el. Here is a youtube video I have put together on the question is la mano masculine and feminine. The case of a feminine noun that begin with a tonic a is different, they're not really masculine nouns when you pluralize them, they go back to the feminine way 'el águila´to 'las águilas'. For example, nouns that end in. But the word is feminine. - click here)? As a child, you were continually exposed to, say, English and in this way you slowly but surely absorbed the language. La mano is feminine is Spanish.

There could well be discussions along the line of - "well I remember from Spanish in school that all nouns in Spanish ending in -a are feminine".
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