>> 26 0 obj 0000003328 00000 n 0000124981 00000 n 0000109980 00000 n 0000141349 00000 n 0000031615 00000 n /Size 117 0000109665 00000 n 0000095920 00000 n 0000118653 00000 n 0000109461 00000 n The cab area is functional and comfortable- the large foldable heated door mirrors give excellent all round vision. /ca 1 I looked at isuzu but there weren't many for sale or I wasn t quick enough. Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,500kg. 0000107114 00000 n /E 191221 Registered in England No. 0000071661 00000 n 0000041205 00000 n 0000114577 00000 n

/CA 1 /AIS false 85 0 R /Sh1 93 0 R /Sh2 103 0 R /Sh3 105 0 R >> >> >> 0000118918 00000 n 00(44)-7710-345-939 | 00(44)-7866-933-541. The Australian trucking industry has always been among the steadiest and consistently improving sector in the Australian market for many years. Modern Slavery Statement 2019 0000147814 00000 n Advisor June 27, 2016. Max Trailer Weight: 3,500kg. 0000096897 00000 n << 0000114655 00000 n Isuzu House 31 0 obj 0000002494 00000 n Brenton O’Connor The 3 litre engine provides plenty of power and its certainly fast enough off the mark.”, David Curtis

Parallel ladder type channel section straight side rails, riveted upper flange. Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,500kg . << 0000110856 00000 n Refrigerated.

Capacity: 1898cc/120PS/88kW (at 3200rpm) Download Spec Sheet Make an Enquiry Finance options. >> /SA false 34 0 obj Modern Slavery Statement 2018 0 0000151280 00000 n Transmission: Manual. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. /ca 1 endobj One of the key new model releases at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show was the Isuzu NLR 55/45- 150 Tri-Tipper.

0000071407 00000 n Exhaust brake, Front: 293mm ventilated discs with asbestos-free pads, Rear: 275mm ventilated discs with asbestos-free pads, Park: Mechanical drum brake rear of transmission, Steel reinforced composite front bumper with fog and daytime running lamps, Pillar mounted entrance grab handles both sides, Driver’s fully adjustable suspension seat with head restraint, Driver and outer passenger retractable diagonal seat belts, with pre-tensioner, Interior rear view mirror on collapsible mounting, Deep cut side windows to reduce blind spots, Electric windows with driver control and lock, Recirculating ball type with full integral hydraulic power assistance, Multi information display provides data on servicing, emissions and fuel economy, Combination stalk incorporating headlamps, indicators, fog lamps, washers and wipers, and exhaust brake, Kenwood DAB Radio with Bluetooth (Sat Nav option available). Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,500kg. 0000150542 00000 n 116 0 obj h�l�?H[Q���%5F�Ϥ&$u��SK@|HՆbx��!SAq�C�I��*8 You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. /ca 1 The Grafter N35.150(S) Dropside, the Grafter N35.150(S) Tipper and the Grafter N35.150(T) Tipper with its twin rear wheels. /OP false /Prev 248142 0000040527 00000 n Terms and conditions apply. info@isuzutruck.co.uk 0000040058 00000 n 0000037034 00000 n 0000004880 00000 n /BM /Normal 0000214464 00000 n 0000148231 00000 n

0000150376 00000 n 0000143156 00000 n /OPM 0 Details about 2020 Isuzu N35-150 (3.5t) Tipper Truck See original listing. /SMask /None N35.125(S) 6d Temp Tipper. I wont buy new again. >> 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels and tipper body. 0000071744 00000 n 0000119588 00000 n View Range. Find out how Isuzu N Series compares to other Vehicles. 0000006581 00000 n Seller: cumbriatruckcentre | Seller's other items. 0000094119 00000 n 0000118064 00000 n By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. 0000150778 00000 n << 0000134830 00000 n

0000008577 00000 n 0000082697 00000 n Steel Drive Axle Suspension. 0000096975 00000 n Another unique feature of the little Isuzu is its suspension setup.

startxref Sales. Isuzu-backed repair and maintenance contract available upon request. If you would rather not hear from your local dealer, please make this clear on this contact form. 0000112781 00000 n 0000109562 00000 n /Type /ExtGState /DecodeParms [ null << /Quality 75 >> ] Our privacy policy explains more about how we manage your data. 0000094228 00000 n 0000133179 00000 n It’s an easy to drive confidence building vehicle which handles very well indeed. 0000149119 00000 n 0000110649 00000 n Isuzu Grafter Green review | Commercial Motor. At the 5500 kg GVM a light truck licence is required, however the truck can be de-rated to 4500 kg for those operating the vehicle on a car licence. Central Locking: Central locking with remote keyless entry ad immobiliser. xref 0000000016 00000 n One of the key new model releases at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show was the Isuzu NLR 55/45- 150 Tri-Tipper. /Type /ExtGState

Arb Top Manufactured to fit any standard tipper body.

0000130142 00000 n Inside the cab, there are driver and passenger airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and the cabin is ECE-R29 compliant. 0000041317 00000 n Box / Curtainsider. 0000000017 00000 n 0000007937 00000 n The Range is made up of three basic models. ISUZU PICKUPS. 0000112103 00000 n

Total 2,285, GVW 3,500, Max trailer weight 3,500, Payload 1215, Dimensions (MM) www.isuzutruck.co.uk, https://www.landscapermagazine.com/news/The-Truck-Report-417.html, Receive The Landscaper Magazine Every Month, IRRIGATION, LIGHTING & LANDSCAPE TECHNOLOGY, Compact tractors and mini excavator at Saltex 2018, Get rid of algae on outdoor surfaces for good, Maintaining winter pitches courses from the GMA, Landscaper’s Circle supports The Horticultural Industry, One Planner At A Time. Email: info@isuzutruck.co.uk, Emergency Assistance 0000112746 00000 n Underfloor Tipping Ram.

0000131140 00000 n Rear: Semi elliptical alloy steel springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. Drive Away Applicable. Transmission: Isuzu 5-speed manual synchromesh MYY5A overdrive. 0001294304 00000 n 0000007222 00000 n trailer 0000102369 00000 n /ViewerPreferences << /Direction /L2R >> /Type /ExtGState 0000094197 00000 n 0000092021 00000 n Review: 2015 Isuzu NLR 45-150 Tipper. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! 0000096215 00000 n 0000148711 00000 n /op false 0000150940 00000 n

0000062938 00000 n

/SA true /Parent 21 0 R 0000111708 00000 n %PDF-1.4 0000119475 00000 n It’s this engine that features as standard in the lightest models such as the NLR 45-150, with a GVM of 4500kg, up to the NNR 65-150 with a GVM of 6500kg. >>

Products; Fleet Team; Isuzu Pickups; Home; Isuzu Trucks > Products > Grafter > N35.150(T) Chassis Cab.

0000149801 00000 n Whether you want to view a new truck, arrange a service or buy a part, our nationwide network of truck dealers is here to take your call at a time that suits you and your business. 0000115488 00000 n /OPM 1

Isuzu 3.0 Litre 4JJ1 150 Bhp Diesel Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 4 Engine. 0000119284 00000 n We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 0000150040 00000 n /BM /Normal Delivery Magazine When it comes to standard safety features, the driver is not left wanting, with an array of features as standard. 0000091982 00000 n 0000114461 00000 n endobj 35 0 obj 0000108195 00000 n This new Tri-Tripper is the first the company has imported with its unique three-way tipping operation.

Jack with a small selection of hand tools. These cookies do not store any personal information. Manufactured by Isuzu in Japan, assembled at a plant in Portugal before shipment to the UK. 0000010320 00000 n /T1_0 67 0 R /T1_1 71 0 R /T1_2 75 0 R /T1_3 80 0 R >> /Shading << /Sh0 Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 0000118393 00000 n /SA true /CA 0.800003 0000148469 00000 n The N35.150 (S) Tipper, meanwhile, can manage 1215 kgs on its single rear wheels and the N35.150 (T) Tipper will carry 1135kgs The twin rear wheels on the N35.150 (T) limit payload capacity but they serve to improve stability and traction for buyers who may need … DPD & SCR. Transmission: Manual. The independent front end makes ride and handling much better than older Japanese light trucks, and, whilst the rear end was a bit bumpy, it was difficult to give an accurate assessment, as there was no payload in the tipper body. >> %PDF-1.4 %���� The four-cylinder diesel engine is both quiet and refined, and has no problems sitting on 100 km/h without portraying any of the excessive noise or harshness found in Japanese trucks of yesteryear. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Watch the video below. 0001269271 00000 n View Range.

/CA 1 >> /OPM 1 << Payload Allowance (Body & Payload for Chassis Cab). 0000010233 00000 n

/L 248740 /ArtBox [ 0 0 841.89 595.276 ] 0000151896 00000 n 0000109770 00000 n Roof Mount Amber Beacon. 0000135400 00000 n x�c``a`������p��A��X�X8�6```u����ݫv랶5����$�`H ���`�{n1�2�7�hw=��\�p���ѓ)�A�Aq�� 0000108331 00000 n R29 cab strength: Complies with ECE-R29 cab strength standard. 0000136051 00000 n 0000003648 00000 n
Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has expanded its Best Value Parts (BVP) clutch kit range to suit a wider variety of transmis... ISUZU TRUCKS EXPANDS BEST VALUE PARTS CLUTCH KIT RANGE, COVID-19 STIMULUS PACKAGE: WHAT, WHEN, HOW, ELECTRIC DETECTIVE: DARRYL MOORE ELECTRICAL AND ISUZU AT YOUR SERVICE, TRUSTED DEPENDABILITY: ISUZU POWER SOLUTIONS 6UZ POWER PACK, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: 4X4 AND ALL-WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS. Both Isuzu Grafter trucks come with single or twin rear wheels, are capable of towing 3.5 tonnes and are available as tippers or dropsides with short lead times as part of our Driveaway range. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

/Root 24 0 R 0000114395 00000 n Price /AIS false 0000066944 00000 n Our newer one is also the wide cab version so takes three blokes and kit easier. /Filter [ /FlateDecode /DCTDecode ] Capacity: 2999cc/150PS/110kW (at 2800rpm) Download Spec Sheet Make an Enquiry Case Study … 4×2 rigid chassis cab with twin rear wheels and tipper body. The Tri-Tipper is available in two GVMs that facilitate the vehicle being driven by both those with a light truck licence or a car licence.

/O 25 0000142660 00000 n ��^03�7�7p/`c`����(�p�������S��$w�e���� $> /ExtGState << /GS0 30 0 R /GS1 31 0 R /GS2 32 0 R /GS3 33 0 R /GS4 34 0 R 164 Great North Road For a large choice of used truck spares visit usedtruckspares.com, For a large choice of Cars, Vans & 4×4 Vehicles Visit 4x4exports.com, For all your Plant & Machinery Requirements Visit machinerydealer.co.uk.

endobj 0000003570 00000 n /BM /Normal 0000072049 00000 n trailer <<61A708BDBCF940A3B8553E2587018CA9>]/Prev 1395019/XRefStm 3129>> startxref 0 %%EOF 988 0 obj <>stream DPD & SCR. 0000115523 00000 n Fax: 01707 28 29 31 December 2017. “ The Grafter is a tough little truck designed to thrive on hard work. Permissible Trailer Weight* 3500 Axle weights (kg) UK maximum Vehicle Weights (kg) GVW 3500 GTW* 7000 UK Axle design weights (kg) Front 2100 … 0000109319 00000 n Isuzu ‘Grafter Blue’ N35.150(T) Tipper 3.5T GVW / EURO VI-D 4x2 rigid twin rear wheels specifications: Weights (kg) PROVISIONAL Cab type day Wheelbase WB 2750 Vehicle Mass Unladen Front 1608 Rear 910 Total 2518 GVW 3500 Payload Allowance 982 Max. Yes, please keep me informed about Isuzu Truck products, services and events. As with most car suspension systems, an independent front end provides much better ride and handling than a live front axle can offer. All chassis cabs come with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty and roadside assistance as standard. The rear axle is a live axle, rather than an independent like the front end. Unlike many other three-way tipping bodies produced locally and in Europe, there are no pins to locate, levers to move or other modifications to make outside of the vehicle. 0000106923 00000 n Sign up for our Free Newsletter to see New Arrivals, Weekly Deals & Great Discounts.

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