This never happened before! What would you do if your child found bugs or even a rat in their food in the school cafeteria? They ruled out mites with scraping. They did a skin scrape on my little guy,gave him a shot of ivermectin and sent him home with a topical! DOJ alums: Trump reelection could be 'point of no return', Iconic restaurant chain files for bankruptcy, For a closing argument, Trump attacks LeBron, Fox ratchets up parenting spat with estranged husband, Don't know how you caught COVID-19?

My ginipig is scratching and losing hair around its ear and in the crease of its ear it bleeds what do i do ps its male and a baby about a couple months, We just bought this pig a week ago my daughter just noticed a rash on its but it looks like ringworm. vet bill was over 200$ to find out NOTHING! I have two wonderful guinea pigs. It turned out that it wasn't my piggy at all, it was the hay, I was having a reaction from holding her sometimes too and I think that was because she was laying in the hay when I picked her up. This therapy should rid the guinea pig of lice. But with the rats, if I got scratched it would turn into a itchy hive. It could be something on the pigs but if they are showing no signs and seem healthy, I would consider the fact that you might have developed an allergy to them. Twiggy - sounds like you might be allergic to your guinea pig. So today when i was holding her i started feeling very itchy on my arms. Copyright © 2020 Animal Health Foundation a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Good for all animals i had the same problem it was the nails that bothered me. Try Nizoral shampoo. Is it his feet? The urine in the cage will make your allergies worse. Sometimes I get slightly itchy skin after holding my guinea pigs. We also have 2 guineas and can’t afford a vet bill. i think your alergic but if you want to keep them try taking claritain it works for mw very well adn i fyou dont like pills they also have quick dislove tabits hope it helps. everything would go back to normal in a few minutes. You need to see a doctor or a vet to ask if that medicine can effect humans too. I clean there bedding daily. So i put antibiotics on it what could this be pls help I am very upset and scrared. Our first pet.

i think you might be allergic to the medicine you gave them. This is commonly referred to as ringworm, though it involves no worms.

She has over 15 years experience with these and knows and has had quite a few herself that have had it! It sounds to me like you're reacting to the pigs - the skin and urine contain 'spiky proteins' which is what causes an allergic reaction, you can become sensitised to things after exposure to them and have an increasing allergic response. I actually have given them baths but no use :(. "She's starting to damage my calm."-Jayne. Even did a skin graft ( which I heard hurts them by the way!) So I definitely have to rule that out. The list of possible causes for pruritus, or itchiness, in guinea pigs is long, however three causes make up the lion’s share of these cases. Or if i havent given her a bath in a while. Any suggestions? Try Selsun blue shampoo, if no improvement try Nizoral. They say change can bring this on, and there has been some changes. I’ve noticed a dander on them not eggs not lice not anything like that because I’ve seen them before in other Animals it’s just dry skin. I then take the tape and stick it to a microscope slide and look at it under magnification for the presence of lice and/or their eggs. But now she has new one on top and again losing hair. Hope you find out what’s going on and I wish you and your piggies long & happy lives . I used ting tolraftate Antifungual cream for my gunieas that had ring worm. I would think it could be lice or ringworm but other guidea pig is completely fine. He also itches quite frequently and his nails are dirty, as in they have what seems to be dirt in them, despite being cut short but not too short.

So i treated them with ivermectin for 4 weeks and the itching had stoped and they grew there hair back. You can sign in to vote the answer. I have two wonderful guinea pigs. this morning so I let you know the results. Alright I just got my first guinea pig last wednesday night so I'm still learning how to care for them. on Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 10:54 pm and is filed under Medical Issues, Other Pets. I’m sure he is fine, my piggy (daisy) scratches her belly sometimes when the cage needs to be cleaned. No matter how much time you spent with her she seems lonely. lol that happens to me too, except my neck always gets really red and itchy... A little water from the sink and it goes away in a few minutes ^^. Lice are parasites. Not everyone has money every other day and NOT all vets have awnsers and these skin scrapes DO hurt them!

The Miami Herald/McClatchy Newspapers. I want to show you this link, just in case there may have been something you did wrong during the ivermectin course and your guinea pigs still have parasites.

We are both disabled and bought these guinea pigs as friends and company. Quote. Some people can see lice with their naked eye; I can not. You've already ruled out parasites with your Ivermectin treatment, so it's very likely you're allergic. Be careful about touching your eyes though.

I hope so for your piggies’ health, and yourself also. We just don’t have the money and I have tried every place for any kind of veterinarian that would see them for a little less money but it seems like 200 bucks is a bottom line just to walk through the door. Poppy’s scenario certainly fits with the possibility of an infection with lice. (Jeff Kahler is a veterinarian in Modesto, Calif. It is caused by mites. Anyway my advice would be to find a guinea pig forum and post your question there – Guinea Lynx, Happy Cavvy,, etc. I hope she comes to her senses because if your piggy becomes really poorly he will need to see a vet.Is there someone else who can help you, another family member?

A veterinarian can distinguish between the three using microscopic evaluations of skin and hair from the guinea pig as well as a fungal culture. read up on both I’m wondering if maybe a little bag balm would be good for them as it is not poisonous . You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. I loved my babies so I would just get benedryl creme and after I played with them washed the area, dried it, then put the cream on.

They have no rash they have no bumps yet they itch all the time what is going on. As one might imagine, this is quite pruritic and irritating. Jun 20, 2007 16:44:33 GMT . I suggest you contact your veterinarian. You may want to wash your clothes as well. For about 3 months I was only allergic to this particular piggie--no kidding! I suffer with sensitive skin and when Ive been holding one of my girls near my chest if their feet have caught me, my skin goes red. A visit to her veterinarian for diagnostic tests will lead to a diagnosis and a cure. If the answer is yes, you may be allergic to your pet.

Posts: 1,240 Pigs fine but I'm getting itchy off them!?! How a pet rat and a stray vermin rat would react if they meet each other? I know I need to change the type of bedding. My girls had five female guinea pigs and I never had an allergy with any of them. The pruritus can be quite intense, to the point where some patients go into seizures. When our dog passed years ago he got a fungus in his webbed feet and I will put bag balm on it it totally healed him. Sometimes I get slightly itchy skin after holding my guinea pigs. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Then I noticed that whenever I held him he seemed very uncomfortable and he bit me.

What is going on? She is blonde with pink eyes so she’s light enough to see any bugs I would think. They are like little doggies to us. She was put on oral antibiotic and a cleanser We did that. Do they sell stuff over the counter? As we are disabled they are our best friends we love them dearly and they get whatever they want i.e. In other words, lice from guinea pigs will not infest a human. They seem to be drying up. I went right out and got her another female they fought tooth and nail ever every inch of that cage.

Hi Rlswt it’s really sweet to hear how much those piggies mean to you and I wish I could help you work out what’s going on but I don’t know enough about piggies yet. They LOVE going out. yeah there are different things that you can use for this .. i've heard of a lot of people suffering from allergies like this .. there are some sprays out there that will help, I know a friend said her vets use it .. i don't know what my skin reaction is either... it started a year after having my first pig but now any time i hold them i get a patch of bumps and they itch... (like small hives) then in a half hour or so they are gone and i'm fine.... but both my pigs are clean of parasites and i know its not their feet because they might touch their side or nose on my arm and i break out. I sometimes get really itchy after holding mine because of her rough curly fur. We have a humidifier in there also. I do not recommend cedar shavings for any rodent or rabbit. She is scared of everything and she seem lonely and depressed. Itchy guinea pig likely has 1 of 3 ailments Guinea pigs suffering from itchy skin may have species-specific lice, a mite infection called sarcoptic mange or the fungal infection known as ringworm, writes veterinarian Jeff Kahler, who notes that ringworm can be transmitted to people from their guinea pig. Only had our 2 rescues a year. That has helped MORE than the 250$ vet visit we took him to and got absolutely NO AWNSERS! An important point to note here is that guinea pigs can transfer ringworm fungus to people. My piggies scratch occasionally, mostly Romeo, and I haven't noticed any excess itching after laptime this morning... although this thread is making me feel pretty itchy! Something I've read about though is that Guineas can contract certain kinds of mites and cause itching and scabs and sores to form, along with hairloss, and even result in death. These mites can not be seen with the naked eye. If you cannot delegate, wear a face mask and gloves and rise off any dusty residue after cleaning. clean cages you name it they got it free roam time etc. You could … I have not seen any other signs of something wrong other than him not wanting to be touched by me but that might be because I don’t bring him out of his cage a lot because of my other animals (four cats and four dogs). Othe guinea is fine.

I think you are allergic... maybe its just the guinea pigs and you might need to take them to the vet. Young Allison put in a fresh bedding of cedar chips mixed with pine shavings. I just put savlon on it as I know that the pigs are fine, but Im just suffer with sensitive skin.

My left hand was covered in eczema (sp?! I have two guinea pigs and they both itch a lot mostly on their stomach or nose. Questions can be submitted to Your Pet in care of LifeStyles, The Modesto Bee, P.O. He also seems to be eating excess amounts of hay and making lots of chirping noises.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Hopefully this will be the case with you. These are specifically sarcoptic mange mites that burrow into the guinea pig’s skin and cause irritation and pruritus. Stacey..I’ll have you know I have 3 guinea pigs and my one got ringworm somehow so we took him to emergency vet other night …they tested him for ringworms AND mites! To best diagnose this, you really need to see a veterinarian. We love them and we’re worried that we may be missing something here. Romeo, Oh Romeo... Whatfore eatest thou Romeo? It takes about 2 weeks to clear up. You can try things like holding with a towel, keeping them on your lap, etc. The piggies love the woodstove and the warmth however they keep itching and itching. Expands Recall Of Pet Food Products Due To Potentially Elevated Levels Of Aflatoxin.

Bugs be a good mummy to pumpkin, skittles, humbug and licorice!!! Any suggestions ???? OUST They can be found in many different species of animals from fish to birds to mammals, including humans. I rubbed my eye once not realizing I didnt wash my hands and my eye swelled a little and itched bad. Prognosis for recovery is good.

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