Before diving into how I tested these things, here's list of the models I looked at: Every company that sells portable power stations provides the expected number of watt hours their products are supposed to last. The Jackery Explorer 1000 claims 1,002 watt hours. It is 20% more powerful and 20% lighter than the previous model. The Jackery 1000 doesn’t have this problem, and the 1000w inverter can pull the full 1000Wh of the battery. In addition to the comparison, we will recommend the best compatible solar panels for each power station and how you can connect any solar panel. It is an ideal choice if you are to install your panel on boat decks or on home roofs. They both are within the same range of power and output capacity. A: Solar generators last as long as their solar panels last. These are the two panels used for the Jackery Explorer 1000. That way, you will be better prepared for unforeseen events. This helps to prevent over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current. A: A power station cannot power many appliances like the gas generators so don’t expect them to. For reference, a USB-C iPhone charger draws up to 18 watts, a 3-quart Instant Pot draws 700 watts and a standard microwave draws around 600 to 1,200 watts, depending on the model. A: Solar generators last as long as their solar panels last. Always, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t buy any of these products and keep them for future use. Here then are the major factors to take into when you are intending to buy solar power generator online or offline. It is used to power a variety of AC-dependent devices. With regards to the USB ports, both the Jackery and the Goal Zero have 4 outlets. The Jackery Explorer is a 1002Wh generator with an inverter rated 1000W. While each power station does the same thing -- provide power on the go in a compact design -- each one has a different design and range of features. The Jackery Explorer 500 features a pure sine wave inverter. The Jackery Explorer 1000 claims 1,002 watt hours. Such devices include television, smartphones, small blenders, and projectors all of which must be rated below 500 watts (surge 1000W). Bonus: It did well in my performance tests, averaging just 2 minutes less than its expected 2-hour and 29-minute run time (with two lights connected to it). The Jackery Explorer 1000 claims 1,002 watt hours. Lastly, it can be charged through a carport but this takes a long time to charge (about 16hours). CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. It is also built with a handle to make transportation easy. In the end, each one performed pretty close to the expected runtime: As you can see, all of them got pretty close to the mark, with the Paxcess and the Ego models performing the worst. Both companies manufacture ritzy solar panels for all of their solar generators. The smaller models can be used to power devices continuously for up to 50 hours. It features a 120V AC inverter which helps to protect the devices that are plugged in it. Regarding the shape of the products, the Yeti is designed to be boxy while the Explorer is oval. However, it is entirely up to you to decide what suits your needs best. So ensure that a product is compatible with the appliance you want to power it with. This device is a portable power station with a solar panel with a design similar to that of every other Explorer series. A power station can power the television and some lighting for 7 to 13 hours. This is normally 25 to 35 years for every standard solar panel. JACKERY PORTABLE POWER STATION, POWER OUTDOORS! I'll do my best to check in regularly so they reflect the most recent pricing. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The battery capacity of the Explorer 1000 is 46.4Ah at 21.6V while that of the Yeti 1000 is 96,800Ah at 10.8V. Some take the design of an average solar panel while others look like a briefcase. This generator also features a 1000watts inverter and a solar panel. Portable power stations are the smaller, lesser-known cousin of generators. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Subscribe to the Smart Home newsletter, receive notifications and see related stories on CNET. Other than the dual AC sockets, they also have DC ports and a 2.4A USB. Beyond the price of solar generator considerations, you should put your current needs front and center before placing an order for anyone of them. The Explorer is more portable with a weight of 22Ibs and a dimension of 13.1×9.2×11.1. Related: Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station Review. It can also power a variety of devices, ranging from smartphones to television sets. Make sure what you’re buying can serve the intended purpose. The remarkable difference is that the inverter is more powerful, making it ideal for campers, hunters, trailers, RVs, and even for the household. They are also very close competitors, constantly rebranding as the other does. In addition, it can easily be maneuvered during emergency situations. Moreover, check the return and replacement policy in case of defects. A: To choose a solar generator, here are some things you should put into consideration; the battery capacity, the inverter size, the number of plugin ports available, the charge speed, the life cycle, and the Expandability. First, the Goal Zero came up with the Yeti 1000 Lithium, and not long after, the Jackery launched the Explorer 1000. With a rating of 500watts, this station is capable of powering most of your electrical appliances. The Goal Zero Yeti 1000 comes in at 40 pounds. Please note that is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Home Beacon was created to help guide your purchase decisions towards improvements in everyday home life experiences. The Explorer weighs about 13.32 Ibs with a dimension of 11.84× 7..59× 9.2. Related Post: Goal Zero Vs Jackery. Whichever way they are designed, they still remain compatible with the Yeti 1000. The Jackery features an 8mm DC outlet at12~30V (100W Max) and one 12V carport. In all, Goal Zero is slightly better. and because I don't have over 187 hours to test a single power station, our labs manager, Steve Conaway, devised a clever plan: I'd use 110-watt 10,000-lumen portable LED work lights (here's the exact ones I used). This light-weighted Jackery is better admired than the bulky and husky-looking Goal Zero. ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This longer handle also joins the gripping line. All-in-one portable power station: Jackery Explorer 440 weighs only 12.57lbs with an easy-carry handle, Equipped with an AC pure sine wave inverter(110V 60Hz 300W), 3*USB-A ports 5V 2.1A (21W Max)), 2*DC 12V port(12V 10A) and a car port(12V 10A), Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras,lights,CPAP machine, drones, mini refrigerators and other small devices; A high capacity generator affords power while camping off-grid, at festivals, fishing hunting and during short blackouts. They maintain the same build style as other Yeti series. This comparison will enable you to discover more striking similarities between the two products, discover their differences, and decide which is best for you. The Goal Zero Yeti 500X, the Rockpals 500W, and the Jackery Explorer 500. If you fail to do so, you might end up with the wrong product. These small products are suitable for charging phones, lightings, laptops, and other PCs. It is portable enough to fit into your boats and RVs. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. The Rockpals 300W is my favorite affordable portable power station. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. EcoFlow Delta 1300 Vs Jackery Explorer 1000: In-depth Comparison. Get power wherever you want with a portable generator that runs on batteries. It comes in at 22 pounds. Keep in mind that the prices I note below for each power station may change as retailers introduce sales and other updates. — Jackery Explorer 500 vs Goal Zero Yeti 500X. You may also do so through an AC outlet and this takes about 7.5 hours. These handles make it easier for moving the products from one place to another. First, the Goal Zero came up with the Yeti 1000 Lithium, and not long after, the Jackery launched the Explorer 1000. This solar panel also has a 200W variant in a briefcase design. In this post, we’re going to compare three power stations from three of the most popular brands. The Goal Zero weighs over 40Ibs with a dimension of 15.31× 10.12× 9.29. This way, you will know when the battery is full and when it needs charging. It also features a BMS system that protects your device while it’s being used. You can use this unit to power medium and small appliances such as toasters, ice makers, and juicers. In an emergency, you can use it to illuminate your space and power CPAPs. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station, 1045Wh Silent Gas Free Generator Alternative wit... Jackery Portable Power Station Generator Explorer 440, 440Wh Solar Generator Lithium Backup Power Su... 1045Wh lithium portable power station can power up to 7 devices at once (96,800mAh at 10.8V/290,400mAh at 3.6V), Continuous 1500W, 3000W surge pure-sine wave inverter, 2.4A USB ports, 120W 12V ports, Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and most small devices. Let’s compare that to similar generators. For example, if you divide the Yeti 200x's 187 expected watt hours by 110 (the number of watts in one of the work lights), you get 1.7. In January 2020, Goal Zero announced upgrades their Yeti range, with … The CEO was a pioneer in the manufacture and management of Li-battery technology. The duel between Jackery 1000 Vs Goal Zero 1000 is one that can go on forever. However, if you want to perform larger tasks like jump-starting a car, consider getting a bigger one. Whether this is your first time looking into the best solar generator comparison or not, it is important to clarify some of the key factors that often make one model different from the other. Their ability to manufacture high quality and well-tailored solar generators have kept them in the limelight.

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