I’m not one of those who sits and analyses it. DVD. Although I haven’t been fired at a planet, I probably fired at a planet.”, As the zombies come to life, Katy is thrilled: “Urgghh!
The Seventh Doctor encounters an alternate version of Jo in the Virgin New Adventures novel Blood Heat in an alternate timeline where the Third Doctor was killed and the Silurians have conquered Earth (Doctor Who and the Silurians). And with my fan-boy hat firmly jammed on, I thought what a spooky, timey-wimey delight it would be to watch this latest episode at my house with Katy Manning, who played my childhood heroine Jo all those years ago. [20] In 2011 Mark Harrison of Den of Geek listed the character's exit as the third greatest companion farewell scene, stating it to be "the most emotional in Jon Pertwee's era" and "a bittersweet exit for one of the most popular companions. Producer – Marcus Wilson Susan wasn't called a companion at the time. After returning her to London, the Doctor discloses to Jo that he secretly visited her at a time he thought he might be dying. I am so jealous of the current companions. "I'm not his Assistant!".

When Letts cast Manning and introduced her to the show's star, Pertwee was delighted and said "I told you she was the girl for the part". Photoshoot PA – Zac Fox They were very happy to have me because at that time a television name put bums on seats.

People assumed Jo was ditsy, but she was actually a very tough, feisty, little person. "[6], Letts and Dicks also intended that Jo Grant would be cast so as to go beyond the stereotype of a "pretty doll... who can just stand there and scream." I went out with one of the camera boys; that was quite fun.
Amy Pond – Karen Gillan Cassandra – Naomi Ryan

Makeup: Victoria Bond at Mandy Coakley Represents using Chanel Le Weekend and A/W 2013. The girls nowadays have it good. An exciting launch to series seven and the surprise debut of Jenna Coleman – RT asks 1970s Dalek fighter Katy Manning (aka Jo Grant) for her verdict I’m on the money here!” she laughs. Previous companion Liz Shaw had been conceived of as a brilliant scientist who could discuss matters with the Doctor on an equal footing; the replacement would be younger and more naive, someone who could ask, "Doctor, what's all this about?" How often do you start a story like that?”, That mirrors River Song, I point out, another woman of mystery killed off in her debut story whose earlier life is coloured in later. Hair: Ernesto Montenovo at Phamous Artists. me to notice the infamous Jo Grant knicker shots. I got it straightaway. The trio descend to the Asylum, where the Doctor is aided by the voice of a mysterious, cocky young woman called Oswin. She gives me all the levels I actually want. 4.7 out of 5 stars 219. [22] Russell T Davies believed that emotional moments such as Jo's departure were strongly defined in Doctor Who' original 1963-89 run; being "so memorable [to fans] simply because they are the only tiny emotional moments in the entire output". Manning was surprised but very pleased to be asked to appear in the Doctor Who spin-off; playing Jo again was something she had "never really considered". During the events of that story, Jo falls in love with Professor Clifford Jones (Stewart Bevan), a young, Nobel Prize-winning scientist leading an environmentalist group. They're allowed to be funny, they're allowed to be sexy – they're just allowed to be interesting people. And remember.” Or perhaps it’ll transpire she’s a looky-likey, cousins like Freema Agyeman played when she started… “I don’t know where it’s going and don’t want to guess,” says Katy, “but obviously if she’s going to be the new girl, we’re going to have x number of stories with her. Forum Member.

I’m right there in the moment and where it goes, I go.” The episode begins and she’s gripped from the off, leaning avidly towards the screen. Jo was introduced by Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks in the first episode of Doctor Who's eighth season (1971) as a new companion of series protagonist the Doctor, in his third incarnation (Jon Pertwee). Polly …

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