The school has an excellent reputation is many fields (Healthcare, National Security, Life Sciences, etc), all of which have a great need for people in Analytics. A place for data science practitioners and professionals to discuss and debate data science career questions. I've been the Head of Digital Marketing for Groupon's (previous) food delivery service (OrderUp, which was also HQ'd here in Baltimore) and I've played with literally petabytes of data. Science. Join. Keep in mind though that if you become a data scientist, you aren't necessarily an analyst -- you're a code monkey for at least your first 5-years. hot. The statistical inference class is pretty good if you haven't taken stats before. This plan would mean that students get no true breaks during the Spring semester. Hey guys! I know a lot of people made friends over zoom this semester but, no matter how much I tried, I wasn't really able to form a solid connection with anyone. (We try to monitor this, but sometimes are slow). Talking about the data collection, the cleaning, the modeling, the relationship building, and the implentation...that's what people care about. I may (mostly likely) invest in another grad program down the line once I've defined my career goals more specifically. Then find a pet project or kaggle competition that interests you and go to town.
Half of the early career people you run into are working through an online masters at the rate of one course per semester. At least that way it’s four consecutive days. I want to continue to work full time and would love to be able to pay as I go, or at least take out minimal loans. Quite often people are hired with an unrelated STEM degree if they have the qualification that u/notwiththatattitude lists above. r/jhu: Subreddit for all things related to the Johns Hopkins University and affiliates.

The primary reason I'm doing my masters is because my employer gives 100% compensation and is supportive of my student schedule. I'm definitely planning on building my own data set for this when I have some free time during the holidays, thanks for the suggestions! Texas A&M and Arizona State both have masters in statistics programs for under $15k, for example. The other classes aren't bad - but depending on how familiar you are with git, general analytical mentality and visualizing data - they may not add much immediate value. Sure, you will absolutely learn a lot about a lot of things, but depending on how old you are, I'd say you probably won't apply about 70% of what you learn from this program in real life scenarios.

It's ultimately up to you, but here's what I would learn right now if I were you (in this chronological order): Learn how to mine and organize raw data first with SQL; automated your reporting and data protocols with Python; then learn how to analyze the data you just pulled so you can share with people who make $250k/yr salaries and rely on your for this information so they can make intelligent business decisions. We know you have tons of questions, but we ask that you please do a quick search of the subreddit before making a new thread, in order to avoid questions being repeated too frequently. If business people think you're smart enough, they'll invite you to sit at their table. People always want to know How does what you've done apply to me? Dedicated to web analytics, data and business analytics. Posts spammed to many college or similar subreddits, Press J to jump to the feed. After you finish graduation you are well set to learn anything by yourself and I would only engage into a Master's if the title was required by the employer. Machine learning. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Student Resources - Your academic success is important to us. The alumni network and prestige should mitigate any concerns you might have about finding a job. Maybe I was being too pessimistic. And I'm 100% certain and confident about my stance and opinion on this. Mostly it's redundant in terms of what you'll be doing with it, but some places are more R oriented or use a mix so knowing some of both expands your opportunities. We are the Data Science Team at Johns Hopkins University (Brian Caffo, Roger Peng, Jeff Leek) that created the JHU Data Science Specialization and the Executive Data Science Specialization on Coursera!
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This is silly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the datascience community. If anything the specialization could be considered an "Introduction to Data Science" specialization, because the root of data science is data analysis. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Even if a masters just hits a checkbox for a promotion, if someone's paying for it then go for it. I want that college experience with a great group of close friends, but I don't know which dorm, AMR II or a more suite-style dorm, would be best for this. Having said that, it has to come from a reputable school .

Depending on your comfort level and familiarity with stats - this will set the stage for a lot of basic knowledge you'll be applying later on. How does it make my team better or more efficient? Of course, we can't say for sure that it's actually going to be offline yet since they are free to change their plans if things go ham in the next month or two, but still, things are looking pretty good, P.S. I already have my CS Bachelors. Will shoot you a message! I have a data science masters. A lot of advertised jobs list a master's or PhD requirement. 115. I agree with all of this, but would add two things: consider learning a bit of R in addition to python.

Reading your post, I would recommend: R programming course (don't pay for it) Getting and cleaning data (don't pay for it). With a background in social science research I'm inclined towards working in a space where non-profit meets data, but I'm comfortable working within the more traditional technical space provided it's within the realms of "data engineering" (as I understand it).

The Data Science Master’s degree at the Johns Hopkins University will provide the training in applied mathematics, statistics and computer science to serve as the basis for an understanding, and appreciation, of existing data science tools. I'm going to hold onto the measly straw of hope that we will actually go back and JHU won't pull a fall semester on us. SO YAY spring semester is in person (which will probably change in January). I'm currently enrolled in Johns Hopkins online Masters in Computer Science program and taking their Data Science course this semester. Posts Wiki. And yes - a thoughtful Reddit user informed me I left off the "S" on Johns in the title. Archived. While it's very true that you don't need an advanced degree to excel in this field, quite often people in hiring positions don't see it that way. The JH track is R only and most reviews say the content is quite introductory at best.

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