Bring water to a boil. Made to wait as I unmolded the desserts, she had a follow-up question: “Why do you keep pronouncing it “oo-beh ha-la-YAH?”.

You just need a few ingredients and a little patience to make the most delicious ube halaya that compares to your favourite ube jam from back home; and definitely way better than the ube jams you can find in the stores here. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m not sure where to find sinamay but if you really want a fine consistency, I think a mesh sieve will do just as well. It's a little expensive buying a ready-made Ube Jam so I suggest to make your own if you love making desserts using it. That’s it! This site contains affiliate links. I hope you get to try it! I want to subscribe so I don't miss a recipe. If you prefer to grate them, you’ll need a cheese grater. My final recipe also doesn’t include ube extract; I use fresh ube (called purple heart yams here) and it doesn’t need it at all.

Place it in a freeze-safe container, place cling wrap right on the surface of the ube (to prevent icicles from forming) then cover. I’ve always had a steady supply of Good Shepherd Convent ube from my family in Manila. Your email address will not be published. Hello. I still had not photographed the final images, so I hurried to check if they had set…and I had to find out more about the ube boba drink, since all my attempts to go to Boba Guys are met with disappointing long lines. First you deal with your fresh ube (if using frozen grated ube, see FAQs). The cakes are usually simply molded in one large dish, chilled, then sliced to serve, but I love molding them in pretty, individual servings, using miniature tart pans, bundt cake molds, and brioche molds.

If you prefer your ube halaya to have a glossy sheen, stir in about a teaspoon of coconut oil, but I usually omit this. It should last for 3-4 weeks. That way, I can mash them when they’re still a little warm too. Lower heat and use an immersion blender to smooth the ube. Ube Halaya is a classic dessert in the Philippines, a sweet pudding-like jam made with grated purple yam and sweet coconut milk.

The jam will become smoother and creamier as it cooks, cools and sets. It is perfect for Asian desserts or drinks.

It’s not the same, of course. Please?”. Bene-imo is a purple Okinawan sweet potato, the peel can be white or brown, but the inside is a deep purple color. One thing they have in common: ube halaya (Filipino purple yam jam or simply, ube jam) is a main ingredient. And while the halaya remains creamy, mashed yams result to a chunkier consistency, which I like. This site contains affiliate links. Hi! Nutritional information are estimates only. I find it’s easier that way (if you prefer to grate your ube, see FAQs).

Some include coconut milk, some don’t. The only caveat is you will see (and sometimes feel in your mouth) strands of fibre in the ube. I usually just eat it straight out of the container. Then add mashed yams, condensed milk and salt. So when my ube halaya (also called halayang ube) supply ran out and the travel restrictions hit, I was stuck. I usually stir until it becomes almost difficult to stir, another 10 minutes. That’s awesome Claudette! It just takes a lot of stirring. Slow and steady does it.

This ube jam, it’s pretty darn close to Good Shepherd if I say so myself. Skip steps 1 to 3. I use our potato masher to mash the yams.

It's the stirring that will require a bit of an arm work which required constant stirring until the mixture becomes really really thick.

Comment section below. So, on medium-low heat, it took me about 45 minutes until I achieved the right consistency. Welcome to my blog PinoyCookingRecipes where you can find true and kitchen tested recipes. And if our grandmas can do it…. Thoroughly addicting. Refrigerate for at least one hour to cool completely. Fresh taro has a brown outer layer, but the inside of the root is white or very light lavender, sometimes with streaks of purple. Isn’t chunky ube jam the best I’ve had several readers tell me about the ube extract issue as well. I like using an immersion blender – for one, it gives the ube a smoother, creamier consistency, and secondly, it gives my arm a bit of a break when the halaya gets thick. But a little hiccup won’t stop us ube fans, right? If you love coconut and ube, you must try Ube Halaya! Place a steamer insert into a saucepan and fill with water to just below the bottom of the steamer. It’s a beloved ingredient and delicacy in the Philippines and I’m so happy the world is getting to know it now too. Are ube, taro and bene-imo (Okinawan sweet potato) the same? I was hoping to make more of a jam but was curious, how long will this stay good for in the refrigerator if i used it as a jam? To mold the ube halaya, lightly grease your molds or dish with coconut oil. When I was recipe testing, I found that coconut milk tends to overpower the flavour of ube and I wanted my halaya to be ube, pure and simple.

I gotta tell you though.

This recipe yields a generous 3 cups (48 tbsp) of ube halaya. However, it is really difficult to find ube here in Denmark, so for this recipe, I rely on the powdered ube from Fil-Choice. In a large non-stick skillet or wok on medium heat, combine and stir 1 can evaporated milk and 1/2 cup brown sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Hi! Whether you continue stirring after this is up to you; it depends on how thick or spreadable you want your jam to be.

I was wondering what kind of coconut milk should be used for this recipe.

Begin stirring until the halaya thickens considerably. From ice cream to cakes, doughnuts and jam (ube halaya), ube is extremely versatile and gaining popularity in the United States. Add You can also bake with it like me; it’s a delicious ingredient. Ube (pronounced “oo-beh”) is a purple yam species in the Philippines, a tuberous root vegetable. But you’ll definitely need extract if you can only find frozen grated ube just to pump up the ube flavour. It helps to thaw it in the refrigerator the night before. Ube (pronounced ooh-beh), also known as purple yam, has been causing quite a stir lately in the social media food world, and that’s because its bright purple color makes anything it touches look like it came straight from some sort of culinary fairy tale. Ube jam made from scratch doesn’t last as long as store-bought ones but will last for up to a week in the fridge. For a more spreadable consistency, cook for about 20-25 minutes, while for moldable cakes, definitely cook for longer, about 40 minutes, until the consistency is thick, pulls away from the edges of the sauce pan easily, and barely spreads back as you stir. I'm Jolina and I'm definitely a late bloomer, a thoroughly unexpected baker. Just keep stirring. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases. “Ha LAY yah,” she insisted this was the correct pronunciation. Making ube halaya is really quite simple, especially with this pared-down recipe, but the only thing it requires is a little bit of patience and stirring on the stovetop, just like making a thick pudding. This recipe can be made with 1 16-ounce package. You can serve immediately or chill overnight.

For the detailed recipe, please scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a printer-friendly recipe card and nutrition information.

Known as a “purple yam” to foreigners, ube is a humble root crop with a vivid violet to purple color often used as the foundation of many sweet treats. Food coloring is often used to enhance the hue. Hi Tram, great question! If I want a pure ube flavor, is it okay to switch out the can of coconut milk for evaporated milk?

We also usually eat it like, well, jam, and spread it on bread like pandesal and ensaymada.

In a saucepan, stir the sugar, coconut milk, water, and ube and bring to a boil over medium heat. What matters is your cooking time will reduce by half an hour. THANK YOU JOLINA! Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Spoon into the molds, smooth the tops and cover with plastic wrap. Medium heat is the hottest you should go. Ube halaya can be enjoyed as cakes much like you would enjoy leche flan, but you can also use them in a lot of other desserts, such as halo-halo, a filling for coconut ube rolls, or like in my daughter’s favorite boba drink! Anyway, if you google how to make ube halaya, you’ll discover that there are a 101 ways to make it. And I think the stirring is the one thing that discourages people from making homemade ube jam.

Ube has purple to brownish skin and purple flesh. But it’s really not that bad. By checking this box, I give consent to receiving email communication from The Unlikely Baker.

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