Start off with the Zero EXP ability, though you don't need to equip this. Deal half the damage compared to Standard. It's fairly easy to avoid though if you go as far away from his as possible, use a heal command and use the invincibility to heal through it, you can dodge through it, and you can use your shotlock to attack him through it. Just do the same thing for all of the opponents, and you'll get this trophy, and the Chaos Snake Shotlock. There are proficiencies in Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero and Cure, the last of which boosts the amount of HP recovered by Cure commands and Esuna. Dark Points, or DP, determines how long Riku can stay in Dark Mode. This exploit also works with Terra and Aqua, you can use a Fire Dash command to quickly get behind the rock. The chance and damage can be raised even more by Rings such as the Critical Ring, and each Gear also has its own base stat of Critical Hit % and Critical Hit Damage. You can get 5 Strike Raids by just going to a Moogle's shop and purchasing them. The Villains' Vendetta battle is unlocked once you reach arena rank 25. -Gummi Ship II- - Beginner: High Score, Blast Away! Throughout this little adventure in board games, make sure to always try to land on the special panels (the purple one with stars). You can complete the challenge in 50-60 seconds, earning you 675 medals. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix As you play through the Arena, you'll unlock higher arena levels, and more missions. Clear the Destiny Islands episode of Terra's story. In order to unlock all of the 2 star missions, you have to beat the game with Aqua and Terra. Whichever you think will be most helpful for you. To get them you have to play the boards outside of the Arena. These are much easier than the Org Mushrooms though. January 20, 2011 You can get by with Second Chance, Once More, Leaf Bracer, and all 10 Haste commands, but it's best to have everything else too. This generally provides the character with an assortment of bonuses to their other stats, with the exception of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, in which the player chooses one of three bonuses upon leveling up. You simply have to use the Break Time command with Aqua to unlock this trophy. This ability restores the Focus Gauge whenever you take damage. On Critical Mode, it will max at 60. So, you only have to do those twice with one character. It's pretty risky though. This makes it much easier to win. Kingudamu Hātsu Bāsu Bai Surīpu Fainaru Mikkusu. It's recommended that you do the mini-games first as you'll need to do them to unlock later Arena matches anyway. You have to do 5 laps within a certain amount of time on each track. You have a total of 2 minutes to get 40 points. Which will be touched on later. After reaching Keyblade Graveyard you'll complete this section automatically. The first boss likes to teleport away a lot. If you're having trouble, you may want to consult IGN's story walkthrough guide which lists all treasure locations at the top of each section. In Kingdom Hearts II, Defense may increase upon leveling up. As you play through the Arena, you'll unlock higher arena levels, and more missions. You'll need to play on each board at least once to complete the minigames section of the reports, so make sure to switch boards when playing in the arena. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is a Japan-exclusive reissue of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Clear the Radiant Garden episode of Aqua's story. All D-Links are unlocked as you progress through the game except Pete D-Link, which can be obtained by playing Command Board. Against Terra he'll capture you with chains and throw a huge piece of earth towards him. The fight is divided in 3 stages: This trophy will be earned once you've completed the main story with Terra. If you clear the game by taking only the direct path, you'll miss most Finish Commands. These scores are meant as a reference to get an idea of what to aim for. Most worlds have special unversed called "Prize Pods", when they are hit they drop ice cream ingredients. In this battle mission, a totem-like Unversed will switch between three elements: Fire, Ice, and Thunder. If you have fought all Prize Pods while doing the main story, you should've more than enough to make at least 1 item for every Ice Cream. Square Enix Please note that if a command is only obtainable by melding, I'll only mention the recipe with the highest chance of success. Once there, you'll just have to complete a race as part of the story, watch a cutscene, and then the trophy will be awarded to you. After completing the first few worlds with any character, the Mirage Arena will appear at the top-left of the world map and you will be able to visit it at any time. Using shotlocks will quickly knock him off. When stepped on, your opponent will be stunned for a few seconds. When you hit the Vitality Vial, it heals you, but only with regular attacks. Obtain a Fantastic rating for each song in Ice Cream Beat Master Mode. All D-Links are unlocked as you progress through the game except Pete D-Link, which can be obtained by playing Command Board. The chest containing it is in the middle of the board behind a force field. Most of the time, it'll make it in, sometimes it'll get blocked. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Watch out for his insta-death move. Stats generally grow throughout the course of each game, as characters level up or complete certain objectives. If it doesn't show up, make sure to kill all of the enemies. If you're having no luck with Thunder Surge for Aqua, then use Barrier Surge for her, because it counts as a block at the end of the animation, and can potentially stagger the Mysterious Figure. This is the same as Dimension Links, so just use the Shotlock and deals at least one hit to make the register here. Buyable from Moogle Medal Shop for 1,600 Medals (Reach Arena LV 10). Also make sure to be using each of your different Shotlocks to complete the Hit Counts part of the reports. Anyway, walking in and out of the area with Peter's Hideout is a great place to level up commands. After reaching Keyblade Graveyard most of the basic commands are buyable from Moogle Shop, and then you need to meld the rest of the commands. Afterwards, swim/glide to his tongue and unleash 6 Mine Squares to inflict massive damage. Even after winning 7 times, if you don't have Pete, keep going. After beating all of the Fruitball opponents, it's time for the Ice Cream mini-game. Critical Hits are extremely important for defeating bosses and particular Heartless. In order to get this trophy, you have to create all flavors of ice cream with either Aqua, Ventus, or Terra. Especially since when there's only one enemy player, using stun means you're the only one progressing. You can see those challenges by going to the pause menu, selecting Reports, then Game Records, then Arena Missions.Monsters of the Sea is an excellent way to farm medals. Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Though don't ignore him completely, as he will launch an attack once in a while. Once you leave this world with Terra, Ventus, or Aqua, the trophy is yours. There are a couple that need to be found by getting them from chests or specifically with Terra, playing through a few Mirage Arena battles. Additionally, equipping some accessories also boosts Strength. Genre Get the Royal Radiance keyblade, which is obtained from defeating No Heart (refer to. 2, collect 7,000 Munny, Set Finish Command to Air Flair 4, defeat 800 enemies, Play Ice Cream Beat - Dessert Paradise in Master Mode and get Fantastic Score, Afterward, it's rare chance when using any of the 7 Ice Cream items, Unlocked since the beginning if Critical Mode is selected. Make sure you have all useful abilities before going into this fight. Afterwards, swim/glide to his tongue and unleash 6 Mine Squares to inflict massive damage. After defeating the boss, do not forget to open the chests in Land of Departure. For a breakdown of every location in text form, take a look at this page from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: If you prefer a visual on the locations, below is a video showing all of the locations of the Prize Pods and what ingredients they drop as a result. After clearing Radiant Garden, you can choose to send Terra to Disney Town. The command goes into a QTE sequence once you start it, however you don't even have to successfully do the entire command for the trophy, so long as you just initiate it. If you have Teleport equipped, you can teleport behind the boss. If you do get hit, having the Treasure Magnet ability will help to collect the commands. Critical Bonus may also be boosted by equipping certain weapon panels or ring panels. One important note about this category is you need to have a duplicate command before being able to use it as melding material. In Kingdom Hearts, Strength may increase upon leveling up. -Gummi Ship II- - Master: Combo Record, Blast Away! You can also interrupt the attack by simply attacking him. Finishers are activated after hitting enemies a certain number of times which fill the "commands" bar at the bottom-left of your screen, the type of finisher you perform is dependent on the Finisher Command that you choose. Equip a max level shotlock. If you have fought all Prize Pods while doing the main story, you should've more than enough to make at least 1 item for every Ice Cream. If you finish the game by taking only the direct path, you will miss most of these abilities. It spawns on the Deep Space world, in the same room as the Gluttonous Goo Battle Missions. After completing a world, an Unversed emblem will appear in a specific area of that world depending on what character you're playing as. User Info: reatanks. And that's it. At the first split, take a left, then you'll have to take a hard right, and go up the ramp and fall into the hole. For instance, if you want to meld Ice Slide, you need to buy another Air Slide before your maxed Air Slide can be used to create Ice Slide. You can obtain this trophy with any of the three characters, it simply requires you to complete the prologue on the first world. Don't forget to set the Finish Command before each attempt. It adds extra damage to the finisher, and can also send enemies flying or stun them. Especially with Terra, as the keyblade you get for defeating him gives a large boost to Strength.Mysterious Figure - Some people think this is the hardest boss fight in any of the Kingdom Hearts games.

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