So a two-cell (2S) pack is 7.4V, So in our 3000 mAh battery example, the 1C rate for the battery would be a discharge current of 3 Amps. The problem with constant voltage charging is that when you first apply voltage to the battery, there is a large difference between the applied voltage and the battery voltage. The first test I performed on the batteries after a month of storage was very similar to the test I performed immediately after receiving them.

Better yet, you can charge the battery inside a LiPo-safe bag which will prevent a fire from spreading. The Discharge Rating of a battery is a measure of the maximum rate at which current can be drawn from the battery. These are the latest chemistry, they have a little more power as indicated by the voltage being higher than 4.2V. However, constant current charging faces the opposite problem – too high of voltage near the end of a charge. A long time ago, I used to have a chart that gave the approximate state of charge of a lipo cell compared to it's resting voltage. The lack of mechanical durability of LiPo batteries is one of the main reasons why there have been so many instances of these batteries spontaneously exploding or catching fire. Once again, there was practically no difference between the batteries in the high load test. The general consensus is that many manufacturers do not provide very accurate C ratings on their batteries. LiPo storage voltage - how much does it matter? I recommend buying a good charger. A LiPo cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V. This means that research efforts are mostly focused on improving lithium-ion battery design to provide better longevity and to eliminate the risks of fires and explosions. Each cell has a nominal voltage 3.7 V. Different battery companies mark their lipos in different ways but most people tend to refer to their batteries as 1S, 2S, 3S, etc. 1S = 1 cell in series x 3.7 V = 3.7 V 0000006686 00000 n If you remember from earlier, every battery is composed of cells connected together. Otherwise, your best course of action is to simply charge your batteries before using them and just leaving them alone otherwise. Stay in the white region for maximum pack longevity. To understand why LiPo has become the battery technology of choice for RC aircraft, we need to understand how a battery works. If you have a LiPo battery or are thinking of buying a device that uses one, then it’s worth your time to go through this whole guide. When the batteries were delivered, I immediately got to work performing tests on them to verify that all three were nearly identical to one another. That being said, I think it is fair to come to the conclusion that “storage charging” your LiPo batteries is unnecessary in most cases. It was last Connector adapters – If you use all XT60 connectors but get one battery that has an EC3 connector, you can get an adapter to. On the other hand, storing it near 0% runs the risk of allowing to go into deep discharge while in storage.
I then applied this load to all three batteries in the test for a duration of 15 seconds, and measured the current the batteries were outputting at the end of that time period. The one I’d like to talk about today is the process of always charging your LiPo batteries to a “storage charge” voltage of 3.8V per cell before packing them away after a day of flying. Voltage / Cell Count. 5. The use of a polymer electrolyte material allows LiPo batteries to have a much more compact build. 0000007399 00000 n Turns out not only was I OVERCHARGING but I was also not caring for them correctly. I would guess that in these 2S LiPos the 3 wires are connected to the point between the series cells and at each end. As a battery continues to swell, the buildup of flammable gases makes it more likely that the battery will explore or catch fire eventually.
There are generally two types of connectors on a LiPo battery: the main power connector and the balance connector. It’s best to read the manual if you have any specific questions about how to use your charger. For the 14.8V battery above, that means that there are four cells in series (which means the voltage gets added together). Although all LiPo batteries only have a limited time in which they can function normally, you can make a few measures to extend their useful life. This gets rid of the problem of too high of current at the beginning.

A LiPo may last 300 to 500 cycles, depending on how it is cared for. Without LiPo batteries, quadcopters and drones probably wouldn’t exist. This gets rid of the problem of too high of voltage at the end of the charge cycle. These are quick definitions and will be covered in more depth throughout this article. There are a variety of different types of connectors that vary in size, current rating, and ease of use. In contrast to the rigid battery casing of traditional “jelly-roll” batteries, LiPo batteries are encased in thin and flexible material. Using a battery with a higher capacity than the one recommended by the motor manufacturer may result in the motor operating beyond its limitations. By following the tips we have listed above on caring for your LiPo battery, there is no reason for you not to get the best out of your LiPo battery. There’s a lot more that could be said so if I missed something or you have any questions, let me know in the comments. 0000003090 00000 n Battery three performed noticeably worse than the others, but was also the weakest battery in the initial test. So, do I think that LiPo storage charge is a total myth? JST-XH are probably the most common type of balance connector but Thunderpower TP) and Hyperion (Polyquest) also have their own type of balance connectors. We are not using professional lab-grade equipment to do the tests, and my load-cell is literally a bucket of water and some fence wiring. There is a standard method of wiring JST-XH balance connectors. I hope it is a useful guide to the world of lipo batteries. For example: 3.7/4.2V battery and 3.7/4.2V charger: OK - 3.7/4.2V battery and 3.6/4.1V charger: OK (but not ideal) - 3.6/4.1V battery and 3.6/4.1V charger: OK - 3.6/4.1V battery and 3.7/4.2V charger NOT OK! In addition to being more expensive, LiPo batteries also tend to die earlier compares to Li-ion batteries. But you will get less capacity in your battery, so there is a tradeoff here between battery life and flight performance. While it remains to be seen how these recent advances will move lithium-ion battery technology forward, there is no doubt that the thriving electric vehicle industry will continue to foster these research efforts. Although most LiPo batteries have a built-in voltage threshold that will prevent deep discharge, they can still slowly discharge over time while in storage. The first comes from the fact that the electrolyte solution plays a crucial role in the performance of the battery. Above show you the relationship of voltage and capacity from Rcgroups. 2S1P means “2 cells in series and 1 cell in parallel.” If a battery doesn’t have a “P” then it is assumed to be “1P.” So 2S1P and 2S are the same thing. For example, see Figure 2. So a 3000 mAh capacity battery will drop from full voltage to the cut-off voltage in 1 hour if you discharge the battery at 3000 mA (3 Amps). You can even speed up the process by hooking up several lightbulbs in parallel.

Many RC drivers and pilots are alway wrestling with these question: How to Discharge a Lipo Battery for Storage? They are rated to 50 Amps continuous current. I’ve tried to stress the importance of safety throughout this article.

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