Victim paddled to beach, where others put his legrope around his injury to slow the bleeding. The shark was around 1.5 meters length. Fatal and unprovoked 0, Total Unprovoked 0 Paige Winter, age 17, was swimming in murky water near 12:20 p.m., when shark bit wrist and leg. Beach signs were posted. Suspected Species of Shark:     unknown Shark tore off both legs and took a chunk of the surfboard. Color of surfboard:     unknown (wetsuit was gray and bright yellow) Marjorie Mariano, age 54. Reunion Island Fatal and unprovoked 3, Total Unprovoked 4 SHARK ATTACK IN REUNION ISLAND   The Standard-Times report of the incident said Joseph Troy was still conscious when he was wheeled into the operating room for the amputation. Waterman:     diver Non-fatal and unprovoked 0 Links:    n/a, When:     Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Non-fatal and unprovoked 1513 Swimmer lost leg below knee. Color of surfboard:    n/a Nearby beaches closed. Waterman:     surfer Killed while wading ashore from a capsized vessel in Mount Pleasant, This sailor attempted to jump overboard the, This man was among several others who were bathing in the harbor of. Beach closed 24 hours. That could, in his view, have been a critical factor, producing an instinctive reaction from the shark when it saw the flash of a swimmer's white leg. article, July 19, 2015 Time of Day:      ~1241h local time Fatal and unprovoked 2, Total Unprovoked 10 Links:    n/a, When:    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Mayamura, a Japanese worker fishing off the coast of Papaikou plantation in Hawaii, was swept off a rock by a large wave. Other comments:   Shark was ~4.5 m length. Photos or Videos? Fatal and unprovoked 34, Total Unprovoked 74 Victim lacerated on leg, foot, and arm. September 8, 2020 [MAP] Fatal and unprovoked 4, Total Unprovoked 7 a podcast interview with Brett in 2019. Links:    n/a. Suspected Species of Shark:    Bull Shark (2 m, or 7 ft. length) Shark type: unknown, 3.6 meters length (12 ft.), August 29, 2015 Victim:     Peter Kurmann, age 33(male) wetsuit color: n/a Surfboard color: n/a Encinitas, California, U.S.A. Canyon Beach, Oregon, U.S.A. Non-fatal and unprovoked 12 Victim was pronounced dead at the hospital one hour later. Sunrise/Sunset:     Where:     wetsuit color: n/a Injury or Fatality:    Injury. Florida teen survives shark-attack. Sunrise/Sunset:     0631h local time Surfboard color: n/a Shark type: possibly Tiger Shark Mrs. Cracton was bathing with another woman in Pensacola, Florida when a shark bit her and pulled her into deep water. Other comments:   Victim was snorkeling 229 meters (250 yards) offshore when bitten. Victim:     Eric Tarantino, age 27 (male) While he was able to save the other woman, he died while trying to save Mrs. Cracton. Victim wrapped legrope to slow the bleeding. wetsuit color: n/a Suspected Species of Shark:     unknown Victim:     Thomas Kennedy, age 61 (male) From there, you can drill down into different areas within that country. [MAP] Jeff Horton. Actions:    n/a Killed while fishing for red drum at Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina. Ryan Boarman, age 24. Victim suffered leg and groin injuries. Surfboard color: pale thruster with yellow stringer, black & white sticker on nose.  The attack by the 8–11-foot (2.4–3.4 m) tiger shark occurred in 10–15 feet (3.0–4.6 m) of water and was witnessed by victim's snorkeling partner and groundskeeper. Lost one arm and other hand during attack. Humboldt Bay close to Eureka, California. Shortboard was white underside, with dull yellow stringer, bright blue edges, blue fins, and a neon green legrope. Surfer's board was bitten by Great White Shark, 3 meters long (10 feet). Victim is in hospital recovering. :    photo of surfboard with bitemark Shark type: Great White (4 meters) :    - Actions:    beach closed. Suspected Species of Shark:     Great White Shark (est. [MAP] Photos or Videos? Shark type: Great White Shark, 2.7 m length. [MAP] Non-fatal and unprovoked 17 Injury or Fatality:    Fatal. Fatal and unprovoked 26, Total Unprovoked 46 Non-fatal and unprovoked 645 Other comments:   Victim was 180 m (200 yards) from shore. Morro Strand Beach, California, USA A shark bite was found on the right side of his body. wetsuit color: n/a Seven Mile Beach, NSW, Australia Waterman:     surfer :    video of bandaged foot Lifeguards fired shots into water to scare shark away from body. Stratham Beach, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia Man-killed-by-shark. article, April 25, 2015 The beach was closed until further notice. Victim:     Paul Santos, age 43 (male) Shark type: n/a Article: The shark bit him twice on left foot. Fatal and unprovoked 2, Total Unprovoked 4 One leg mauled worse than the other. Using an old wooden door as a stretcher, neighbors carried the badly injured teen to a car and he was rushed to the hospital. during surfing contest. at Muizenberg Beach, CapeTown, South Africa. Photos or Videos? Injury or Fatality:    Fatality. Shark type: likely a Great White Shark, 4 meters length. Adrien Dubosc, age 28, was bodyboarding with friends in the off-limits area near 11 a.m. when he was mauled by the shark. Fatal and unprovoked 8, Total Unprovoked 12 Color of surfboard:     n/a Femoral artery severed. Un-named male, age 26. Sunrise/Sunset:     0547h local time Sunrise/Sunset:     0716h local time Although the attack was without precedent, sharks had previously been observed in Buzzards Bay. Mani Hart-Deville, Male, age 15, was surfing at 2:30 p.m., when bitten on legs by shark. Although a man attempted to save her, he was unable to, and her mutilated body washed ashore the next day. Other comments:   After attack, victim made it ashore himself. Fatal and unprovoked 144, Total Unprovoked 904 Victim unharmed. Time of Day:      ~1440h local time Suspected Species of Shark:    n/a Non-fatal and unprovoked 4 Fountain was killed while swimming in Browns Inlet on the New River near Onslow Beach, North Carolina. Actions:     Beaches not closed, but surfers to be warned. Shark was around 4.6 meters length. Waterman:     diver :    Lifeguard with red flag Attacked while swimming in a canal 10 miles (20 km) north of, Osborne was in a boat 50 yards offshore in. was shot on a nice sunny summer day of 2007 in southern California, USA Reunion Island (La Reunion) Fatal and unprovoked 2, Total Unprovoked 18 Where:     Photos or Videos? Other comments:    Victim's body was brought to surface by brother, who was also diving. Links:     n/a, When:     October 29, 2011 Shark type: Unknown, but at least 8-foot range (2.4 meters) or greater. Victim:     John Campion, age 48 (male) near Right Point at Fishery Bay, South Australia, Australia. Surfer. Photos or Videos?

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