Suddenly, Louis C.K. Don't post public photos and don't friend parents or 500 people you barely know. I'm almost more bothered that the bastardized quote, which shows a lack of education on the part of anyone who uses it, is used to disparage educators. We’re interested in hearing what you think. Just finished watching Louis CK's new Netflix special, whom I love dearly, and he had a hilarious bit about public school teachers having horrible jobs and being losers. Whether it is through burn out, leaving due to a lack of competitive salary, or making the jump to administration, the incentives to stay are dwindling, especially for those that are excelling in their work. Black History In South Carolina, Mkleo Twitch, Parents are out of control these days. louis ck teachers are losers. As a Bachelor's student this kind of thinking is pretty disconcerting, especially when I see one of my favorite comedians reaffirming my worst fears about the field I've chosen. Direct messages to mods about community business will be ignored. The Sincerely Louis CK Digital Video purchase includes a 1-year digital streaming license on this website, and full digital downloads available in HD and SD quality. General. We have kids to inspire, as do millions of parents and teachers across the country. I finally had to suck it up and just tell my dad flat out that I was miserable and I wanted to teach. Sign up to receive emails about TNTP news and blog posts. My brand new stand-up comedy special. Louis C.K. And this is a public school. He described the contradictory feelings as "Just rage, rage, murderous rage. It really made me upset and question what I really wanted to do with my life. As teachers, we can’t afford to stand around complaining that the new standards are too hard. Which of his stand-up specials, do you consider to … Share your experiences, stories, insights, and inspirations! In 2013, she was one of nine teachers nationwide selected as a finalist for TNTP’s Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice, a highly selective award honoring America’s finest teachers in low-income public schools. NYC mayor says no reason to board up businesses ahead of potential protests. They [teachers and students] prepare for these tests for a long time. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [audience cheering] Go ahead. He is an Instructional Leader, Educational Consultant, Writer, and Speaker. About halfway through acting out a rant from a hypothetical “11 truther,” he realizes he’s speaking in a stereotypical black voice. The vast majority of changes that need to be made are in the operational structures and hierarchies of schools. It’s funny, and like most good comedy, it’s funny because it is somewhat true, and reveals some important truths about our society. Genesect Raid Cp, Should it mean we give up? Am I posting pictures of me doing a beer bong or keg stand?

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