When i fell i saw the player that shot me and as a reaction i emptied the 200 bullets in my mag.

The Mk 46 lightweight machine gun (LMG), Mk 48 LMG, and the M240 machine gun would be refurbished and or overhauled to a like new condition so the aforementioned weapons can be used in combat.

Sniper’s Hide Team Room. Both weapons are much lighter than the M2, 0.5 inch caliber. Joined: Oct 16, 2011 Member: #65291 Messages: 1,300 Gender: Male WA Vehicle: 11 DC SB TRD Sport 6spd BP-51s, Dakar leafs, ARB bumper, 4xinnovations rear HC, 3x trail camera, pure android, lightforce 170s, … was planning to run through cherno with it firing from the hip rambo style, but then we met a friendly hacker who spawned a chopper and took us for a ride, but crashed soon after. If you have a clear line you can achieve a reasonable accuracy on a somewhat longer range (up to 500 / 600 m).

Cons: Loud, rare ammo, smaller mag size than M249, heaviest recoil, very long so it is clumsy indoors for close combat and exposes shooter in some cases, only truly effective in prone. It's going to attract players to you like a flare and you'll probably die. The Bear Pit 1; 2; Next. Next Last. Work would be performed in Columbia, South Carolina, and was expected to be completed by March 2012. It has a 70 percent parts commonality between Mk 46, M249 and M240, and is interoperable with the USSOCOM SOPMOD Kit. The Mk 46 LMG, Mk 48 LMG, and the M240 machine gun would be used to support a wide array of US Armed Forces missions.

In my opinion, while the Mk48 and M240 are still deadly, the M249 is the best LMG available in Day Z. The disadvantages of Mk 48 Mod 0 are that the life of the receiver is only about half of the M240B, and the effective range with accuracy are slightly lower than the M240B. The refurbished weapons were designated as Mk 48 Mod 1s and featured a number of differences, including the use of an improved bipod assembly. The weapon has a barrel life of 20,000 rounds, a 100,000 round receiver life, with a 11,500 mean rounds between failure reliability.

Ammo is plentiful.

Forgetful Coyote Sergeant. Even got shot once in cherno, broke my legs and i was just lying there. So.... Mk 48 for the win! I don't know why everyone considers zombie aggro a downside. Ammo just as rare as the M240 mags, not too rare, I have 6 mags and spares in my tent. The Navy obtained Safety Release in May 2002, and performed an Operational Assessment in June 2002. fuck im leet. On 12 April 2010, the Department of Defense announced that FN Manufacturing, LLC of Columbia, South Carolina was being awarded an $11,500,000 firm-fixed-priced, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for refurbishing and overhauling of machine guns in support of multiple military agencies.

"Big Brother" to the Mk 46 and derived from the same, the Mk 48 Mod 0 weighs 34 percent less than the M240B. I referred to players.

Naval Surface Warfare users had lost confidence in the weapon and the weapon was otherwise becoming unsupportable. Pros: Aimpoint "red dot" sight, one shot kill power for zeds, camouflaged, more controllabe than M240 and functions better in crouch and stand, just as short as an M249 and is usable indoors in closed spaces. On 21 March 2007, the Department of Defense announced that FN Manufacturing, LLC of Columbia, South Carolina was being awarded a maximum $11,499,999 firm-fixed-price, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract for the 7.62mm Mk 48 Mod 1 lightweight machine gun and auxiliary support equipment (barrels, bolt assemblies, slide assemblies and tool/gage kits). The 7.62mm LWMG program was patterned after the Mk 46 LWMG program. Pro's: Can use common STANAG magazines as a backup, largest LMG mag size, fastest fire rate, most controllable LMG, lowest recoil LMG, effective in all stances, short length for closed spaces, quietest LMG, Cons: 2-3 shot kill on zombies and weakest LMG, worse Ironsight than M240, lowest range LMG. Its quiet to zombies really quiet. The design is based on an early 7.62×51mm NATO prototype of the FN Minimi, modified to be a scaled-up version of the 5.56 mm Mk 46 Mod 0. This contract was not competitively procured. I usually carry that or an M14 AIM, but it depends on what I am trying to accomplish. It's saved me from zombies and players multiple times.

document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script); Mar 1, 2019 at 6:20 PM #1 #1. mutilatedjak [OP] n00b waffle. The contract was awarded on a sole-source basis with the solicitation being publicized on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site. This is the same for any gun.

Killed them all while they were inside with 'just' 20 bullets in two bursts. On 21 March 2001, the USSOCOM approved the MNS/ORD (Mission Need Statement/Operational Requirements Document) for a new 7.62×51mm NATO lightweight machine gun (LWMG) to replace the M60E4/Mk 43 Mod 0 in use by United States Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) units. And with how powerful the mk 48 is, you should be able to kill the player your shooting at before zombies become a problem anyway. If you run out of belts take the stanags. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division in Crane, Indiana was the contracting activity. Let's use them to Play! The weapon developed by Fabrique Nationale was eventually selected and designated as the Mk 48 Mod 0. The Mk 48 can also be fitted with a vertical foregrip for increased controllability during sustained fire. Its controllable, accurate, combined with its high fire rate it still quickly kills, is useful in all stances and closed spaces, and arguably its most important perk is that it can use common M4/M16/L85 STANAG magazines in a pinch. To discuss what LMG you find the best in DayZ, sniped a guy on lighthouse the other day; thought he had a barret but on closer inspection it was a PKP. 1 of 2 Go to page. On a side note, im pissed that snipers can shake off suppression fire from lmgs to get perfect shits and deal out more with their longs:@ #BF4Dinos build the support. try it sometime... you may actually have what they call "fun", i've also gotten a 700m kill with the mk48; had a friend spotting for me through binocs. American special operations forces are interested in acquiring a lightweight belt-fed "assault" machine gun, which would offer better range than existing weapons. For the torpedo, see.

;), maybe it was because it was dark, and I was using NVGs, but the muzzle flash was way too bright to aim at the target. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division in Crane, Indiana was the contracting activity.

FrankDaTank1218 (DayZ), August 5, 2012 in DayZ Mod General Discussion. Mk48 doesn't one shot kill either. If he referred to zombies he could say so, otherwise it confuses other people. The weapon weighs 18.5 pounds, and is 39.5 inches long. I say 'just' because I felt like rambo and thought had shot half the magazine :). Both guns are manufactured at FN Herstal in … The Mk 48 Mod 0 is a gas-operated, air-cooled, fully automatic belt-fed machine gun. The MK48 has the nice red dot scope, but it's too loud, if u fire it, ALL of the zombies within 3 light-years will come running, they even insta-spawn as your finishing the last lot off!

Perhaps you should go back to BF3 and CoD if you expect an LMG to work effectively from the hip, "rambo-style". The Mk 48 Mod 0 is currently in service with certain USSOCOM units, such as the U.S. Navy SEALs and Army's 75th Ranger Regiment. Extremely easy to take out long range targets with that beast weapon too as long as you fire single shots. I absolutely love the Mk 48 Mod 0. Fabrique Nationale's division at Columbia, South Carolina (which also produces the M249 and M240 series of weapons for the U.S. military) was charged with production of the Mk 48 Mod 0. The program achieved Milestone A/B status on 5 October 2001. apparently this gun is not in the mod... it is also pretty shitty. While heavier than the 5.56×45mm NATO M249 due to its larger chambering and heavier barrel, the Mk 48 Mod 0 is still 17% lighter and 8.4% shorter than the M240. The LWMG program was patterned after the Mk 46 Mod 0—a variant of the M249 light machine gun currently in use by the USSOCOM. As with the Mk 46, the Mk 48 Mod 0 does not have an M249-type magazine feed port, in order to save weight. It gets very, very Left4Dead. But you should really try to one shot as long as possible. Just run from them up a hill, pull out your pistol and knee cap or headshot them all and go about your day. Really? The weapon's forearm was changed to include the standard M249 style heat shield in the 12 o'clock position instead along with a tri-rail assembly, instead of the Mk 48 Mod 0's 4-sided rail interface. B). Contract funds in the amount of $25,000 would expire at the end of the fiscal year. I like the PKP (in ARMA 2) as a great mid to long range Support weapon, it has a nice built-in scope with ballistic markings for bullet drop compensation too. Contract funds would not expire at the end of the fiscal year. Minuteman. The FN FAL is the same. But for those who have, …

http://dayzdb.com/database/weapon-comparison, I personally prefer the MK 48, currently using it actually. Like another M249 derivative, the Mk 46, the Mk 48 can only be fed from a disintegrating belt. Future weapons – Mk48 versus Mk46 machine gun. } The use of M1913 "Picatinny" rails allows the fitting of various accessories from the SOPMOD kit, such as the ECOS-N (Enhanced Combat Optical Sight) red dot sight and other sighting or target-designating devices. I meant zombies, I'll edit the original post. "true" : "false") + "; expires=" + d.toUTCString() + "; path=/"; The weapon can be fed from a loose belt, separate belt boxes, or clip-on ammunition pouches for 100 rounds. I prefer the M249SAW, it doesn't agro Z's nearly as much and it has nice iron sights. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. and the recoil was huge. They are more an inconvenience then a threat. It looks cool and preforms well. The weapon achieved initial operating capability in September 2003, with final operating capability coming in December 2003. you can mow 20-30 zombies down easily with the mk48; most vet servers give you crosshairs. The Mk 48 has been developed in conjunction with the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), which has adopted the weapon and started its fielding process, beginning with special operations units. Milestone C "Full Rate Production" was achieved on 21 March 2003. haha. The program had been an FY02 new start program, with a Foreign Comparative Test (FCT) proposal submitted on 1 February 2001.

The program achieved full-rate production on 21 March 2003. Belligerents. The weapon is is lighter than the M240 and more reliable than the Mk 43 Mod 1.

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