[2] The ancient origins of the McGhees are uncertain, though they were probably Gaels from Ireland who took part in the conquest of Galloway (not then part of the Kingdom of Scotland) between the 9th and 11th centuries. Can you support one of our Heritage Pilot Projects in your region of origin or linked to you surname(s)? As a native Irish name, Magee is derived from the Gaelic "Mag Aodha," or "son of Hugh," while others of the name in Ireland, are ultimately of Scottish origin. The Magee surname derives from the combination of words Mag, which means “son of” and the nickname Aodh, meaning “Fire”. ?–1570), m. Lady Margaret Stewart, Alexander McKie (1550–1611), m. Katherine Agnew, Robert M'Ghie (1611–1637), m. Grissel Charteris, Sir John M'Ghie (1637–1658), m. 1stly Barbara Anderson, 2ndly Elizabeth Levingstoune, Alexander M'Ghie (1658–1690), m. 1stly Margaret M'Kee, 2ndly Elizabeth Stewart, William M'Ghie (1690–1704), m. Anna Ballantyne or Fullerton, John M'Ghie (1704–1732), m. Hon Isabel Gordon (daughter of, Alexander M'Ghie (1732–1739), m. Grizzell Gordon (his cousin, granddaughter of the same, William M'Ghie (1761-17?? research articles. is also a common surname in Ireland. Copyright © 2010 McGee, McGie, McGhie, Magee, M'Gie etc.)

possibility to enter extremely detailed The name was split into two parts. He was Secretary of the fashionable Honourable Society of Hunters (a racing club composed of the principle nobles and gentry of Scotland). Right now, your FREE membership of the Magee Clan gives you access to: The ability to create your own, unique family profile within the Clan. ~ Robson's, MacGhie [Balmagie, Scotland] – Sable, three leopards' heads Or. ‘Mag’ was a prefix, similar to the more common ‘Mac’ and meant ‘son of’. Motto, "Fac et Spera". Those who worked for the clan would take the surname, and those who needed protection would pledge themselves to the chief and accept the clan name as their own. We have THREE live pilots on now and we just need pledges from people to help with donations and fundraising. Irish Clan Names - Family Names in Ireland . Why not see what your family crest could look like based on your own family characteristics? The name can be either of Scottish or Irish origin. Now Northern Ireland. ), m. Elizabeth Maxwell, William Makgee (15? The McGhees were never a Scottish Clan, and therefore the title of "clan Chief" was never used. Ir. Robert Makgye was Court Jester to James II from 1441–50. A prominent exception is the current Bishop of Cloyne, a Traditionalist Catholic who was falsely accused of murdering Pope John Paul I. Odo MacIdh was Canon of Argyll in 1433. He or his son we believe William settled around 1800 in North Carolina.
Early Origins of the Magee family The surname Magee was first found in along the border of counties Donegal and Tyrone (Irish:Tír Eoghain), the ancient territory of the O'Neills, now in the Province of Ulster, central Northern Ireland, where they are thought to be descended from the Colla Uais. It is … Emigration to New Zealand followed in the footsteps of the European explorers, such as Captain Cook (1769-70): first came sealers, whalers, missionaries, and traders. In 1709 John Macghie was appointed Physician to the King by King George I in return for his loyalty to the Hanoverian succession. [citation needed], William (uncle of John) inherited Balmaghie unexpectedly, with John McGhie's son having predeceased him. (function(d, t) { But to be a member of a clan didn’t automatically mean you were related to the chief.

The ability to access our historical Irish Contact Us.
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