The duplicate chair was never used on air, except in the title sequence, which was recorded in London while the main chair was on the road. Unlike the original version, this version is studio-based. In one send-up, which appeared on the television edition of Dead Ringers, the contestant offered to answer questions on Mary Queen of Scots, but when an answer was given, John Humphrys was shown saying "Yes, but you sexed that answer up". 1 Gameplay 2 The Ultimate Trivia Challenge 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Rating 6 Links Three contestants face off against three trivia experts. There was another series in 2005 (subjects included Black Holes and the Star Wars trilogy), which was won by Robin Geddes, whose specialist subjects were The Vicar of Dibley and A Series of Unfortunate Events, with a third series airing in 2006, won by Domnhall Ryan, and featuring subjects such as Harry Potter and Chelsea Football Club, and a fourth series in 2007 won by Robert Stutter and a fifth series later that year won by David Verghese. Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. As with its predecessor, if any player can win three shows and three challenges, they retire undefeated and may be considered to replace one of the existing experts in the lineup. The host then goes over each question and the responses from both players, revealing the correct answer.

Note the censorship on this photo. Berry chose his specialist subject as Alton Towers and only scored 3 points before a blackout, in which he apparently shoots the host after being told to sit down. [citation needed]. Junior Mastermind, also hosted by John Humphrys, is a children's version of the quiz programme and has the same format, the difference being that the contestants are only ten and eleven years old. Game Show Network’s popular daytime quiz show Best Ever Trivia Show is returning next year. In each series, winners advanced in a bracket-style playoff format, with cash prizes increasing from $5,000 in the first round to $50,000 (doubling to $100,000 by answering the final question) in the final round. Mastermind International was an annual playoff between winners of various international versions of the show (or the nearest equivalents in some countries) and ran for five years between 1979 and 1983.

The 'Mastermind’ magic mix: Four contestants, three minutes, a lot of nerves. A similar sketch featured Monty Python alumni Michael Palin as Magnússon and Terry Gilliam as a contestant whose speciality was "questions to which the answer is two.

[citation needed], The programme has been the target for many television spoofs, including a Two Ronnies sketch written by David Renwick (a less polished version had previously appeared in the Radio 4 series "The Burkiss Way") in 1980, featuring Ronnie Barker as Magnus Magnusson and Ronnie Corbett as a contestant named Charlie Smithers, whose specialist subject was "answering the question before last". A game show host is a profession involving the hosting of game shows.

Supermind was an annual playoff between either the first four champions of Mastermind or champions of other TV quiz shows (including Mastermind) from 1976 or 1977. In the second round, five questions again, each in their category are asked. Benny Hill parodied Mastermind on The Benny Hill Show on at least two separate occasions. This time, players must signal in to respond. The winner is the contestant with the highest score after two rounds. It featured the winners of previous series of Mastermind. Currently in production      No longer in production, Conversation with Magnus Magnusson, March 2004, World War II British campaigns in North Africa, "Mastermind's lowest scorer: 'It wasn't my night, "Black chair brings ignominy for Mastermind contestant",, "Mastermind – BBC One London – 11 September 1972", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 26 December 1972", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 3 September 1973", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 27 December 1973", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 5 September 1974", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 23 December 1974", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 4 September 1975", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 22 December 1975", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 7 September 1976", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 24 December 1976", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 30 August 1977", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 20 December 1977", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 7 September 1978", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 26 December 1978", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 5 September 1979", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 23 December 1979", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 31 August 1980", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 21 December 1980", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 6 September 1981", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 27 December 1981", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 9 January 1983", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 8 May 1983", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 29 January 1984", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 27 May 1984", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 6 January 1985", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 5 May 1985", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 12 January 1986", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 29 June 1986", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 4 January 1987", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 7 June 1987", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 7 January 1988", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 5 June 1988", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 15 January 1989", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 11 June 1988", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 7 January 1990", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 17 June 1990", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 20 January 1991", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 2 June 1991", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 16 February 1992", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 7 June 1992", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 10 January 1993", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 16 May 1993", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 20 March 1994", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 21 August 1994", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 9 April 1995", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 6 August 1995", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 29 May 1996", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 14 October 1996", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 9 June 1997", "Mastermind – BBC One London – 1 September 1997", "Mastermind – BBC Radio 4 FM – 6 April 1998", "Mastermind – BBC Radio 4 FM – 29 June 1998", "Mastermind – BBC Radio 4 FM – 29 March 1999", "Mastermind – BBC Radio 4 FM – 21 June 1999", "Mastermind – BBC Radio 4 FM – 8 May 2000", "Mastermind – BBC Radio 4 FM – 31 July 2000", "Supermind – BBC One London – 1 January 1976", "Supermind – BBC One London – 28 December 1976", "Supermind – BBC One London – 3 January 1978", "Cup Final Grandstand – BBC One London – 6 May 1978", "Cup Final Grandstand – BBC One London – 12 May 1979", "Cup Final Grandstand – BBC One London – 10 May 1980", "Mastermind International – BBC One London – 28 February 1979", "Mastermind International – BBC One London – 7 April 1980", "Mastermind International – BBC One London – 11 June 1981", "Mastermind International – BBC One London – 3 June 1982", "Mastermind International – BBC One London – 29 August 1983", "Mastermind Champions – BBC One London – 1 May 1982", "Mastermind Champions – BBC One London – 3 May 1982",, Television series by Hat Trick Productions, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 13:25.
The format was different, however, with Wise, then Morecambe, being asked 10 questions each. If time runs out while a question is being read, the questioner will finish it and give the contestant a few seconds to answer. The twist was that Archer's puppet, being incapable of answering questions about himself without exaggeration or evasion, ends the round with zero points. In 1974, Morecambe and Wise performed a sketch based on Mastermind, which featured Magnússon and the black chair. Also in 2004, Johnny Vaughan's BBC Three show Live at Johnny's featured a version called Mastermind Rejects—the premise being that the specialist subjects were too ludicrously obscure even for Mastermind. His specialist subject was "The World Chess Championships". Mastermind is a British television game show for the BBC. ... and would have a chance to double those winnings by correctly answering the "Question of Great Significance," as host Kenny Mayne called it, from a speciality category chosen by the winner (usually a particular athlete or sports team from the past).

As the camera panned out it became evident that the chair itself was on a platter, slowly turning in a giant microwave oven. The programme aired across six nights on BBC One, ending on 4 September 2004. The previous record for the overall lowest score is 5 points, set on 29 January 2010 by software analyst Kajen Thuraaisingham, scoring 4 points for his specialist subject of the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
The winning contestant then goes head-to-head in the final round against the winning expert in The Ultimate Trivia Challenge. The winner of the final of the BBC version is declared "Mastermind" for that year and is the only contestant to receive a prize, in the form of a cut-glass engraved bowl. The specialist subjects were The World of Glee; UK Dialling Codes; U2; Husky Dogs and Back to the Future. The Channel 4 Prank programme Balls of Steel parodied Mastermind with its sketch The Alex Zane Cleverness Game, in which experts were quizzed on their specialist subjects (included were "The Life of Anne Frank", "Eurovision Song Contest Winners", and "Hercule Poirot"). For the first round, each contestant in turn is given a set length of time, usually two minutes (one minute and a half in semi-finals, similarly hereinafter), to answer questions on a specialised subject which he or she has chosen. She began her career on the popular TV series Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii. Another spoof was featured in Armando Iannucci's 2004: The Stupid Version, where a contestant's specialist subject was "The television series Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope's Cockney chauffeur". [5], The following is a list of Mastermind champions since 1972.[6]. It was hosted by Peter Snow. Master Minds is a reformatting of the Game Show Network game show Best Ever Trivia Show, pitting three contestants against three trivia experts, or "Master Minds." If the contestant gives more correct answers than the expert, that player wins the game, $10,000 plus the $1,000 from the main game and the opportunity to return on the next episode. He finished as runner-up with a combined score of 36 points, losing out to Pat Gibson by having two more passes. She passes on all but one question, which she answers incorrectly anyway. Cup Final Mastermind was an annual playoff between experts and supporters from the FA Cup Finalist teams they are supporting. Mastermind Champion of Champions was a 2010 5-part competition that featured previous Mastermind champions. In 2011, The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 parodied the show with a feature called 'Disastermind'. However, this heartthrob is now the host of The $100,000 Pyramid , and he has been since this version of the hit show … Contestants faced questions fired at them by a panel of four sports and entertainment celebrities for two minutes; like Mastermind, there were two rounds of questions, but the first round had each panellist's questions representing a different sports category pertaining to their area of expertise, and the second round had no categories and the contestant could not control who asked the questions; they were fired at random. The highest overall Mastermind score is 41 points, set by Kevin Ashman in 1995, his specialist subject being "The Life of Martin Luther King Jr." Ashman would go on to become six times IQA world champion. Preview Episode posted to YouTube.

Mastermind first aired on BBC1 in 1972 and lasted until 1997. Only the first contestant and first expert may respond, and this time, both respondents must write their responses on their podiums' video screens. Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. With Discovery Channel having commercials, this shortened the amount of time available for the answering of questions and lasted just one series. This game show host had a pretty impressive football career with the New York Giants before he jumped over to being a host, so it's not really a secret that he's worth so much dough. The BBC Three comedy show Snuff Box had the two main characters Rich Fulcher and Matt Berry both appear on Mastermind. Mastermind's theme music is "Approaching Menace" by the British composer Neil Richardson. The current record for the overall lowest score is 3 points, set on 21 December 2016 in a Celebrity edition by parasport athlete Kadeena Cox, scoring all 3 points on her specialist subject of Arsenal F.C. One episode included Mastermind: The Opera.[8].

The third round pits the two remaining contestants against each other and the two remaining experts against each other in general knowledge questions of increasing difficulty and point worth. A special guest would always be invited to present the trophy to the winner, with the exception of the final edition in 1997, in which Magnusson presented it himself. Game shows usually range from a half hour to an hour long and involve a prize. In the United States, the game show 2 Minute Drill on sports network ESPN had its roots in Mastermind. From Dog Eat Dog. Each player earns 1 point for a correct answer, with no penalty for a wrong answer. In each, Benny played the role of Magnússon while Jackie Wright played the hapless contestant. The Sherri Shepherd-hosted game is being renamed to Master Minds for its upcoming second season. The BBC subsequently commissioned a duplicate chair which was kept locked in the scenery truck at every recording to thwart similar ransom demands. The responses are recorded, but not revealed as correct or incorrect until both players have answered.

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