David Foster Wallace Lyrics: 8. Sanguine Spin Cycles Lyrics: 6. Milo - I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here Album Lyrics; 1. One Lonely Owl Lyrics: 4. Wish I didn't need you Wish I could pretend not to care I lose all my powers When the sun goes down I still see your ghost everywhere Pacing down the halls, climbing up the walls on me At my door I travel back in time and I'm looking for a sign Where it all went wrong 'Cause no matter the cost, it was just the two of us We were everything I whisper soft and low "Why did you have to go?" Omar Don't Scare Lyrics: 2. Backpacker's Sermon From Mount Jansport Lyrics: 7. The Thief of Always Lyrics: 5. Just Us (For My Friend Robert, Who Doesn't live Here Anymore) Lyrics: 3.

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