Place heart-shaped gem back and close the glass door. Nobodies Game Mission 4  is in the house. The nurse is gone. Take body, use body on hole. Picket Fence. The following Nobodies achievements can be unlocked: Follow the steps below to pass Nobodies Mission 8. Exit the house. Close the door. Place body on table, connect hose with his hand, use machine and select extract. Use jack on fence, go to the cable box and open it then cut cable with knife. Take wrench, tape, rotten apple, bottle from the trash can, knife, plumb from fishing rod and plastic bag near door. Fill empty bottle with water. Replace toilet. Go outside and unlock door on the left room. Remember train #8702 (your train is 6512). Put back paint & acid. Click on the projector and insert heart-shaped gem, the mirror, the bulb and the paper to get a code V (red), XI (blue), I (yellow) and X (green). Click on painting and enter 6684 (calendar on the fridge in the kitchen), Open cabinet under sink, take a bleach bottle and use it to clean the blood, put it back, take rubber gloves from the shelf on the right, Move shelf that held key and use pliers to cut a wire, Go back to the house’s room and unlock other door with key from the garage, Go down to basement, open electrical box, use cut wire and connect it by using rubber gloves then take pickaxe, Go outside, turn off a pool’s pump and use a pickaxe at the middle, Put body in the hole you made and turn on the pool’s pump so you can use empty bottle to get water then turn off the pump, Use water on cement to get wet cement and then use it on a hole with body, use paint on the the hole and turn on the pool’s pump, Go to kitchen, put back to the fridge empty bottle, Go to the house, put keys back in safe and close it, Go to the basement, use rubber gloves to remove wire and close the box, put back a pickaxe and locked the basement door, Go back to garage, put back basement key and move back the shelf, put back a pliers and paint, Go back to the kitchen and put rubber gloves back on the shelf. Go to cart 3. Go back to the roof and pull body up. The following Nobodies achievements can be unlocked: Follow the steps below to pass Nobodies Mission 10. Exit. Click on the book shelf and use found code: V (red) – XI (blue) – I (yellow) – X (green). Go back to unlocked room on the left, open tank and caveman in. Take keys from inside safe. Go back to storage room. Follow the steps below to pass Nobodies Mission 9. Drive to the gas station, follow L-R-M-M-L-L. Use wallet on gas station and machete on tarp over logs. Nobodies Game Mission 1 is on the roof of the building.

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