Obviously, you will start out mining copper & tin to make bronze equipment to get the starting levels out of the way. Offer the bones obtained at the chaos altar located in level 38 Wilderness. Players should alch the items while doing other activities which can be done on the normal spellbook, do not require full inventory and have some downtime to cast the spell. Store room, which contain coins, gems and jewellery. Alternatively, players can kill Ammonite Crabs as they offer fairly fast experience and they are very afkable. After you get your Max Cape, you will only unlock the potential to kill bosses and enjoy other content in this game. The shortcut to the roof (requires 73 Agility) becomes available after completing hard tasks of the Fremennik Diary. Questing alone will grant a total of 9,350 Herblore experience, elevating a level 1 Herblore to 26, granting the ability to make energy potions without having made a single potion before. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

With P2P comes several more skills, new training gear and lots of new quests.
A good method to gather buckets of sand is to move your house to Yanille (requires 50 construction) since there is a sand pit next to the POH , then use Teleport to House to go to the sandpit and either a games necklace to Barbarian Assault or a ring of dueling to Castle Wars, where there is a bank very close to the teleport destination. Ironmen cannot gain experience from player-versus-player encounters. Low-level ironmen can get their starting Herblore supplies from Wintertodt. Do this until enough supplies are made to get around level 50–55 Fletching. This requires a significant number of nature runes and is very expensive, however. With the diary completed, players can kill up to 300–330 dragons per hour when using the dragon hunter lance. Coins Thieving is a constant source of resources and gold, no matter what. Welcome to my updated Ironman guide to maxing in OSRS.

Afterward, train at your highest rooftop course available while doing High-Level Alchemy or fletching arrows in between steps.

As an Ironman, it’s much more valuable to your account if you jump into them as soon as you can.

At level 20, players can make a bit of starting cash by stealing silk at the silk stall and later selling them to the silk merchant for 60 coins each.
It also works great for building up your account’s foundations too. If you earn 200,000gp an hour from thieving or the Agility Pyramid, you can purchase around 4,000 iron ore or 1,400 coal ore from Ordan and bank at the nearby chest. At level 22, iron darts become available with the completion of The Tourist Trap quest. From then on, you should save all of your Dragon Bones and ensouled heads to train prayer later on. As an Ironman, you’re going to need to get all the herbs and secondary ingredients for leveling your herblore yourself, which, of course, means plenty of Farming and lots and lots of seeds. Fletching broad arrows costs around 5.7 coins per experience. Once deposited, players can claim buckets of sand from Drew for 50 coins each, along with a bucket. Otherwise the skill is trained as normal.

Should one be unable to make games necklaces and is forced to leave the area or dies frequently, it is recommended to gain access to the Arceuus Home Teleport (requires 60% Arceuus favour) or unlock The fisher's flute teleport on the Kharedst's memoirs (requires completion of The Queen of Thieves) to return there faster. If food is needed for activities such as Slayer, catch karambwan, minnow (for raw sharks) or anglerfish.

This is a skill that should be progressed slowly as you make money from Slayer and Thieving. The method also works for teak, but mahogany is faster overall since more Construction experience is banked per trip and using mahogany planks for Construction training is faster than teaks. Once you have amassed enough gold and hit the required Slayer level, you will get very fast experience and you can fletch in between other activities. The fastest way to train Smithing from level 40 onwards is to buy gold ore from Ordan and smelt them into gold bars in the Blast Furnace whilst wearing goldsmith gauntlets. By the time all hard diaries are completed, whilst making any potions obtained along the way, the player should have around level 67-69 Herblore, just enough to start boosting to make ranging potions.

Completing Gertrude's Cat and Cook's Assistant as well as the Mountain Dwarf and Goblin generals subquests of Recipe for Disaster will grant a total of 3,825 experience, which will get the player up to level 18.

You could buy a ready-made OSRS Ironman Account from Account Kings. This method can reliably earn around 40-50k xp per hour and produces usable items as opposed to other training methods. At low Hitpoints players are also able to heal effectively with low-tier food such as cakes or jugs of wine. Players who have access to the fairy rings can use code bkq and safespot tree spirits for axe drops up to and including rune. Each book turned in grants 4 times the current Runecraft level in experience, and experience rates scale linearly depending on the Runecraft level. Players will need to do herb runs frequently and consistently. One of the most common ways of training Crafting is to gather buckets of sand and farm giant seaweed for blowing molten glass once the player has access to the Superglass Make spell. Doing Wintertodt at a low level is strongly recommended, as players are able to heal effectively with low-tier food and the rewards benefit much more at lower levels. Another training option for lower levels is to find books for the customers in the Arceuus Library.

This method is viable without stamina potions, but the player can only turn in up to around 100–110 books per hour.

Players can gain up to 30,000 free Magic experience per hour at around level 45 using this method.

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