Polar opposites from tactical and field use guns, they are typically finished to resemble a show car. Heavy walled guide pins are fitted to honed brass bushings allowing for fluid and repetitive adjustment.

As of October 2, 2012, the ICFRA (International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations) has revised the rules governing Palma.

When possible, we prefer to fit receivers with the two stage trigger system developed and manufactured by Grunig and Elmiger of Switzerland. A brief history and description of a Palma Rifle: International Palma (aka fullbore) is long distance shooting from 800, 900, and 1000 yards using metallic iron sights. A great deal of effort is placed in maintaining the precise relationship between receiver and stock when pillar bedded by LRI. It's these kinds of subtle attention to detail items that instill greater shooter confidence when competing with our rifles. (any caliber/any sight). The thumbwheel has a detent method of adjustment that closely tracks the elevation scale on the rear sight. Our solution is to "clock" the escutcheon once it's been fitted so that we can restore the countersink angle back to its proper relationship with the pillar bore and screw hole of the receiver.

Bedding must be robust and tolerant to routine disassembly due to transportation requirements.

The high round counts and endless hours devoted to training can all be summarized to mean that they must endure prolonged use. Sturgis, SD 57785

All shots are fired from the prone position with the rifle supported by two hands and one shoulder. Rails are engraved with a scale for convenient repeatability. A single shot prone gun is fundamentally pretty simple. Most Palma rifles are built on custom single-shot actions.

All markings are clearly engraved and filled with a contrasting lacquer for easy, fast, positive and accurate adjustments.

This trigger, when paired with other top shelf components, gives the shooter a definite competitive advantage. This ends the annoyance of a handstop randomly catching on a countersunk screw hole when adjustments are made from position.

This becomes very important because many range policies require removal of the bolt from the action prior to departure of the firing line.

The in-the-white units/parts cannot be machined ahead of time and placed into inventory. Once fitted, it's easy to recognize the difference in relationship between the screw head and the escutcheon.

The final feature is a quick detach center pin that allows the cheek piece to pop on/off while still maintaining the exact height register upon reinstallation. Phoenix Precision Premium Target Rifle Sights Phoenix Precision has put together a F-TR Rifle team for the NRA F-Class National Championship which was held September 23-30 2017 at the Winnequah Gun Club,Lodi WIsc. RPA ladder front sights are popular because of the need to … It provides the extreme precision competitive long-range shooters need, thanks to the user-adjustable Target AccuTrigger™, which fine-tunes pull from 6 ounces to 2.5 pounds, and a 30-inch, stainless steel heavy barrel that's button rifled and perfectly balanced with the fully adjustable wood laminate stock. Parts must fit seamlessly with predictable performance so that sighter shots provide instant feedback to the shooter. It should not be confused with F-Class where artificial rests, bipods, and high magnification optics are permitted.

Earlier sights with both interchangeable metal and plastic inserts ruled until the introduction of the optical diopter, adjustable iris, and magnifying lens.

The intent was to put the 14 different countries that compete in fullbore onto a level playing field with one overall sanctioning body.

Upper piece threads of both the Palma and HighBoy units will accept standard Anschutz, Gehmann and Centra accessories. All that remains is finishing the countersink so  the screw tightens against the receiver/escutcheon without any side loading due to the differences in angles. Both sights are designed for cross course, mid and long-range target shooting with a 200 to 1000 yard range. All shots are fired from the prone position with the rifle supported by two hands and one shoulder.

Tubb 2K rifles also work well along with many others.

Because of this, certain action designs lend themselves to the conversion better than others. contact@longriflesinc.com. These sights are assembled exclusively from parts manufactured by Scott Riles. The 0.50 diopter coated lens used in the 30mm sight is the best product available on the commerical market for this application.

Our accessory rail is wider than most with the "T" slot feature fully captivated inside the outer chassis.

We look forward to working with you.

Fill out the form below or call us at (805) 796-0627. Any of the repeatable rear sights will work, but team members are required to have half-MOA clicks. Upper piece threads of both the Palma and HighBoy units will accept standard Anschutz, Gehmann and Centra accessories.

Even an item as innocuous as a guard screw escutcheon is carefully fitted.

Doing so however will alter the relationship between the countersink of the screw and the escutcheon.

Before the Riles Adjustable Front Sight System, using a standard configuration with the stepped ladder did not satisfy the needs of match shooters.

It's immediately noticeable during assembly. There will be a lead time for these specials as they must be scheduled into a run of similar parts and will be quoted as such.

The trigger design is a radical departure from common Remington style units.

G/E manufactures the finest two stage trigger ever made and our relationship with them gives us a unique capability when retrofitting other action designs. Rifle stocks often feature a draft angle on the bottom side of the forend for styling.

The feedback we receive allows us to adapt to new trends and current needs of competitors.

We are fortunate to have working relationships with accomplished shooters in this highly competitive game. Once a rifle has a scope fitted it becomes an "any/any" type rifle. The mounting holes are blind and originate from the barrel channel.

(b) any service rifle with metallic sights chambered for the unmodified .308/7.62 mm NATO or .223/5.56 mm NATO cartridge case. 3.3.1 U.S. Palma Rifle (a) a rifle with metallic sights chambered for the unmodified .308/7.62 mm NATO or .223/5.56 mm NATO cartridge case. Once fitted, the escutcheon is drilled to position onto the pin. Scott Riles developed the Riles Adjustable Front Sight System with feedback from competitive shooters to provide the best solution today within the bounds of established competition rules, manufacturing technology and cost considerations. That's why we build the Model 12 Palma. The ladder design does not have the durability and repeatability of this concept. Our experience in this game has given us the opportunity to develop unique solutions to these challenges. Rules governing overall weight, trigger pull weight, and projectile type/weight have relaxed a bit for the international events. Palma rifles offer a rare opportunity for us. Bullets allowed are essentially any weight/type capable of being safely chambered and fired in the rifle.

The Riles Adjustable Front Sight System allows the shooter to install a standard Scott Riles sight base on many different rifles and move a single upper being 22, or 30 mm accessory thread from rifle to rifle depending preference, conditions and match requirements. An acrylic tubular level is standard and positioned in the top, center of the 30mm tube.

An … The Riles Front Sight System, designed by Scott Riles, further refined front sights for small-bore, cross course and long-range rifle competitors. The Palma/HighBoy design has a very positive method of lockup and repeatability. Custom Riflebuilding for High Power, Long Range, Smallbore and F-Class Shooters. Copyright 2019 Scott Riles | All Rights Reserved. The PALMA bolt action rifles are 7.62mm NATO caliber (Winchester .308) and fire Match Grade ammunition using a 155 grain bullet.

Due to manufacturing constraints all “in-the-white” units will be treated as a special order and will be the same price as an anodized unit.

Micrometer aperature (iron) sights are used for sighting. Escutcheon is now precisely positioned with repeatable accuracy.

We take it very seriously and back up our work with an unconditional lifetime replacement policy. The rifle sight that target shooters use when the shot counts! The lens is an Essilor manufactured lens with a Crizal anti-reflective coating. Removal of the upper during transporting of rifle eliminates possible sight damage and also eliminates an obstruction when shooting a scope. The sights are precision machined with very close tolerances allowing you to change or remove uppers without loosing your zeros. The target is six feet square and has a 20 inch bullseye (10 ring).

These rules however are subject to modification when attending local events that are not officially sanctioned by the ICFRA.

The 308 Winchester and the 223 Remington. There are no clips to get lost or graduations to keep track of. Fitting an escutcheon presents a unique challenge in this situation because we want to have a flush, seamless transition with the stock. A crucial system on a Palma Rifle is the trigger as it directly connects the rifle to the competitor.

It should not be confused with F-Class where artificial rests, bipods, and high magnification optics are permitted. 3570 Mayer Ave, Suite B The extensive use of CAD/CAM software and cnc machining centers, combined with hard earned experience dating back to the late 90's allows us a to deliver both exceptional performance and presentation. Palma is iron sights only. Screws "torque up" much more positively when tightened. International Palma (aka fullbore) is long distance shooting from 800, 900, and 1000 yards using metallic iron sights. Manufactured from aircraft strength 7075-T6511 aluminum extruded and artificially aged bar stock with basic black as the standard color.

Our accessory rail is built with you, the competitive marksman, in mind. Two cartridge types are permitted. We pride ourselves in being the first to ever begin adapting this design to other actions. Fitted slightly proud of the stock's surface, it provides accessories plenty of clamping area, while avoiding direct contact with the stock. The Nesika Bay Precision line of products being one of the most easily adapted.

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