They also held a fundraiser, "Fighting For Flanagan on Friday the 13th," on Dec. 13 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. <<<. where he was placed under an oxygen tent. Scented with essential oils of lavandin grosso, geranium and ylang ylang. Scented with essential oils of frankincense, lemon, lavandin grosso and ylang ylang. Dr. Patrick Flanagan was a classic genius, full of fun, humor, quirkiness, and lightyears ahead of his time. "He died peacefully.

He arrived in Germany May 9 for a two-week tour after more than a month's study of youth conditions in Austria. “There are far too many kids my age who are willing to just get along.’ Patrick is confident in his ability to do a lot more than just get along.
Academics and researchers at universities from Oxford to Stanford are beginning to study Dr. Flanagan™’s breakthrough discoveries and teach them to Scientists of the future.

Patrick Flanagan and his wife at their home near Sedona, AZ . Crystal Energy® facilitates this “Super Food for the Skin” creating younger looking skin – hydrated and healthy…because it is! ), health and spiritual wellness (I use Dr. Flanagan’s MegaHydrate and Crystal Power), and his work to produce the Neurophone, which can allow a deaf person to hear. • May reduce appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin Patrick Flanagan (born October 11, 1944) was an American New Age author and inventor. It is an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain, for which he received U.S. Patent no.3,393,279 in 1968. I got calls from people (as far away as) California who wanted to donate,” he said. 2018 - 2020 Vrilock  All rights reserved. Three U.S. Army chaplains will assist. At the same time he relects the more standard teen-age model; he is the twist champion in Bellaire—a suburb of Houston—a moderate party-goer and girlchaser, the holder of a private pilot’s license, and a spectacular gymnast. BERLIN, May 15 — The Right Rev. Msgr.

The passing of Dr. Patrick Flanagan should be one of the top breaking news of the day, considering the achievements of this outstanding inventor and philanthropist, and the many hearts and minds Patrick touched around the world. Flanagan, who arrived in Berlin yesterday to study GYA activities and confer with Gen. Lucius D. Clay, EUCOM commander, was stricken shortly after midnight in his room in Harnack House. Tune in to Planet Vrilock on PodBean to hear my farewell podcast tribute to the departed and beloved Dr. Patrick Flanagan >>>, Get discount rewards code when you connect with iHerb! Funeral services will be conducted in Berlin Monday, at 11 a.m., in Berlin's Holy Rosary Church, with Konrad Cardinal von Preysing, bishop of Berlin, officiating. Pattrick has just perfected a remarkable machine of his own which one day may help deaf people hear and blind people “see.” It may also earn him a million dollars. Dr. Flanagan™ has continued to develop the neurophone and it is currently being sold as an aid to speed learning. To see some of Dr. Flanagan™’s recent published scientific works in peer reviewed journals.

John Salvo, Ph.D. writes a Special Dedication to Dr. Flanagan™ in the forward of “The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook”: “Dr. “It’s important to realize that young Flanagan had the necessary intuition to invent his neurophone.

* If you like coconut, this cream is for you! I woke my mom. Collectors Edition Vrilock Psionics Paperbacks!

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